We have dozens of cats and dogs in Kalkan that need good homes. Despite the work we do in the community to educate people about responsible ownership, we still get many dogs and cats dumped in Kalkan each year. In 2015 we estimate that yet again we had a significant number of dogs and puppies brought into Kalkan and abandoned. We were able to home a large proportion of them both locally and abroad. In 2015, 31 dogs and several cats have been homed in the UK, and a further 17 dogs are waiting to go back to the UK! Over the years we have had reported to us boxes of puppies and kittens dumped across Kalkan, and adult dogs just appear, as if from nowhere. Some may be the unwanted offspring of owned dogs in villages nearby; others may just be the young of street dogs that have avoided being neutered. Since Kapsa was founded in 2008 only 4 street dogs have slipped through the net and have actually given birth to puppies in Kalkan, two of these were already pregnant when they arrived, however, still we are constantly having to find good homes for new puppies and kittens.

If you would like to give a dog or cat a home have a look at our dogs and cats needing homes, maybe you can find the perfect dog or cat for you and your home.

Please download a pdf copy of our Adoption Contract for more information on the adoption process. Click HERE to Download





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