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113 Comments to Contribute to KAPSA

  1. John Wright says:

    Thank you for taking care of the dogs. Keep up the good work.

  2. Diane Johnson says:

    To help with Lily and Dost

  3. Hillie Postma says:

    Thank you for all the amazing work you do. We saw many happy street animals but thank you for looking after the weak and keeping them fed after the tourist season.

  4. Lorna Harrison says:

    For everything you do!

  5. wilson Sharpe says:

    Just been on holiday to Kalkan and love your work

  6. Zara Simmonds says:

    Thank you for your amazing work!

  7. Peter Bell says:

    Dear Ann and Steve many thanks for our lovely holiday with you we send a little donation to help with your wonderful work with the animals in Kalkan

  8. Bev Lockwood says:

    I come to Kalkan regularly and appreciate work and love shown to animals.

  9. Beccy Schofield says:

    Thank you for everything you do for the Kalkan Street animals, we would like to contribute towards the cost of the flea, tick & worming treatment we will be administering to the 6 cats visiting us daily at Villa Blossom, Beccy & Holly

  10. Andrea Clark says:

    Donation is a xmas present for Fiona & Davy Crowe who are now living in Kalkan and have adopted 2 dogs from Kapsa as well as fostering. Hope this helps with the wonderful work you all do for the street dogs & cats in Kalkan and surrounding areas. Love from Mum/Andrea Clark

  11. Fiona Balaban says:

    Payment for calendar received in Turkey from Christine Round

  12. Fiona Crowe says:

    Received calendar from Christine

  13. Margaret Allard says:

    Payment for two 2024 calendars that Christine Round delivered to me in Kalkan . Thanks

  14. Katie Mazzieri says:

    My friends adopted from you a few years ago. I’d like to donate towards your neutering programme. They recently married and I asked them if I could donate to you instead of a wedding gift. 🙂

  15. Susannah Finn says:

    Special thank you to Eva for arranging neutering of the beautiful villa cat today.

  16. Vanessa Rose says:

    To help with Peter’s leishmania medication

  17. Hayley Frankham says:

    For winter feeding programme . Your dedication is amazing. Keep up the fantastic work.

  18. Alison Ewart says:

    Thank you for your great work xx

  19. Francine Rose says:

    Amazing effort and kindness you give to animals everyday. Thank you

  20. Susannah Finn says:

    Thank you to Eva for helping neuter gorgeous young cat at the villa we were staying in.

  21. Karen Gurney says:

    You do an amazing job 👏

  22. Ruth Evans says:

    General care of Street animals in Kalkan.

  23. Jon Oliver says:

    Caring for Kalkan’s street animals

  24. Patti Kelly says:

    As always thank you for all you do for the beloved street cats and dogs! I wish I could take them all home !

  25. Robyn Brook says:

    You are all amazing. The dogs are so lucky to have you. Please keep posting what you need. You are loved by all for what you do for these beautiful animals. Thank you ❤️

  26. Jeanette Munro says:

    Donating £20 to help with treatment for the animals you care for

  27. Noeleen Chamberlain says:

    For all your lovely street dogs and cats in Kalkan

  28. Anita Howard says:

    Money raised through selling hand made items

  29. Kim Broadis says:

    For help towards Kal, will send more when I can x

  30. Carolyn Kelleher says:

    Thank you for all the amazing work you do! And thank you for helping us adopt Dug xxx

  31. Jennifer Payne says:

    I will bring some items out in May. Well done ALL

  32. Wayne Wright says:

    Thank you for all the work you do on behalf of the animals of Kalkan and it’s neighbourhood. This donation is for the initial treatment provided to our villa cat ‘Snuggs’before we decided to adopt him. ❤️
    Wayne & Isabel

  33. Nicola Forkes says:

    This is the money to cover the neutering of the 4 kittens at Likya Residence

  34. Michelle FARLEY says:

    Name the dog October. Winner donated her half

  35. Mary Davidson says:

    Donating towards cost of treatment for injured cat that is in cage for head/ neck injuries

  36. Penny Tait says:

    For vet or food bills. Thank you for helping these lovely animals.

  37. Debbie Clarke says:

    We have recently been on holiday in Kalkan and I’d like to help support your vital work.

  38. Kim Broadis says:

    Looking after Kal so well x

  39. Teresa Ingarfield says:

    General help to the gorgeous animals

  40. Keeley Skilbeck says:

    Because you are amazing and do an amazing job.

  41. Yasmin Kovic says:

    Thank you for all you do you are simply amazing xxx

  42. Keeley Skilbeck says:

    For the amazing work you do.

  43. Zoe Greenwood says:

    For the new fridge and a bit of food 😊

  44. Susan Williams says:

    We are on holiday in Kalkan and have become very attached to a female dog tag number 990. We cannot adopt her because we have 3 cats at home in the UK. I would like to help you with the costs during the winter season when all the tourists have gone so you can continue to look after our lovely visitor and the many other dogs and cats that benefit immensely from all your hard work and love.

  45. Sue Hamilton-Skerritt says:

    To help towards cost of vaccinations/ winter feeding for dogs and cats. You all do wonderful work….thank you.

  46. Elizabeth Dodd says:

    General donation to help your great work going.

  47. shirley salmon says:

    thnak you for looking after them…

  48. Jan Robinson says:

    Thankyou for all the wonderful work you do.

  49. John Hodson says:

    Thank you for the great work you do

  50. Stephen Best says:

    Sorry we are not always there to help!

  51. Lynette Ohara says:

    What would the animals do without you all x

  52. Jenny Leigh says:

    For all the wonderful work you do for the animals of Kalkan and beyond x

  53. Karen Gurney says:

    Towards your vet bills .Thankyou for your hard work

  54. Carol Goodwin says:

    Well done all of you xxx

  55. Lorna Alexander says:

    Donating for the care of the white/ginger cat that was injured on the D400

  56. Amanda Coveney says:

    Thank you so much for everything you do
    We love Kalkan and adore animals
    The little cat that you rescued last night is our fave and I wanted to bring her home but can’t at the moment because of work xxxxx

  57. Julie Robertson says:

    Thank you for all the work you do.

  58. Juliana Grundy says:

    For the poor ginger and white puss undergoing treatment following his road accident.

  59. Lucy Buxton says:

    Donation towards the recent bill. Thanks for all you do! ❤️

  60. Alison Ewart says:

    Thankyou for all your work xx

  61. Gina Ayub says:

    Keep up the great work guys

  62. Tayla Robinson says:

    I am so sorry it’s not much but I appreciate what you do! We come to Kalkan almost every year and I spend so much time feeding these animals. I hope this helps❤️

  63. Christine Duxbury says:

    Thank you for helping the animals! You do an amazing job. X

  64. Christine Flanagan says:

    Just to say Thank You on behalf of all the animals that rely on you so much

  65. Suzanne Scott says:

    BA finally paid the compensation owed from our cancelled summer flights so I am sharing a little of my good furtune with you. You do an amazing job.

  66. Joanna Robertson says:

    Thankyou for your absolutely amazing dedication!

  67. Susan Reidy says:

    £20 donation to helping our lovely Kalkan animals 💕

  68. Sandra White says:

    For the street animals

  69. Barbara Mickleburgh says:

    Thank you for all your wonderful work you do in beautiful Kalkan

  70. Clair Parkinson says:

    Love Zhiva x

  71. Fiona Lilley says:

    Towards the vet bill for this month – I already donate monthly but this will help I’m sure.

  72. Patricia Tackaberry says:

    As a regular visitor to Kalkan for many years I see the wonderful work you do. We also own a beautiful Kangal X through this charity. Thank you

  73. Philippa Creighton says:

    Thank you for all you do for the street animals

  74. N Harleysternchen Rici says:

    Little Donation for the cat MÜDÜR 😻

  75. Helen Lemaitre says:

    Thanks to all the Kapsa volunteers for your garden work.

  76. Daniel Shaw says:

    Amazing work guys you should be super proud of yourselves.

    Thank you for being awesome!

  77. Terry Bowler says:

    Thanks for your great work all year round

  78. Alison Antonelli says:

    Contribution towards a cat feeder for the kittens at Eagles Nest, Kisla

  79. Clive Wilkins says:

    Donating for winter food

  80. Robyn Brook says:

    Thank you

  81. Paul Browne says:

    You are doing such an amazing job ! Hope this small contribution helps s love seeing the dogs & cats well cared for when we’re on Kalkan

  82. Bev Lockwood says:

    You do a marvellous job

  83. Julie Armstrong says:

    Donation for food and blankets etc for the puppies in Uzumlu school

  84. Sally McHugh says:

    So impressed with what you do. A special part of Kalkan.

  85. Ann Kauczok says:

    Winter feeding

  86. Susan Grange says:

    Donation instead of sending Christmas cards to friends and family

  87. Alana Renner says:

    A little Christmas Gift

  88. Jacqueline Ward says:

    Towards helping with food or medication for the cats and dogs. Thank you xx

  89. Anita Scroccaro says:

    Payava cat

  90. Alison Benjamin says:

    For all the beautiful street dogs and cats ❤️

  91. Michaela Spring says:

    Christmas dinner advent appeal

  92. Michelle FARLEY says:

    400 payava event
    250 December name the dog

  93. Michelle FARLEY says:

    400 payava event
    250 advent appeal

  94. Elizabeth rudden says:

    To feed the street animals during winter

  95. Lorna Stephens says:

    Christmas feeding programme

  96. Joanne Roberts says:

    This is just a very small Christmas donation to put to whatever you need for the dogs.Thank you x

  97. Trevor Nock says:

    Donation in lieu of accommodation costs earlier in the year, with many thanks and fond memories! Much love from Trevor & Lesley

  98. Keeley Skilbeck says:

    Because you are amazing.

  99. Howell Shelley says:

    For the dog with broken hips.

  100. Terry Bowler says:

    Hope dollars are ok , I couldn’t let this one pass. Brave little thing. See you soon in Kalkan ,il be happy to do all I can to help again

  101. Natalie Kershaw says:

    To continue your good work

  102. Karen Gurney says:

    Towards vet fees

  103. Ali Hodgson says:

    Thank you for all you do for all the street animals of Kalkan. From Pooches and Puddles of Dorset.

  104. Victoria Nedosekina-Shafray says:

    Thank you for helping the puppies and the big dog (blue tag 020700) in Kisla, Kalkan. Happy New Year and good luck!

  105. Ellen MURRAY says:

    We have visited Kalkan for holidays for many, many years, but unfortunately, due to my mobility problems we can no longer come as I can’t manage the hills. However I know what great work you do for the animals in Kalkan so would like to continue to help when i can, albeit in a small way.

  106. Lee Smith says:

    Thank you kapsa for all the wonderful work you do , we’re so grateful , happy new year 🐶❤️

  107. Jane Johnson says:

    For Patara x

  108. Sarah Howe says:

    For costs towards ‘Patara’ 💕

  109. Duncan Shirkey says:


  110. Jan Robinson says:

    Happy new year

  111. Des Carter says:

    £40 Kapsa

  112. Des Carter says:

    Kapsa dogs

  113. Sally Fox says:

    To help Sandra provide Max and others with hot dinners!!!🤣🤣🥰

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