Can Needs a Safe Home

From KAPSA Volunteer Gulfem:

Can [pronounced ‘Jan’] came to my garden around at the end of September and didn’t want to leave. He is a sweetheart, good with my dogs and cats. Chases cats to play, but never hurts any of them and he smiles when he sees you. He has to live on the streets here in this small village, where there are already many dogs, I am so worried that something will happen to him. Because of that I wanted to try to get him a home. He really is a sweetheart, he knows some commands like sit, fetch the ball etc, so he has been owned at some point I think. Around 1 year old sweet and healthy boy. I took him to be neutered, have his multi and rabies vaccinations at the same time and I had him vaccinated for kennel cough also. Can we please spread the word so he has a chance. Thank you xxx

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