Puppy Needing Love

Dumped pup – This female pup, about 2-3 months old was dumped near Carrefore last week. We were alerted and went straight away to pick her up. Her little tummy was enormous and looked full of worms, she was covered in fleas and blind in one eye. She has had treatment at the vet clinic and is safely recovering at headquarters at the moment.

She is recovering really well and is a bouncing bundle of fun and bright as a button. She will always only ever have vision in one eye, the other is actually missing, but that does not hinder her at all and she has been busy making new friends at HQ.

However, she needs a home desperately, she is way too young to go back on the streets and if a home can’t be found, it will be the dogs home for her, which we would really like to avoid if we can. So please, please, please share her far and wide and let’s try and find her a nice new home before that happens.

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