2024 KAPSA Calendar


However, there may be an opportunity to get your hands on a calendar at our Black Friday Charity Auction! 

Oh YES! They are BACK!

By popular demand, we have produced a 2024 KAPSA Calendar and you can buy yours right here.

The calendar contains 12 lovely photos, by Valentyn Patsai, of just some of the Kalkan street cats and dogs. They are A4 in size, printed on good quality thick paper and finished with wire binding & a hanging hook. Those of you that have purchased the calendars previously will be familiar with the quality of them.

The calendars cost £10 each + £2.60 p&p** and will be posted out to your UK address by Royal Mail 2nd Class post. All profits from the calendars goes directly to street animal welfare, veterinary bills, winter feeding, and so on.
Please note, calendars MAY take upto 3 weeks to arrive from ordering. It will usually be quicker than this, but our despatch volunteers are very busy at this time of year, so some delays may occur. Please be patient, you will receive your calendar. 

Ordering your copy is easy, simply fill out the form below taking note of this message…

When completing this initial form, can we ask you to include FULL address, as this is what we will use to post your calendar to. 

Lets get those walls up and down the country once again adorned with Kalkans street animals in 2024!


67 Comments to 2024 KAPSA Calendar

  1. Anita Phillips says:

    Keep up the good work. You are all fantastic.

  2. Mary Richards says:

    KAPSA calendar

  3. Mary Richards says:

    KAPSA calendar. Keep up your outstanding work.

  4. Mrs Jane Clay says:

    KAPSA calendar 20 24

  5. Sue Samuel says:

    KAPSA animals

  6. Gail Squires says:

    Keep up the fantastic work you all do.

  7. Carole Johnson says:

    One calendar please. Thank you for all the fantastic work you do.

  8. Elizabeth Phillips says:

    A calendar

  9. Andrea Clark says:

    A lovely gift for my mother.

  10. Linda Marks says:


  11. Faye Farquhar says:

    One Calendar please

  12. Christine Gates says:

    Love the work you do. Hope this helps somewhat towards the KAPSA cause.

  13. Kayley Tee says:

    Love the work you do. Hope this helps somewhat towards the KAPSA cause.

  14. Janet Royle says:

    Thanks for all your dedicated hard work every day of the year. You are all angels.

  15. Yolande Duffy says:

    So glad the calendar’s back. It will brighten up my office wall.

  16. WENDY JAMES says:


  17. Stephanie Davies says:

    For 2 kapsa calenders please

  18. Lucy Buxton says:

    Donation for KAPSA calendar 2024. Thank you

  19. Jill Pearman says:

    So glad they are back – missed them last year- my little Kalkan fix while I am working 😃

  20. Alison Price says:

    Calendar please

  21. Julie O’Hare says:

    To ensure KAPSA thrives and continues its good work and because my daughter in law Jo would not forgive me if she didn’t get a KAPSA calendar in her Christmas Stocking

  22. Andrew Wylie says:

    Keep up the good work.

  23. Jackie Mckinley says:

    Kapsa do a brillant job for all the street animals in Kalkan.

  24. Rosemary Rogers says:

    payment for a calendar

  25. Jean Cudmore says:

    Buying 2 Kapsa calendars, brilliant work by you all.

  26. Sheila Wright says:

    Well done for all your hard work

  27. Jane Graham says:

    1 KAPSA calendar please. Coming soon with donations.

  28. Carolyn Kelleher says:

    Thank you so much for helping us to bring Dug to the UK this year. You guys do amazing work and are an inspiration.

  29. Frances Owen says:

    1 calendar please

  30. Jessica Richards says:

    Fallen in love with the animals of kalkan, wish we could adopt (and if we ever do in future I have told my partner will will be rehoming a kalkan stray) but we have two cats at home at the moment

  31. Penny Nelson says:

    Kapsa calendar

  32. Diane Redfearn says:

    Dogs and cats

  33. Alison Gravenor says:

    For all the beautiful animals in Kalkan, thank you for all you do for them

  34. Nicola Charnley says:

    Thanks for your dedication and extremely hard work xx

  35. chris Laycock says:

    a calendar

  36. Philippa Creighton says:


  37. Lynn Heaton says:

    One calendar

  38. Sharon Pollard says:

    Looking forward to seeing the calendar, thank you for all the hard work to save these animals

  39. Carolyn Kelleher says:

    Thank you for all the amazing work you do, and for helping us to bring Dug back to the UK this year – we can’t wait!

  40. Kim Broadis says:


  41. Anita Howard says:

    2024 calendar

  42. Lucy Porteous says:

    Calendar please 🐾❤️

  43. Alison Benjamin says:

    Looking forward to receiving my calandar

  44. Gerry Grant says:


  45. AimeeLangwith Langwith says:

    One calendar please

  46. Helen Thompson says:

    Can I order 5 calendars please

  47. Katie Griffin says:

    2 KAPSA calenders

  48. Katie Griffin says:

    2 KAPSA calendars

  49. James Munro says:

    Donating for a 2024 calendar

  50. Helen Thompson says:

    Could I have 4 calendars please? Thanks

  51. Heather Geeson says:

    To help with all the vet bills for these beautiful dogs and cats

  52. Angela Smith says:


  53. Lanoma Perrott says:

    We holidayed in Kalkan for the first time this summer, and being dog lovers, were overwhelmed with the number of beautiful street dogs, with no homes!
    I’ve followed you on Facebook ever since and am bowled over by the amazing work that you do, trying to keep everyone of these most deserving animals, free from pain, suffering and disease!
    You’re amazing!

  54. Marie Owen says:

    2 calendars please £25.20

  55. Jessica Richards says:

    For the KAPSA calendar 2024. Thanks for all the work you guys do x

  56. Michelle Wilson-perry says:

    2 x KAPSA calendars please xx

    I have so missed a KAPSA calendar, I am so excited they are back ❤️❤️

  57. Jane Searle says:

    2 calendars please

  58. Ann Cleaves says:

    2 Calendars please.

  59. Sylvia Butterfield says:

    Keep up the good work you do a fantastic job.
    All the best to all of you xx

  60. Louise Carrothers says:

    KAPSA CALENDAR , thankyou

  61. Valerie Green says:


  62. Allan Gillison says:

    Keep up the wonderful work

  63. Susan Williams says:

    We are so impressed by all you do for the lovely cats and dogs of Kalkan

  64. Kay Gee says:

    I can collect in Kalkan week commencing 11 November if that’s ok ??

  65. Kathryn Lowe says:

    Lovely people looking after the street animals.

  66. Sarah Howe says:

    For one calendar please.
    I’ll also add a bit extra for a donation.
    Thank you.

  67. Lesley Charlton says:

    Thank you for all your hard work…..you make a difference ❤️

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