Black Friday Weekend Charity Auction 2023

HUGE THANKS to everyone! The auction is now closed and most of the monies collected and we are beyond delighted to announce the amount raised is just short of £5500!! A record year!

We have to thank all our volunteers who ran the auction, collected the items up and of course the amazing KAPSA supporters who donated items both to the UK and the Kalkan lots – thank you to you all, you know who you are.

Last but not least, we have to thank everyone who took part, even those who didn’t win anything, because without our amazing supporters getting behind these appeals & events, none of this would be possible. There are a lot of street animals who will be helped through the next year thanks in no small part to the money you have all contributed. THANK YOU!


It’s hard to believe this years Black Friday Auction weekend has come round again so quickly, yet here we are.

Hopefully you are nearly ready too, exercising those bidding fingers, and making sure you have joined the Kapsa Facebook Auction Group.

The auction runs across the entire weekend, starting at 9am on Friday 24th November, lots will be added over the weekend, but ALL lots will close at exactly 9am Monday 27th November 2023 – please note, all times quoted are UK GMT.

We will have a huge range of new and pre-loved lots for you to bid on, including jewellery, household goods, cosmetics and more. All money raised goes towards helping Kalkan’s street animals health and well being. You can read a lot more about the work our volunteers do and upto date news in our main Facebook Group.

Do be aware when placing a bid on an item, to check its location first! The majority of auction lots will be UK based and will be sent out to the winning bidders after the auction has closed via Royal Mail. However, if you are in Kalkan, there will be a varied selection of goodies for you to bid on too. We cannot transfer goods between the two countries, so it is bidders responsobility to ensure they can receive the items when bidding.

The full list of T&C’s will be posted in the Auction Group a few days before the auction opens, so you will have time to familiarise yourself with them. Nothing too onerous, just a few common sense points to help the weekend run smoothly and ensure evryone can follow what is going on. Please do read them, they can make your life and the auction admin teams life much easier all round. 😉

Happy Bidding everyone, see you there at the weekend.






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