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Keep an eye open for donation boxes around town or pop into HQ to make a donation.

To donate via Paypal using a credit or debit card, please complete the form at the bottom of this page and follow the onscreen instructions. UK Taxpayers, if you wish to Gift Aid your donation please be sure to tick the Gift Aid box at the bottom of the form. This allows us to raise even more vital funds. Thank you.

You can also donate directly via our English or Turkish bank accounts.

UK Bank Account
Lloyds TSB Bank Plc
Account Number: 00259909
Sort Code:30-97-62
Account Name: KAPSA
Why not set up a standing order today. . .

If you are in Turkey you can donate into our Turkish banks account

TURKISH Bank Account (TL only)
İş Bankası
Sort code: 6276
Account no: 304250 32981 (Turkish Lira) Account name: Kalkan Sokak Hayvanlarını Koruma Derneği
Iban no: TR340006400000162760032981


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you pay money into our Turkish bank account direct please email us the details of your donation, because by Turkish law we MUST write a receipt for every monetary donation. Thank you.


Donate Via Paypal using this form [you don’t need a Paypal account to do this]

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UK Taxpayers can boost donations to KAPSA by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 donated.

I am a UK taxpayer and understand that if I pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax in the current tax year than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all my donations it is my responsibility to pay any difference.

Terms and Conditions

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72 Comments to Donate to Kapsa

  1. Tracey Walsh says:

    Your work is amazing. The care you give to the street animals, the neutering programme is exceptional.
    In awe of you!

  2. Karina Corden says:

    I held a car boot sale to continue to show my support to the fantastic KAPSA team, having found out about KAPSA in 2017 when lovely Mavish the blue eyed dog wandered into our villa garden.

  3. Uelkue Schmithuesen says:

    keep up the great work

  4. Tracie Osman says:

    I see many street cats and dogs whilst on my holiday here and to know that you are taking care of them is a huge relief. Few of them look starved or in bad condition and that is down to you. Please can you keep a special eye out for a young black and tan dog in Patara who I saw last night with what looked like stitches and cotton wool in its back. He’s very friendly but scared of card and men..please look out for him and Twiggy in Kalkan. Thank you

  5. Gary McLean says:

    To help the animals following recent visit to Kalkan

  6. Mary Carpenter says:

    Just returned from Kalkan. Was really impressed how happy and we’ll looked after the street animals were.

  7. paula savage says:

    Just left Kalkan, wanted to make a small donation to such a worthy cause. Well done and long may your good work continue

  8. Heather Yates says:

    Quincy Jones

  9. Heather Barson says:


  10. Christine Round says:

    This is towards the production of poster/s warming that it is illegal to harm cats and dogs. My friend has had a number of beautiful dogs poisoned in Uzumlu, so that may be a good place to start.

  11. Gavin Priestley says:

    Donation to sponsor an awareness banner as on FB group (Villa Sakin)

  12. Tina Galloway-Grindlay says:

    You guys are amazing for all that you do for the animals and it is very much appreciated by every single animal lover who visits Kalkan each year. Thank you.

  13. Caroline Mcclorey says:

    10th anniversary auction sparkly earrings

  14. Heather Barson says:

    kapsa auction

  15. Tina Norris says:

    Earring auction

  16. Tina Norris says:

    Earrings auction

  17. Penny Howe says:

    Kapsa auction for Ear Buds and Auction Sticker

  18. Gary Singleton says:


  19. Gary Singleton says:

    Auction (Claire Singleton)

  20. KARYN JONES says:

    You deserve the help for all you do Kapsa. I would love to adopt a pet but I don’t live there yet. Thank You Kapsa ??♥️XX

  21. Kenneth Sloan says:

    Auction money for 7 day stay at a Marriott Vocation Club

  22. Christine Round says:

    Payment for sticker in online auction – bought for £1 plus £2 towards postage = £3. Tina N has my address details, thanks.

  23. Susan Mellor says:

    Pink handbag from Kapsa Auction.

  24. Nathan Swanwick says:

    Payment for recent auction items won.

  25. Nathan Swanwick says:

    Payment for auction wins from latest fund raiser

  26. Susan Pearson says:

    My first visit to Kalkan and definitely not my last. Been touched by the plight of these animals but also touched by the love and dedication that is in place and would like to think that I could donate on a regular basis and next time I come out bring over whatever is needed

  27. Belinda Giess says:

    Thank you for all you do. We fell in love with a street dog in Kalkan and hope this money helps her and others. Love Belinda, Tracy & Maria xxx

  28. Lynn Murphy says:

    Thanks for rescuing the pathetic little white cat from behind Yali piazza. You rescued her within a few hours of us contacting you about her.
    Also, thanks for coming to our villa, Meltem, on Demokrasi, when an old dog arrived in our garden seeking shade and company. We weren’t sure if he was unwell and you reassured us. We’ve kept him fed, watered and loved but head home soon. I do hope you’ll keep an eye out for him and that he survives the heat.
    I have nothing but admiration for all you do for the animals of Kalkan. The dedication and sheer hard work involved is inspirational. Long may you continue..

  29. Doug Munro says:

    We are on holiday in Kalkan. Many people locals and ex pats have mentioned the greatest work you guys do. Very sad about all the street animals, although we have been adopted by a cat at our villa so we may call in to see what we can do so she is ok when we return to UK. Doug

  30. Charles Staig says:

    For the love of dogs and the work you do in Kaly

  31. Kenneth Sloan says:

    Auction donation

  32. tracie dunstan says:

    Love all animalslove to help

  33. Francoise Eden-Hamilton says:

    Keep doing what you are doing- amazing work.

  34. Oriel Stump says:

    We visited Kalkan recently and heard about the fantastic work done by Kapsa. Well done to all the team and volunteers for everything you do.

  35. Geraldine Cutting says:

    Heard if you via my niece, Oriel Stump (Williams)

  36. Peter Holmes says:

    You do a great job, thanks

  37. Auriol De Peyrecave says:

    You do a wonderful job!

  38. Diane Henry says:

    Because I love coming to Kalkan every year and seeing the animals cared for and protected makes me proud of my fellow countrymen and women.

  39. Nicola Dair says:

    You all do a fantastic job.❤️

  40. Vicki Moore says:

    Keep up the fantastic work

  41. Josh Stepien says:

    Thank you for all your help Sandra, £5 a week is set up, hope it helps!

  42. Geraldine Cutting says:

    Upping donation in view of hard time in Turkey

  43. Lucy Pulsford says:

    Thank you so much. You are all doing an incredible job

  44. Tania van Rooyen says:

    we recently helped a cat in Kalkan and were impressed by the humane system of animal welfare, enabled by Kapsa.

  45. Elaine Miller says:

    Thnaks so much for helping sort out Snoweys eye and ear infection.

  46. Claire Davidson says:

    After our first trip here we have heard about the wonderful work you are doing for the street dogs
    It makes us feel happy to know that you care and help so many poor animals
    We feel you are a very worthy cause to help!

  47. claire Paton says:

    I think you are doing amazing work by looking after all the street cats and dogs , we’re sorry we left it too late to get our feline visitor deflead and deticked and checked over by the vet, she had been neutered previously though so that’s great news

  48. Hannah Wareham says:

    Sandra & Hilary and the rest of your team: A small offering to continue your wonderful work. Making a difference to so many animals in Turkey.

  49. Zoe McIntyre says:

    Wonderful work thank you for caring so much for these beautiful animals

  50. Zoe McIntyre says:

    Thank you for caring for those beautiful animals

  51. Alexandra Krzyzosiak says:

    I hope this donation helps take care of animals in need!

  52. Mandy McCadden says:

    We have just come back from Kalkan and are so impressed with the work the charity does. We did look after our villa cats who have been there for 3 years now so lets hope they are there when we go next year – keep up your brilliant work!

  53. Emily Taberham says:

    I was shocked by the amount of fur baby strays in Kalkan. Good luck and thank you for your hard work!

  54. rose williamson says:

    thank you for all you do, bless you all

  55. Robert Bates says:

    Thank you for doing a great job looking after these wonder animals
    Visited Kalyan a few time and it’s great to see the dogs being looked after
    My sister has a villa there and I said that maybe you could get the resturants to sponsor a dog
    1% on a meal pictur3 of dog on menu ?
    I’m sure a lot of the British visters would go for that

    Rob Bates

  56. Kenneth Sloan says:


  57. Jackie Nettleton says:

    This donation is made on behalf of a work colleague who is leaving the business and she requested that instead of buying her a leaving present, we make a donation to the Charity. So this donation is for Tina Galloway Grindlay

  58. Jackie Nettleton says:

    Further to my earlier email, we have had another £5.00 donated to Tina’s leaving present, so I can make another small donation.

  59. Janice Dobson says:

    My friends visited Kalkan this August and looked after a white cat which they nicknamed Snowy. Think your work is amazing.

  60. JOANNA DAVIS says:

    Just returned from a week in Kalkan and was so impressed by the work you all do. Well done all.

  61. Sarah Gurney says:

    Just returned from a week in Side, Antalya, Turkey. Every day we fed a group of 5 kittens living outside the hotel. Kentia Apartments. The kittens came into reception each day and relaxed on the sofas. The hotel closed this week. We’re very concerned about the kittens now the tourists and staff have left. Do you know of any rescue centres in the area. Thank You Sarah.

  62. Hilary Howard says:

    We cherish our Kalkan street cats, getting to know them over the years. The fact that we are looking after the same cats year on year shows the success of the work your team do over the winter months. We particularly look forward to reuniting with “Little Lion”, a Maine Coon street cat who we have fed for the last 3 years (on Cadesi Demokrasi). She also needs a lot of brushing! Keep up the great work you do!

  63. Lynn Murphy says:

    We have visited Kalkan four times over the last five years.
    We love the street animals and are full of admiration for all you do at Kapsa.
    You rescued a poorly little white cat we spotted and reported back in the summer and nursed her to health.
    You’re all amazing and you the street animals are part of the town and it’s charm – keep on with the great work you do to make sure they all receive the care and respect they deserve.

  64. Jez Dyer says:

    Donating my fee earned last night for hosting an event at South Street Arts Centre, Reading. Keep up the good work.

  65. Lynn Eales says:

    For black Friday auction. Pearl eairings.

  66. Vivienne Belcher says:

    This donation is in memory of my late husband Roger Belcher, who died recently very suddenly. We have been to Kalkan together for over 15 years on over 20 holidays and adore it. We have supported Kapsa for many years including a regular monthly donation which will continue, and we admire the fantastic work you do. This donation is in his name. Kind regards
    viv Belcher

  67. Pam Elmo says:

    After being blessed to visit Kalkan I fell in love with the town and its street animals. I follow your organization on social media and LOVE all you do ! Thank you ❤️

  68. Ivan Tabinor says:

    Just love the work you do

  69. Karen Brown says:

    2 x Christmas dinners donated. Keep up the good work you are all AMAZING 😉 xx

  70. Liz rudden says:

    Happy Christmas to everyone at Kapsa. Donation in place of wasting money on Christmas cards.

  71. Jac Stephinson-Kirkbride says:

    A donation to KAPSA instead of sending Christmas Cards this year – thanks for all you do for the street animals of Kalkan and surrounding area X

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