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497 Comments to Donate to Kapsa

  1. Tracey Walsh says:

    Your work is amazing. The care you give to the street animals, the neutering programme is exceptional.
    In awe of you!

  2. Karina Corden says:

    I held a car boot sale to continue to show my support to the fantastic KAPSA team, having found out about KAPSA in 2017 when lovely Mavish the blue eyed dog wandered into our villa garden.

  3. Uelkue Schmithuesen says:

    keep up the great work

  4. Tracie Osman says:

    I see many street cats and dogs whilst on my holiday here and to know that you are taking care of them is a huge relief. Few of them look starved or in bad condition and that is down to you. Please can you keep a special eye out for a young black and tan dog in Patara who I saw last night with what looked like stitches and cotton wool in its back. He’s very friendly but scared of card and men..please look out for him and Twiggy in Kalkan. Thank you

  5. Gary McLean says:

    To help the animals following recent visit to Kalkan

  6. Mary Carpenter says:

    Just returned from Kalkan. Was really impressed how happy and we’ll looked after the street animals were.

  7. paula savage says:

    Just left Kalkan, wanted to make a small donation to such a worthy cause. Well done and long may your good work continue

  8. Heather Yates says:

    Quincy Jones

  9. Heather Barson says:


  10. Christine Round says:

    This is towards the production of poster/s warming that it is illegal to harm cats and dogs. My friend has had a number of beautiful dogs poisoned in Uzumlu, so that may be a good place to start.

  11. Gavin Priestley says:

    Donation to sponsor an awareness banner as on FB group (Villa Sakin)

  12. Tina Galloway-Grindlay says:

    You guys are amazing for all that you do for the animals and it is very much appreciated by every single animal lover who visits Kalkan each year. Thank you.

  13. Caroline Mcclorey says:

    10th anniversary auction sparkly earrings

  14. Heather Barson says:

    kapsa auction

  15. Tina Norris says:

    Earring auction

  16. Tina Norris says:

    Earrings auction

  17. Penny Howe says:

    Kapsa auction for Ear Buds and Auction Sticker

  18. Gary Singleton says:


  19. Gary Singleton says:

    Auction (Claire Singleton)

  20. KARYN JONES says:

    You deserve the help for all you do Kapsa. I would love to adopt a pet but I don’t live there yet. Thank You Kapsa ??♥️XX

  21. Kenneth Sloan says:

    Auction money for 7 day stay at a Marriott Vocation Club

  22. Christine Round says:

    Payment for sticker in online auction – bought for £1 plus £2 towards postage = £3. Tina N has my address details, thanks.

  23. Susan Mellor says:

    Pink handbag from Kapsa Auction.

  24. Nathan Swanwick says:

    Payment for recent auction items won.

  25. Nathan Swanwick says:

    Payment for auction wins from latest fund raiser

  26. Susan Pearson says:

    My first visit to Kalkan and definitely not my last. Been touched by the plight of these animals but also touched by the love and dedication that is in place and would like to think that I could donate on a regular basis and next time I come out bring over whatever is needed

  27. Belinda Giess says:

    Thank you for all you do. We fell in love with a street dog in Kalkan and hope this money helps her and others. Love Belinda, Tracy & Maria xxx

  28. Lynn Murphy says:

    Thanks for rescuing the pathetic little white cat from behind Yali piazza. You rescued her within a few hours of us contacting you about her.
    Also, thanks for coming to our villa, Meltem, on Demokrasi, when an old dog arrived in our garden seeking shade and company. We weren’t sure if he was unwell and you reassured us. We’ve kept him fed, watered and loved but head home soon. I do hope you’ll keep an eye out for him and that he survives the heat.
    I have nothing but admiration for all you do for the animals of Kalkan. The dedication and sheer hard work involved is inspirational. Long may you continue..

  29. Doug Munro says:

    We are on holiday in Kalkan. Many people locals and ex pats have mentioned the greatest work you guys do. Very sad about all the street animals, although we have been adopted by a cat at our villa so we may call in to see what we can do so she is ok when we return to UK. Doug

  30. Charles Staig says:

    For the love of dogs and the work you do in Kaly

  31. Kenneth Sloan says:

    Auction donation

  32. tracie dunstan says:

    Love all animalslove to help

  33. Francoise Eden-Hamilton says:

    Keep doing what you are doing- amazing work.

  34. Oriel Stump says:

    We visited Kalkan recently and heard about the fantastic work done by Kapsa. Well done to all the team and volunteers for everything you do.

  35. Geraldine Cutting says:

    Heard if you via my niece, Oriel Stump (Williams)

  36. Peter Holmes says:

    You do a great job, thanks

  37. Auriol De Peyrecave says:

    You do a wonderful job!

  38. Diane Henry says:

    Because I love coming to Kalkan every year and seeing the animals cared for and protected makes me proud of my fellow countrymen and women.

  39. Nicola Dair says:

    You all do a fantastic job.❤️

  40. Vicki Moore says:

    Keep up the fantastic work

  41. Josh Stepien says:

    Thank you for all your help Sandra, £5 a week is set up, hope it helps!

  42. Geraldine Cutting says:

    Upping donation in view of hard time in Turkey

  43. Lucy Pulsford says:

    Thank you so much. You are all doing an incredible job

  44. Tania van Rooyen says:

    we recently helped a cat in Kalkan and were impressed by the humane system of animal welfare, enabled by Kapsa.

  45. Elaine Miller says:

    Thnaks so much for helping sort out Snoweys eye and ear infection.

  46. Claire Davidson says:

    After our first trip here we have heard about the wonderful work you are doing for the street dogs
    It makes us feel happy to know that you care and help so many poor animals
    We feel you are a very worthy cause to help!

  47. claire Paton says:

    I think you are doing amazing work by looking after all the street cats and dogs , we’re sorry we left it too late to get our feline visitor deflead and deticked and checked over by the vet, she had been neutered previously though so that’s great news

  48. Hannah Wareham says:

    Sandra & Hilary and the rest of your team: A small offering to continue your wonderful work. Making a difference to so many animals in Turkey.

  49. Zoe McIntyre says:

    Wonderful work thank you for caring so much for these beautiful animals

  50. Zoe McIntyre says:

    Thank you for caring for those beautiful animals

  51. Alexandra Krzyzosiak says:

    I hope this donation helps take care of animals in need!

  52. Mandy McCadden says:

    We have just come back from Kalkan and are so impressed with the work the charity does. We did look after our villa cats who have been there for 3 years now so lets hope they are there when we go next year – keep up your brilliant work!

  53. Emily Taberham says:

    I was shocked by the amount of fur baby strays in Kalkan. Good luck and thank you for your hard work!

  54. rose williamson says:

    thank you for all you do, bless you all

  55. Robert Bates says:

    Thank you for doing a great job looking after these wonder animals
    Visited Kalyan a few time and it’s great to see the dogs being looked after
    My sister has a villa there and I said that maybe you could get the resturants to sponsor a dog
    1% on a meal pictur3 of dog on menu ?
    I’m sure a lot of the British visters would go for that

    Rob Bates

  56. Kenneth Sloan says:


  57. Jackie Nettleton says:

    This donation is made on behalf of a work colleague who is leaving the business and she requested that instead of buying her a leaving present, we make a donation to the Charity. So this donation is for Tina Galloway Grindlay

  58. Jackie Nettleton says:

    Further to my earlier email, we have had another £5.00 donated to Tina’s leaving present, so I can make another small donation.

  59. Janice Dobson says:

    My friends visited Kalkan this August and looked after a white cat which they nicknamed Snowy. Think your work is amazing.

  60. JOANNA DAVIS says:

    Just returned from a week in Kalkan and was so impressed by the work you all do. Well done all.

  61. Sarah Gurney says:

    Just returned from a week in Side, Antalya, Turkey. Every day we fed a group of 5 kittens living outside the hotel. Kentia Apartments. The kittens came into reception each day and relaxed on the sofas. The hotel closed this week. We’re very concerned about the kittens now the tourists and staff have left. Do you know of any rescue centres in the area. Thank You Sarah.

  62. Hilary Howard says:

    We cherish our Kalkan street cats, getting to know them over the years. The fact that we are looking after the same cats year on year shows the success of the work your team do over the winter months. We particularly look forward to reuniting with “Little Lion”, a Maine Coon street cat who we have fed for the last 3 years (on Cadesi Demokrasi). She also needs a lot of brushing! Keep up the great work you do!

  63. Lynn Murphy says:

    We have visited Kalkan four times over the last five years.
    We love the street animals and are full of admiration for all you do at Kapsa.
    You rescued a poorly little white cat we spotted and reported back in the summer and nursed her to health.
    You’re all amazing and you the street animals are part of the town and it’s charm – keep on with the great work you do to make sure they all receive the care and respect they deserve.

  64. Jez Dyer says:

    Donating my fee earned last night for hosting an event at South Street Arts Centre, Reading. Keep up the good work.

  65. Lynn Eales says:

    For black Friday auction. Pearl eairings.

  66. Vivienne Belcher says:

    This donation is in memory of my late husband Roger Belcher, who died recently very suddenly. We have been to Kalkan together for over 15 years on over 20 holidays and adore it. We have supported Kapsa for many years including a regular monthly donation which will continue, and we admire the fantastic work you do. This donation is in his name. Kind regards
    viv Belcher

  67. Pam Elmo says:

    After being blessed to visit Kalkan I fell in love with the town and its street animals. I follow your organization on social media and LOVE all you do ! Thank you ❤️

  68. Ivan Tabinor says:

    Just love the work you do

  69. Karen Brown says:

    2 x Christmas dinners donated. Keep up the good work you are all AMAZING ? xx

  70. Liz rudden says:

    Happy Christmas to everyone at Kapsa. Donation in place of wasting money on Christmas cards.

  71. Jac Stephinson-Kirkbride says:

    A donation to KAPSA instead of sending Christmas Cards this year – thanks for all you do for the street animals of Kalkan and surrounding area X

  72. Jo Lewis says:

    Lovely to see the love and care provided to all these animals in need

  73. Karen Bartram says:

    In memory of William xx

  74. Pauline Thomson says:

    For fostering of dumped dog Cindy

  75. Catherine Carter says:

    A lovely lady whose Turkish rescue dog recently passed away as a result of Leishmaniasis has given me all her Allopurinol for Peter Rabbit. She did not want payment so I am making a small donation instead. Thank you for all you do!

  76. Lynn Murphy says:

    Thanks for all you do for the boys and girls.
    Looking forward to seeing them in October.
    Let me know if we can bring anything useful from the UK.

  77. Louise Thomson says:

    Just visited Kalkan you are doing a great job…I know it’s hard to keep raising funds but keep going you are helping so many animals

  78. Sarah Connor says:

    I’ve just got back from Kalkan and fell in love with all the street animals and would love to be able to help support your work. You’re doing a fantastic job.

  79. Joanne Bagguley says:

    I was reduced to tears tonight after meeting you. The work you’re doing is amazing for these beautiful but vulnerable animals. I am in awe of all you do. X

  80. Diana Bruce says:

    I’m donating as part of a wedding gift to Mike Eyres and Sara Taylor who are planning to build a future together supporting KAPSA in Kalkan. True animal lovers.

  81. Charlotte Green says:

    I’m currently on holiday in Kalkan and have completely fallen in love with the dogs here, and wanted to help in some way. What an amazing group of people you are and you’re doing an amazing thing. Much love, Charlotte

  82. Beppie Wijsbeek says:

    Little donation for Cindy!
    Keep up the good work xxxx
    Crazy Dutch group 🙂

  83. Jennifer Payne says:

    For the good work you do with the animals

  84. Jean Pierre Blazek says:

    Donations towards Cindy’s care

  85. caroline Parry says:

    Mike Eyres’s sister and family
    Keep up the amazing work that you are all doing

  86. Susannah Hart says:

    Loved the dogs in Kalkan, they made our holiday very special.

  87. Mila Gordon-Creed says:

    We hope this goes a little way to helping all your lovely dogs – it’s money raised by our wedding guests and is being split between KAPSA and KAS Animal Friends 🙂

  88. Megan Cammidge says:

    I recently came to Kalkan on holiday and Sandra has gone out of her way to help me – since joining the Facebook group for Kapsa I have also been amazed by all the work you do and how well looked after the animals in Kalkan are!

  89. Marylou Evans says:

    For the pups

  90. Caroline Brown says:

    For the two white pups

  91. Koa Lutgert says:

    I came to kalkan with family and had no idea the amount of stray dogs and cats there is, the animals are good natured and deserve the care and protection.

  92. Nick Rabio says:

    The Rabin family are regular visitors to Kalkan, & have seen the work of Kapsa following you on Facebook. Uç stole our hearts but we sadly can’t offer him a home… but this is the next best way to help! Thanks for everything ! Sue, Nick, izzie & Harry

  93. Hayley Frankham says:

    Keep up the wonderful work you are doing.

  94. Julie Chadwick says:

    To help lily and her sister

  95. Julie Ashton says:

    Donating in the memory of our dear friends dog Dash who sadly died whilst his owners Sharron Colclough and family wee on holiday in Kalkan last week

  96. Billy Radford says:

    I visited kalkan and saw lots of dogs and cats and i wanted to help support them and this charity.

  97. Cat Dobson says:

    This donation is from our Charitable Foundation, GAP Giving. On behalf of our Non Mechanical South division who nominated our charity of the month for June 2019.

  98. Michelle Waite says:

    For Annie , I hope you heal soon sweet girl xxx

  99. Graeme Nicholson says:

    Hello, my daughter Libby Nicholson visited KAPSA last week – she arranged to spend some time with you as part of her ‘voluntary work’ in support of her Duke of Edinburgh project – thank you very much for supporting Libby.

    In preparation for her visit she asked various people to donate supplies etc. for KAPSA. On returning to work this week one of my colleagues (Howard) had been unable to donate any supplies but asked if he could now make a £5 donation instead. Apologies for the long winded explanation but I wanted to make sure Howard got the credit.

    Kind Regards,


  100. maria petitti says:

    I have recently returned from Kalkan and I’m amazed how the cats and dogs are taken care of. Carry on the amazing work Kapsa.

  101. Ange Dixon says:

    Feel so guilty I cant do more. Thankyou to those here in Kalkan who are acting.

  102. Rachel Fletcher says:

    I’ll be setting up a standing order to support winter feeding and all the fabulous work you do 🙂

  103. Victoria Swain says:

    Wont be there in September was going to bring supplies so put this towards something worthwhile, I love my dog and he is so spoilt, just wish I was in a position to give one of the street dogs a home , you all do such a fantastic job x

  104. Oriel Stump says:

    Looking forward to seeing you and the street animals from 21/09.
    Fantastic job. Bringing supplies!
    Oriel & Mick xx
    Please sign up for BP matched giving – doubles donation.

  105. Amanda Freeney says:

    KAPSA volunteers do such a wonderful job working so hard to help the street cats and dogs of Kalkan. Thank you so much.

  106. Joanne Higson says:

    Just a small token of our appreciation for all you do for the animals in Kalkan but particularly for Eddie the little puppy with the broken leg at the vets

  107. Amanda Mair says:

    I’m donating in support of what you are all doing! A small amount to help these animals have a better life than what they would with you . I worry about the cats up in the hills of the villas! The dogs all look very well !
    Well done

  108. Janice Evans says:

    Just a small donation to help. Been coming to Kalkan for over 20 years and am delighted at the difference Kapsa has made/is making. Well done to everybody.

  109. Julie Robertson says:

    Was good to meet Sandra and Rosemary today and visit the KAPSA HQ. I was stunned by how small an operation it is relying on donations and volunteers to operate. I wish I could do more but hoping the gin and supplies come in useful for raffle and use respectively. And hope this donation helps your vital work.

  110. Yvonne White says:

    Donation sent as thank you to Alison for the 2 wooden sun loungers.

  111. Davina Hutchins says:

    Hi, hopefully this will cover the neutering and vaccination of our little ginger Tom who we fell in love with the two weeks we spent at Waterfall 1. We would love to know if he is successfully found.

  112. Samantha Brookes- gorgulu says:

    I’m donating to help the village Dog you guys rescued this morning.
    Thank you for all you do

  113. Mary Johnson says:

    You are doing a splendid job. I am a frequent visitor to Kalkan and it is lovely to see how the animals are looked after. We were at the Mediterranean Apartments in early September and frequently saw a former shepherd dog with a poorly foot and a gash on her head, hope she is still doing ok. Keep up the good work

  114. Pamela Crichton says:

    I’m donating to help all beautiful Kalkan ? and ?. I understand KASPA do a magic job and rely on donations from the friends ? of KASPA ❤️ Hello

  115. Narinda Medforth says:

    I’ve just returned from a weeks holiday in Kalkan, seeing the street dogs and cats broke my heart, the work you guys do is fantastic! My husband called me a crazy biscuit lady as I was buying cat and dog biscuits and and feeding the animals x

  116. Clare Maddock says:

    I’d like to help towards the vets bills for the pup that was thrown out of the car.

  117. Lesley McGibbon says:

    Hope this donation will help towards the CNR program that you manage so well.

  118. Julian Kettle says:

    We visited Kalkan twice a few years back and was taken by the grim prospects for the animals abandoned by owners particularly during the winter months.

    Keep up the good work

  119. Sandra Clarke says:

    A little donation. Wish I could do more. Keep up the fantastic work.

  120. Jacki Hodson says:

    You do such a wonderful job. I love all the dogs.

  121. Cass Bruce says:

    Thank you for helping the lovely animals x

  122. Clive Wilkins says:

    We are donating from Villa 360 love the way you care so much, Thank you for looking after these beautiful animals and caring so much

  123. Geraldine Cutting says:

    For the winter feeding programme

  124. Nina Sternberg says:

    You do an amazing job Im so pleased there is a charity like yourselves, looking out for all those animals in Kalkan . I’ve recently purchased a couple of calendars and any little I can help after. We have visited Kalkan many times but didn’t quite understand what’s involved who looks after dogs ect… I’m so pleased they have you and looking forward to visiting next year. We are massive pet lovers who feed the dogs cats, and most importantly give plenty of attention

  125. Sarah Franks says:

    Coming to the end of our first holiday in Kalkan. I am BIG animal lover and have a dog at home so was sad to see all the strays. A friend lives out here part time and told me about your charity as I wanted to help a dog that was attacked while sitting underneath our table.she already had some open wounds so it was horrible to see her getting attacked. Sadly we were about to get on a boat but if I had known about the vets I would have taken her there. Anyway, I would just like to try and help in some small way. I think it is amazing and heartwarming to know there are charities like yours, and so many kind people who will do what they can out here.

  126. Elaine Miller says:

    I had an issue with a puppy tied up in a field and your care and support was incredible. Even sending me an update on baby Jake as I called him. Thanks for all the amazing work you do.

  127. Janice Doherty says:

    Keep up the good work. You are amazing.

  128. Aylin Schüler says:

    My dearest greetings from Germany. I admire your work and wish you all the best. Aylin

  129. Adam Thorpe says:

    I visited Kalkan this year and fell in love with the dogs and cats. So sad so many are on the street. Really appreciate the work you do. Max the dog would see us and follow us about as we would walk about the town. Please could you give him a treat from me. He was my favourite

  130. Beverley Tankard says:

    You do such a great job. So good to see the animals taken care of.

  131. Kay Spring says:

    Donation towards the winter feeding programme

  132. Angela Brazier says:

    Just returned from holiday staying with friends who live in Kalkan. What you are doing is a great scheme – hope my small donation will help in some way.

  133. Lisa Docherry says:

    For the wonderful work you all do, a small contribution!

  134. Nikki Harris says:

    I recently visited Istanbul and followed up reading information on-line with regards to stray animals. I feel so sad about the situation and hope my donation will help. Thank you for all the care and hard work you do.

  135. Mandy McCadden says:

    Hope you can put this towards something worthwhile

  136. Caitlin Duncan says:

    After seeing all the amazing dogs when visiting Kalkan I wanted nothing more than to take them all home – which unfortunately isn’t possible (maybe one day!) the work kaspa does is incredible and inspiring. I’ve never seen such happy & well looked after street dogs and that’s down to Kaspas amazing work!!

  137. Julie Cooper says:

    A little something towards the winter feeding programme, will send a little more again soon.

  138. Helen Walsh says:

    Very moved by the great work this charity does. We are back to kalkan in June will bring some donations with us

  139. Kim Kusionowicz says:

    KAPSA is an incredible charity and goodness knows what the animals in Kalkan would do without them. We visit twice a year most years and always try to do our bit while we are there so hope our donation helps until we return. xxx

  140. Shelley Dando says:

    As I donate to a shelter here in the UK, I can’t leave out Kalkan, which I have been visiting for over 20 years and is one of the few places I can visit without getting upset by all the neglected street animals xx

  141. Liz Willis says:

    Very happy to donate to such a worthy cause. The KAPSA volunteers go above and beyond to look after the street animals. Thank you so much fio all you that do.

  142. Jacki Hodson says:

    Well done all of you xx

  143. Gail Nelson says:

    You are all amazing

  144. Sarah Franks says:

    Met some dogs in Kalkan on holiday and follow Kapsa now. Wish I could adopt A101 but expense of bringing home is too much so trying to donate whenever I can. I have so so much admiration for all the people who care about these animals.

  145. Karina Corden says:

    It’s a privilege to donate to such a fantastic charity.

  146. Lynne Browne says:

    Visited Kalkan at the beginning of this month and now understand how important the work of KASPA is once the tourists leave and lots of the reastaurants and businesses close.

  147. Claire Dyer says:

    I am donating to charity this year rather than sending Christmas cards.

  148. Caron Rodemark says:

    Thank you for all that you do! Wish we could help more.

  149. Deborah Jenkins says:

    I am making a donation after attending Claire Stewart’s wedding.Claire asked for donations to your charity instead of a wedding present. I have only just remembered to make the donation. Apologies for the delay.

  150. Lorna Stephens says:

    You do a fantastic job with the fur babies of Kalkan. Look forward to seeing them when we visit every year. Always donate to this worthwhile cause. Keep up the good work.

  151. Jo Carrington says:

    This year rather than sending cards we are donating to the amazing people and animals of Kapsa – thank you for all you do xx

  152. Hayley Frankham says:

    You do a fabulous job. Thank you.

  153. Sandra Clarke says:

    Love everything about Kalkan. Kaspa you do amazing work. Well done all

  154. Nicki Tebbutt says:

    Instead of sending xmas cards, donations made to my favourite charities , to enable them to continue their amazing work! Have a safe and happy xmas xx

  155. Nikki Harris says:

    Thank you for the amazing work you do.

  156. Sarah Howe says:

    For the winter feeding program and the lovely animals in Kalkan

  157. Carol Goodwin says:

    Hi to you lovely KAPSA people. Hope you have a great Christmas and a peaceful and happy new year. Thanks for all the brilliant work you do for the street animals of Kalkan xxxx

  158. Erica Squire says:

    Hoping this will help a little towards the wonderful work that KAPSA does.

  159. Michael Roberts says:

    You all do an amazing job, hope this helps with your winter feeding program love Dot and Mick Turk Uk

  160. Jane Addicott Jones says:

    Keep up the good work. It’s great to know that someone is caring for the animals all year round not just when we visit. Thank you for all that you do.

  161. Vanessa Hales says:

    merry christmas to all at KAPSA and the wonderful street dogs that make Kalkan such a unique and magical place. love from all the Hales family – Vanessa, Jeff, Francesca. Delighted to donate xmas dinner to a lovely dog or cat xx

  162. Susan Grange says:

    Dinner for two dogs merry Christmas

  163. Sarah Kelly says:

    Brilliant work!

  164. Lisa Docherty says:

    Happy Christmas to all of you wonderful volunteers and love as always to the beautiful dogs and cats you save. Lisa

  165. Nicola Hart says:

    Happy Christmas street animals,
    See you in July xx

  166. Kathy Harbert says:

    I am making this donation as an alternative present to my daughter & her partner who are in the process of buying a property in Kalkan. They have both visited you. I also saw for myself the valuable work you do when I was in Kalkan in 2018. Thank you.

  167. Sam Aldridge says:

    I am donating for Yoda. My sister shared his story and I would like to help him be fostered. Please use this donation for that gorgeous doggy!

  168. Liz Rudden says:

    Keep up the amazing work. Merry Christmas x x

  169. Louise Parker says:

    Happy Christmas and New Year. We look forward to revisiting Kalkan in June. Keep up the good work.

  170. Patricia Kelly says:

    Our family have just adopted a dog we found on Patara beach. He arrives in England soon. You do such a wonderful job. Happy New Year

  171. Deborah Grimmett says:

    Thank you to Lockman who came and took the poor black and white dog at the end of October. It arrived at our apartment (Begonvil) very sick. Lockman said it had parvovirus and said that it died in the night sadly. My cousin and I fed the cats in the scrubland by the apartments and fell in love with them. If I didn’t have a cat that fights any cat in sight, I would happily adopt them.

  172. Karina Corden says:

    such a worthy cause, such brilliant people, such a fantastic charity

  173. Sandra Clarke says:

    Towards Nuri’s treatment.

  174. Diane Coates says:

    For Nuri’s treatment

  175. Amanda Watts says:

    For Nuri
    Fight hard little one ?
    Love Amanda & Buddy ??

  176. Julie Cooper says:

    For Nuri, sending lots of positive thoughts for you little one x

  177. Lynn Murphy says:

    For Nuri
    Hang on in there, little one.

  178. Denise Thurgood says:

    For NURI

  179. Julie Chadwick says:

    Donation for Nuri
    Get well soon little one xx

  180. Barry Knox says:

    Keep doing what ya doing x

  181. Julie Chadwick says:

    To celebrate Cesar being found safe and well

  182. Fiona Croasdale says:

    Get Well Soon Cesur. x

  183. Evelyn Horne says:

    For the return of the King – and all the other street animals.

  184. Ellen Murray says:

    We visit Kalkan every other year on holiday and it is great to see the street animals looked after, as when we visit other places abroad it is sometimes very upsetting seeing the strays.

  185. Julie Hatton says:

    Buy Cesur a steak ?

  186. Julie Cooper says:

    A small donation to help a bit more with the winter feeding programme and for all you’ve done for Cesur, can’t wait to see him again when we return in June

  187. Nick Brennan says:

    My mother was buried yesterday and instead of flowers she wanted to have a collection for Kapsa. You probably know my sister Annette Banks who is in the process of adopting Basil. Thank you for all the work you do on behalf of all my family.

    Nick Brennan

  188. Gavin Priestley says:

    For all the street animals following Sue and Sean Flynn’s amazing generosity

  189. Zoe McIntyre says:

    To help towards looking after the poor dog found with mange

  190. Lisa Docherty says:

    A small contribution for all the wonderful work you all so. See you in August! Lisa

  191. Rita Emsley says:

    Donated ten pounds via my bank to kapsa bank. On 4/3/2020

  192. Lisa Docherty says:

    A small contribution to the wonderful work you all do!

  193. Sarah Howe says:

    For the winter programme EXTENSION

  194. Yvonne Sutherland says:

    Fabulous work Loved seeing Caesar getting love care and attention x

  195. Linda Marks says:

    I hope this little amount helps towards winter feeding program which will have to be extended due to current situation. X

  196. Nicholas Brennan says:

    Keep up the good work in these trying times!

  197. Geraldine Grant says:

    To help with the continuation of feeding street animals during virus. Good luck x

  198. Sarah Smith says:

    Thank you for your hard work. Hope to be out to Kalkan again soon. XxX

  199. Julir Collins says:

    One off donation towards feeding during Corona virus

  200. Lesley Ashfield says:

    Thank you for all you do

  201. Philippa Creighton says:

    Thank you for feeding the animals at this difficult time. Really hope to be there in July

  202. Penny Atkinson says:

    Thank you for all your work. I would like this money to help provide food during the current Coronavirus situation. Stay safe all

  203. Maxine Turner says:

    Hope this little helps

  204. Heather Best says:

    Food for the street dogs

  205. Natalie Radford says:

    I am donating following the appeal to support extension of the winter feeding programme in these exceptional time. Sat here with my Kalkan rescue boy, I simply cannot ignore this ask. I hope you are able to raise enough funds. Thank you for all you do xx

  206. Jackie blackman says:

    Visited kalkan 1st time last year. due to come in May this year. I think it’s amazing what you all do for the animals xx

  207. Amanda Watts says:

    Thank you for all you do. More to follow when I can xxx

  208. L Rothery says:

    Summer Feeding

  209. L Rothery says:

    Summer Feeding ?
    Stay safe and well

  210. Sally Hardwidge says:

    Please accept this small gesture towards helping the street animals during this very difficult time. Gutted that we won’t be seeing them this year. Take care all involved.

  211. Irene Issitt says:

    Just a small donation towards feeding the lovely street animals during difficult times xxx

  212. Fiona Buttery says:

    With love, xx

  213. Gaynor Young says:

    Not much but hope it helps

  214. Deb Smith says:

    Feeding programme

  215. Margaret Crouch says:

    KAPSA feeding program

  216. Jan Dolby says:

    Keep up the good work feeding the street animals

  217. Lynn Murphy says:

    Just a little to boost the coffers and help with the extended feeding programme Such a difficult time and I’m thinking of you all..

  218. Pamela Shaw says:

    Hopefully you will have enough to keep feeding in this difficult times

  219. Nicola Moore says:

    Thank you for looking after all the beautiful Kalkan street animals

  220. Julie Robertson says:

    Thank you for all you do,for the street animals.

  221. Julie Forder says:

    Happy to support the great work you do especially in these exceptionally difficult times, thank you

  222. Stacey Curran says:

    Please use this donation for wherever you need it most and thank you all for working so hard.

  223. Patricia Greening says:

    Please care for “Darling” a beautiful female tabby cat who lives around the Eagles Nest complex in Kisla I had her neutered by KAPSA 4 years ago and on my September visit each year I find her well and happy and loving to stay with the visitors. I do worry about her at this difficult time. I shall make more donations during the year to help KAPSA with their vital work.
    Thank you so very much
    Stay safe

  224. Joan Bishop says:

    Sadly I lost my Bill on 8th March whilst on holiday in Cyprus. We spent many wonderful holidays and made many friends in Kalkan over the years. The holidays were all the more special by the ever present beautiful, friendly gentle animals. You could always rely on a cat on your lap or a dog at your feet….for us that was perfection!!….XXXX

  225. Geraldine Cutting says:

    For the street cats

  226. Edwina Pilgrim says:

    To buy food for the street animals during this difficult time. Carry on all the good work

  227. Karina Corden says:

    lOVE you guys and thank you for all you do

  228. Alex Douglas says:

    Love to everyone at this hard time

  229. Hayley Frankham says:

    For feeding programme. Hx

  230. Rosemary Rogers says:

    A little something to help with food or medicine for the animals

  231. Sandra Clarke says:

    Keep up the fantastic work. Hard times for all at the moment.

  232. Lisa Docherty says:

    A small donation for the amazing work you do. Please keep safe!

  233. Mary Richards says:

    Some funds to help feed the street animals in the midst of Covid 19 outbreak.
    Thoughts are with you all at this difficult time.

  234. Diane Coates says:

    Hoping that you’re all coping n Kalkan without your usual volunteers. Stay safe all xxx

  235. alexander bruce says:

    to help through the poor season

  236. Barry Knox says:

    In loving memory of my mate Mr Dog sleep will buddy x

  237. Anita Howard says:

    Here is some money to help set up the new HQ and to help feed the street animals in these uncertain times.

  238. Louise Rigg says:

    The wonderful work you do,new HQ and ongoing feeding x

  239. Carol Grant says:

    We won’t be out in may so just a little to help the animals

  240. Jennifer Haines says:

    To help feed during COVID 19. I need a receipt so my company will match my donation

  241. Julie Slack says:

    Not much but hope it helps

  242. Vanessa Coleman says:

    Thank you for helping the street animals. You’re doing a fantastic job. Just a very big thank you xx

  243. Rosemary Rogers says:

    Something towards food or meds

  244. Sharon Walton says:

    We are hoping to be visiting in July but if we don’t make it will will donate some of what we would of been spending in Kalkan

  245. Sean Flynn says:

    Many thanks for all the wonderful work you do! Stay safe! Best, Sean & Sue Xx

  246. Gillian Sawyers says:

    To support feeding programme

  247. Chris & Helen Pullen says:

    Please find a donation for the the street friends that need looking after during this awful time. I hope this can help!!! ??? good luck everyone! Please keep safe. ??? Thank you for so many happy memories in Kalkan and the gift of Maya X

  248. Julia Eccles says:

    Kapsa for the wonderful work you do feeding our furry friends over winter!

  249. Scot Edwards says:

    To help with the extended winter feeding programme

  250. Debbie Williams says:

    Hi, just wanted to do my bit, am particularly fond of a ginger Tom who lives around Samira Hotel. I call him Ginger Bits, although l believe he doesn’t have his bits anymore, kind regards Debbie

  251. Jonathan Button says:

    Keep up the fantastic work in these difficult times

  252. Julie Cooper says:

    We were due to visit Kalkan again in June but because of this terrible situation we’re all in now can’t come. Thinking of all our lovely friends and the street animals and hoping all come through this safely.

  253. Carolyn Jeffery says:

    Just a little something to help out at this stressful time x

  254. Ben Kelly says:

    Keep up the good work! Can’t tell you how wonderful you all are. Indigo says thanks too. xx

  255. Caroline Brown says:

    For extra food during this difficult time. Stay safe x

  256. Patricia Kelly says:

    Than you for the care you give to these animals. We found a dog on Patara beach who now lives with my son and daughter in law. He is such a loving boy..

  257. Kathy Schaubroeck says:

    For all the wonderful things you do to help our furry friends!

  258. Maxine Turner says:

    keep up great work , dogs need you so much

  259. Peter Snell says:

    A donation to help with the feeding program for our furry friends of Kalkan this year 2020

  260. Karina Corden says:

    Love you guys and all that you do for the animals

  261. Ruth Young says:

    Hope you are coping during the current conditions.

  262. Jill McGonigle says:


  263. Adrian Arkell says:

    Thank you for what you do. Adrian.

  264. Fiona Buttery says:

    Thank you, xx

  265. Tina Galloway-Grindlay says:

    Thank you for taking care of the street animals – you do an awesome job ??

  266. Jordan Barsby says:

    You’re all doing a great job, wish I could be there again to help!!

  267. Susan Grange says:

    Donation instead of an evening meal in Kalkan, you do an amazing job, keep up the good work ❤️?

  268. Amanda Freeney says:

    To help feed the animals over the summer months

  269. Wendy Adams says:

    donating today because we can’t be there to feed our lovely animals in person. Hoping our July stay will go ahead if not will send more money then.
    Thank you all the volunteers who help and love the Animals with so much care.

  270. Lisa Docherty says:

    A small donation for the wonderful work you do.

  271. Joanne Eagle says:

    Still hoping to come to Kalkan in sept, but just In case want to make sure animals are still fed with all holiday makers not able to visit at moment. Thank you to all at kapsa you are doing a amazing job.

  272. Mary Davidson says:

    Hope this helps over lockdown. Many thanks for all you do for the street animals

  273. Emma Jenkins says:

    Thanks for all your hard work

  274. Rachel Brooks says:

    Will miss our Kalkan visit this year and seeing all the animals. Know how confused our two dogs are, must be very unsettling for all the street animals. Thanks for all you do, will donate more once back at work x

  275. Samantha Duffy says:

    Keep up the amazing work you all do. I just wanted to donate to help where I can as we have been coming to Kalkan for a long time & the animals are such a special part of it.
    Thank you, Sam

  276. Patricia Greening says:

    I am pleased to send another donation towards your cat feeding in the Kisla area.
    Thank you for looking out for the little female Tabby at/around Eagles Nest Apartments

  277. Patricia Kelly says:

    Our family has a beautiful dog which we’ rescued. You do an amazing job.

  278. Bridget Lewis says:

    We can’t be there at the moment but all the street animals are very much in our thoughts…’s a donation to give them a meal or two xx

  279. Julie Cooper says:

    To help with the extended winter feeding programme x

  280. Julie Chadwick says:

    Thanks for caring and all your hard work xx

  281. Lisa Docherty says:

    A small donation toward your amazing care for the dog/cats (any animal!) in Kalkan.

  282. Lynn Murphy says:

    Just a little to help out with extended feeding programme.
    Thanks, as ever, for all your hard work and dedication.

  283. Lisa Docherty says:

    For the wonderful work you do for all the animals.

  284. Stacey Curran says:

    Donated on behalf of a friend to help with all the work you do.

  285. Margaret Monaghan says:

    In memory of my beloved mum

  286. Pauline Thomson says:

    Donations sent from making and selling face masks

  287. Gillian Combes says:

    Thank you for all you do xx

  288. Julie Cooper says:

    Donation from proceeds of sale of a few unwanted items, hope it helps a little. You do such an amazing job x

  289. Geraldine Cutting says:

    To help with care of the little homeless 3-legged cat

  290. Karina Corden says:

    it’s always a pleasure to donate to such a worthy cause

  291. Cathy Smith says:

    Hi – I wanted to donate for Bentley. To ensure some of the fees for his medical needs are provided. I am in touch with Georgia who is kindly providing me with updates.
    Many thanks
    Cathy Smith

  292. Carole Johnson says:

    Donation to purchase a further fan for Kapsa headquarters and a little extra for some treats.

  293. Patricia Kelly says:

    Our son adopted a beautiful dog from you. This is for the animals who aren’t so lucky.

  294. Claire Croft says:

    donating for the operation and treatment of the cat from Villa 360

  295. Claire Soni says:

    Hi FAO Linda Patara this is a donation for our Xanthos mummy, I’m adopting her puppy, Kaya, to the UK & I would like to have her Xanthos mummy neutered if possible? I have photos if required? Many thanks Claire

  296. Lisa Docherty says:

    For the wonder work you do with the animals.

  297. Sarah Bunn says:

    For lissy

  298. Kate Richens says:


  299. Linda Marks says:

    For Lissy’s treatment

  300. Dona Griffin says:

    Please use this for Lissy

  301. Anita Scroccaro says:

    For Lissy

  302. Kelly Willmott Joyce says:

    A little help for dear Lizzy

  303. Peter Farmer says:

    For Lissy.

  304. Diane Darlington says:


  305. Sally Rowe says:

    I love how you care dor the animals in Turkey … keep up the good work x

  306. Lynn Murphy says:

    Half for Lissy and half into the Kapsa general pot, please.
    Thank you for continuing to care for the animals in such difficult times.

  307. Mandy McCadden says:

    Just back from a lovely holiday in Kalkan and I always like to donate.

  308. Naomi Steward says:

    I will be visiting Kalkan soon and wanted to support you in your work for the street animals. Thank you for everything you do. xxx

  309. Patricia Cooper says:

    This is towards the eye operation for the little cat found this week by Eda Perende.

  310. Debbie Mcleod says:

    I have just returned from a holiday in Turkey having seen many street cats are pleased to hear about your work to help these poor animals.

  311. Diane Johnson says:

    For the poorly dumped dog from Kiziltas. He is going to need so much help and I know KAPSA will ensure he receives TLC.

  312. Nina sternberg says:

    amazing charity keep up the hard work, I love you guys for looking out for our four legged friends. You all work so hard, well done.

  313. Debbie Mcleod says:

    Please keep up this fantastic work I will always remember those Hungary faces from my visit in September 2020.

  314. Lynn Murphy says:

    A little to help with the ongoing costs of the little dog’s surgery.
    You are alldoing such a remarkable job.
    Many thanks.

  315. Liberty Basnett says:

    For the sweet boy who had his leg amputated. And any of of his friends. We love you KAPSA. ❤️

  316. Janet Bell says:

    We are redial visitors to Kalkan and admire all the work you with these lovely street animals. Thank you for showing such humanity and care

  317. Antony Finlay says:

    Treatment of cat from Villa Kaputas in Kalkan

  318. Sally Lisle says:

    I would like to donate towards the street dogs of Kalkan.

    Thank you

  319. Deborah Carlisle says:

    I’ll set up a regular monthly donation. Thanks for all you do.

  320. Allyson Lee says:

    Thank you for all you do, we think you are all wonderful.
    Love the Robinsons xx

  321. Debbie Elfandi says:

    We visited Kalkan in August and was visited by so many friendly cats and in particular on tiny kitten who decided our villa would be her home!!!!
    We have since found out from the villa owners that this kitten didn’t have a home, so they have found someone to adopt her.
    They made us aware of this charity organisation so we are donating in order to help all of 5he street cats and dogs.

  322. Gayle Barsby says:

    We have a villa in Kalkan but live in uk. Every year I feed the animals and home them for a few months over the summer. Very appreciative of the work you do it’s amazing. One day when our beloved dogs are no longer with us we will re home a Kalkan dog for sure. Please keep up the good work you do ALL YEAR ROUND. XX

  323. Lisa Docherty says:

    Thank you for the care you give to the animals of Kalkan.

  324. Deborah Carter says:

    Well done for all the great work you do xxx

  325. Deborah Carter says:

    A little bit more to help you xxx

  326. Nicholas Treble says:

    Thank you for looking after the animals!

  327. Erica Squire says:

    Maybe winter feeding programme but any way that Kapsa feels it’s best.

  328. Sarah Kelly says:

    We rescued Indigo last year from Patara, he is enjoying his new life in England. Thanks helping us get him here, the work you do is amazing caring for and educating people. Keep it up.

  329. Lorna Robertson says:

    A donation to the Buy A Brick campaign.

  330. Lisa Collins says:

    This donation is made on behalf of Sylvia and Jack Broadley who rescued Martha during the summer and when we asked to adopt her, offered to foster her until she is able to join us in the UK. Rather than take any contribution to the fostering costs they asked that we donate to Kapsa instead.

    Thank you to Syliva and Jack for taking such great care of Martha, and also to Kapsa for all that you do.

    Lisa and Andy

  331. Faye Farquhar says:

    Advent Auction.x

  332. Christine Lloyd says:

    I’m donating £50 to help towards feeding the strays in the winter

  333. Christine Lloyd says:

    I would like my donation to help feed the strays during the winter

  334. Marita While says:

    I have been to Kalkan twice now, last time this September. So many beautiful animals around the area. I admire you all for your compassion and hard work caring for them. I hope to be back again next year . In the meantime I hope this donation helps a little. X

  335. Val Slater says:

    Love that so many kind people looking after animals

  336. Jane Hall says:

    A donation to hopefully help in a little way with the winter feeding programme for all of the beautiful cats and dogs of Kalkan. Thank you for all the amazing work you do.

  337. Gail Nelson says:

    Advent Appeal

  338. Gary Singleton says:

    On behalf of Claire Singleton from the sale of her hand painted Christmas cards.

  339. Michaela Spring says:

    Advent Appeal – Christmas dinner

  340. Michaela Spring says:

    Advent appeal – Christmas dinners

  341. Susan Everitt says:

    I’d like to make a small donation just to help your excellent work

  342. Geraldine Cutting says:

    For the Advent Christmas dinner appeal – two dogs two cats

  343. Vicky Charles says:

    I’m donating to Kalkan dog rescue as a birthday present to Tina Grindlay as per her request.

  344. Geraldine Cutting says:

    For the dvent Christmas Dinner appeal – 2 dogs 2 cats

  345. John Alan Pugh says:

    Thanks to all volunteers for your love and care.

  346. Stacey Curran says:

    Donating to Winter Feeding Advent appeal, in memory of Mulby a very special cat.

  347. Jane Addicott Jones says:

    Keep up the good work

  348. david street says:

    A general donation to help Kapsa in the great work they do for the street animals

  349. Sam Rademan says:

    I like this dog

  350. Patricia Kelly says:

    Hope this will help to feed the lovely dogs in Kalkan during this hard time.

  351. Paul Tindall says:

    Donation to the winter feeding programme. Thank you for all you do for the cats and dogs of Kalkan.

  352. Nicola Hart says:

    Missed seeing the street animals this year, can’t wait to see them in 2021!
    Keep up the good work.

  353. Natashya Sharp says:

    Thank you for all that you do – you are all so kind and amazing people x merry Christmas

  354. Christine Oxley says:

    Hi there. I’m donating for 2 meals over the festive period. So sorry it isn’t more and thank you so much for all you do for these beautiful cats and dogs a hope to see you next year X

  355. Nicki Tebbutt says:

    In lieu of Christmas cards, please put the donation towards your fabulous winter feeding program and thank you, always, for the great work that you do!??

  356. Sally Lisle says:

    I would like to donate £20 towards the street dogs Christmas dinner appeal. Thank you very much.

  357. Christine Oxley says:

    A small donation for two dinners – I wish it were more! Thank you so much for all you do for these wonderful street animals x

  358. Paula Savage says:

    Continue the good work hope to see the lovely dogs in June ?

  359. Jordan Gillies says:

    Donation for Margarets Christmas dog walk ❤?
    Love Jordan,Jack and Alba x

  360. NATALIYA ARTHUR says:

    Thank you!

  361. Rosie Bell says:

    I am donating for limon ❤️

  362. Helen Milnes says:

    Donated on behalf of Fiona Balaban

  363. Elaine Clarke says:

    Thank you, all of you who make the animals lives so much better. Such great work from you all…

  364. Julie Cooper says:

    A little towards helping the pups with parvo, thank you for all you’ve done to try and help them

  365. Linda Marks says:

    A small donation for the pups with suspected parvo. So sad, I hope you can save them .

  366. Priscilla Godbeer-sak says:

    Missed our visit to the shop in Sept 2020,as it was closed due to Covid-19 guidelines. Hope to see you in October 2021 Keep caring for the beautiful street animals

  367. Linda Shrewsbury says:

    Having enjoyed several trips to Kalan and enjoyed the canine and kitty community – i want to help these pups – life is cruel and i just want to help x

  368. Jo Ball says:

    Please put this towards the care of the 8 puppies. Many thanks for all the work you do. ❤️

  369. Jo Ball says:

    Can you please put this towards the care of the 8 puppies. Many thanks for all the work you do ❤️

  370. Sarah Church says:

    Read your post about the Parvo pups and wanted to help

  371. Jacqueline Simmons says:

    Donation for the 8 x puppies with Parvo

  372. Jacqueline Simmons says:

    Donation for the 8 x puppies with Parvo.

  373. Sandra Clarke says:

    Sorry it’s not much but a little to help towards medicine for the pups

  374. Fiona Robinson says:

    Hope those little pubs are all ok

  375. Angela Smith says:

    Thanks for helping these puppies , bless you all , angela and penny xx

  376. Linda Smith says:

    Hope this small donation helps towards all the good work you do. Maybe towards the care of the pups found with Parvo

  377. Tom Griffith says:

    Donating for the little pups with parvo.

  378. Karen Butler says:

    Parvo pups

  379. Jo James says:

    For the puppies healthcare

  380. Amy Large says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful work you do as always xx

  381. Andy Cory says:

    For the parvo puppies.

  382. Karen Brown says:

    For the ongoing care of the Parvo pups xx

  383. Sean Flynn says:

    Poorly puppy appeal. Thank you so much! Xx

  384. Marylou Myke Evans says:

    For the pups with Parvo

  385. Lynn Murphy says:

    For the pups with Parvo. Wishing them luck.
    Thanks, as ever, for being there and particular thanks to Ciler.
    What a truly remarkable team ou all are at Kapsa.

  386. Mrs Sharon says:

    Your all doing a fabulous job ?

  387. Martin Cross says:

    For the pup’s hope they all get better

  388. Lesley Rhodes-Morrow says:

    To help the puppies x

  389. Stacey Curran says:

    For the pups with Parvo.

  390. Marion Allen says:

    Tpr the Parvo pups ???

  391. susan eichler says:

    small donation to help.

  392. Mary Richards says:

    Donation towards Parvo Pups treatment.

  393. Julie Stoney says:

    Donating towards the treatment for the pups with parvo xx sorry it’s not more xx

  394. Sally Shadrack says:

    Keen to support your excellent work

  395. Natalie Marks says:

    Donation to aid treatment of puppies with parvo virus.

  396. Carole Johnson says:

    To help care for the puppies with parvovirus. Thank you for all you do, you are angels without wings.

  397. Lisa Docherty says:

    Thank you for being there for all the beautiful street animals in Kalkan.

  398. Lisa Docherty says:

    Thank you for your hard work, helping all the beautiful street animals in Kalkan. I wish you can continue to also educate humans to be kinder to animals!

  399. Jane Quinn says:

    Outstanding work done to help and protect the stree Cats & Dogs in Kalkan.
    Thank you.

  400. Jane Quinn says:

    Outstanding work done to help and protect the street Cats & Dogs in Kalkan.
    Thank you.

  401. Jane Quinn says:

    Fantastic charity ?

  402. Karen Chennell says:

    I hope this might help a little bit. You do such brilliant work.

  403. Helen Milnes says:

    Donation made on behalf of Fiona Balaban

  404. Ross Parker says:

    Donating to help the remaining pups.

  405. Karina Corden says:

    It’s always a privilege to donate to such a wonderful charity. Thank you for all you do.

  406. Alan Cubbage says:

    Maggie is a huge joy in our life!

  407. Francine Rose says:

    To support all your kindness to the animals.
    Thank you xx

  408. Kelly Hewison says:

    Im donating towards the poor boy who is really sick with leishmena and really skinny that was found in akbel i think? But i know kapsa will use every penny as best they see fit. Thanks for helping them all. X

  409. Geraldine Cutting says:

    Winter feeding

  410. Lisa Docherty says:

    Thank you for looking after the animals in Kalkan and for educating the people of Kalkan about animal care. I wish it could be spread around the countries, especially the more remote parts.

  411. NATALIYA ARTHUR says:

    Thank you for your work.

  412. NATALIYA ARTHUR says:

    Thank you so much for your work!

  413. Jacqueline Smallwood says:

    Thank you for the wonderful work that you do. Please accept my donation of £50.00
    Best wishes
    Jacquie Manzara Villas Kalkan

  414. Lynda Burgess says:

    A little something to help towards all all the good work you do. Miss Kalkan and the street dogs. Hopefully we may be able to visit again soon.

  415. robert bates says:

    Thank you for looking after all the animals
    Bless you all

  416. Lisa Docherty says:

    Thank you!

  417. patrick mcelhatton says:

    You do amazing work

  418. Lynn Murphy says:

    A little extra in case the winter feeding programme needs extending – or for anything else!

  419. Carol Grant says:

    Well done all at KAPSA xxx

  420. faith oneill says:

    in memory of Anne’s mum xxx

  421. Sam Brown says:

    Winter feeding programme

  422. Janice Evans says:

    Thank you for all you so to help the animals of Kalkan. Wish I was there to help.

  423. Marion Allen says:

    Easter Appeal

  424. Linda Marks says:

    Donation towards wheels for Umut. Thank you

  425. Fiona Buttery says:

    In memory of my mother who died of oral cancer 8 years ago tomorrow. Xx

  426. Christine lloyd says:

    I hope this helps with meds

  427. Christine Round says:

    Contribution towards CCTV at the Kapsa HQ – to make it an even safer place for our furry friends.

  428. Gillbit late for the security cameras Lee says:

    just to let you know I am always thinking of you gill

  429. Carole Johnson says:

    A donation for the wonderful animals in memory of beautiful Tekay ?

  430. Michaela Spring says:

    We were due to come to Kalyan on 22nd May but it was cancelled due to travel restrictions.
    Therefore I would like to donate something for the continued support for the street dogs and cats.

  431. Lynn Murphy says:

    A little extra to help out until the visitors can return to the town.

  432. Diane Coates says:

    To help with feeding programme

  433. Sarah Bunn says:

    Please use for whatever you wish for KAPSA. You are doing an amazing job x

  434. Amanda Freeney says:

    Thank you for all you do.

  435. Steven Carter says:

    Just a little donation as we can’t get out to Kalkan this year to donate from Paul and Deb Carter

  436. Michaela Spring says:

    Travel restrictions have made our trips to Kalkan impossible this year .
    Missing seeing all the animals and just wanted to help somehow.

  437. Stephen Kyle says:

    Donating to help street animals on behalf on my Dad, Stephen.

  438. Liz McConnachie says:

    Donation for a new trap to catch the poor Berzigan dogs. They so need help. Thank you.

  439. Linda Shrewsbury says:

    Well done everyone hope this helps for the 15 females up the mountain

  440. Justine Sturtivant says:

    Alfie’s Trap.

  441. Nicola Gray says:

    I always donate from now on , but want to draw your attention to an incident that happened near the royal city hotel when I was there , I’m not saw if a cat got hit by a car or if it managed to dodge it , I looked but couldn’t find the cat , it was just neat the luxury hotel bilem(Blm)
    Thank you all for your work , you have my massive admiration

  442. fiona crowe says:

    Fantastic way to ensure the animals are looked after

  443. Rafe Kamal says:

    This donation is to help support the spaying and neutering of free cats and dogs in Turkey

  444. Anita Howard says:

    Payment for Kapsa 2022 calendar plus postage

  445. Anita Howard says:

    Donation for Kapsa 2022 calendar plus postage.

  446. judith Scott says:

    Donation for 2 bags of food for Xmas dessert!!

  447. Deborah Kivrak says:

    Payment of £8 for knitted Santa for Kapsa auction.

  448. Jacqueline Bates says:

    This is for the doggies advent calendar appeal.

  449. Patricia Cooper says:

    Christmas dinner appeal 2021

  450. Karen Hancock and family says:

    To support the hard work of my sister Sarah Hancock and the charity she is passionate about

  451. Ellen Murray says:

    Advent appeal

  452. Fiona Lilley says:

    This is in payment for a second necklace that Tina Norris has sold me, red similar to the gold at the weekend auction, £10 + £2 postage .

  453. Michaela Spring says:

    Christmas dinner donation for the Dogs and cats

  454. Gill Lee says:

    Merry Christmas to you all what a fantastic job you all so love to Louise Sandra and Kate xxx

  455. Charlet Phillips says:

    Donating for Tina’s Birthday

  456. Matthew Ellis says:

    Thank you!

  457. Karen Bartram says:

    Merry Christmas.. xx

  458. Paula Savage says:

    Keep up the good work

  459. Joy Blazek says:

    Thank you all for your amazing work in helping so many street animals in Kalkan.I hope my donation will help with the winter feeding programme, vet fees or whatever is necessary to enable the dogs to be look after.I know it is really hardfor them at the moment.
    Wishing you all a Happy,healthy and successful 2022.
    Bes wishes Joy Blazek.

  460. Sarah Franks says:

    Just a small donation I am afraid, but hope it helps in some small way. We adopted Honey (A101) who is currently fast asleep on our sofa, so your charity is close to our hearts. Wishing you all the best with your amazing work and hope it is an easier year for you all, especially the beautiful animals.

  461. Kerem Aysan says:

    Allahu Akbar. May Allah help everyone! Keep taking care of the animals 🙂

  462. Bev Tankard says:

    Donation towards winter feeding

  463. Julie Ingleson-Evans says:

    A belated donation for the winter feeding programme x

  464. Michelle Breinholt says:

    I just watched the film “Stray”. It was wonderful. Thank you for your commitment to the street animals.

  465. Lynn Jepson says:

    Such heart breaking images of life on the street for these animals. You are all amazing to help them

  466. Kenneth Sloan says:

    Kangol neutering donation

  467. Olivia Miles says:

    Owned animals appeal

  468. Anita Howard says:

    Donation to help raise the £500 neutering fund for owned dogs/cats

  469. Sarah Howe says:

    To help towards the neutering fund

  470. Kelly Willmott Joyce says:

    Sorry its not more but a little something towards the neutering programme

  471. Lynn Murphy says:

    For the emergency neutering appeal- or anything else!
    Thank you, as always, for caring and helping all the animals.

  472. Christine Round says:

    Contribution to Neutering Fund.
    Bless all of you working so hard to help.

  473. Lynne Nowlin says:

    £20 for whatever you deem necessary.

  474. C Sheridan says:

    You’re doing great work.

  475. Helen Giles says:

    This is towards the £500 neutering fund, posted on 7 February on your group.

  476. Sue Samuel says:

    For the neutering programme for local residents

  477. Lisa Collins says:

    For the village neutering

  478. Anne Mitchum says:

    Patara neutering

  479. Kenneth Sloan says:

    for Kangol neutering

  480. Amanda Freeney says:

    I’m donating towards the nuteuring of owned animals.

  481. Adrie Van Wijk says:

    Sterilisation dog

  482. Edward Lilley says:

    Money for the emergency neutering fund, I absolutely agree that now folk are beginning to understand the importance we must step up and help.

  483. Lesley Biggs says:


  484. Edward Lilley says:

    Money for the neutering programme , thank you for all your work.

  485. Camille McCabe says:

    Donating to help those looking after the Street animals in Kalkan

  486. Gina Ayub says:

    towards neutering programme

  487. Alison Benjamin says:

    A small donation to help with the neutering programme. Every little helps. Thank you for all your kindness and love to the beautiful street dogs and cats.

  488. Joanna Ball says:

    Please add this to the £500 neutering fund. Thanks for all the hard work you do.

  489. Nilgun Akyildiz says:


  490. Pauline Thomson says:

    Neutering fund

  491. Francine Rose says:

    To help the feeding program

  492. Sally Wheeler says:

    I raised this money by running my first ever half marathon on my 64th birthday. Please use the money for the care of the street animals of Kalkan. The work you do to ensure that they have a good life is outstanding.

    • Yvonne says:

      Thank you so much Sally, that is such an extremely kind gesture and a huge achievement too running a half marathon, well done you!

  493. Karina Corden says:

    Such a worthy cause, it’s a privilege to donate.

  494. Hannah Kaye says:

    We met a gorgeous girl- blue tag 20760–in September 2022. We wanted to bring her back to California and still miss her all the time. We are so grateful for the work you do for all the incredible dogs of Kalkan.

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