TNR – Trap, Neuter, Return

What Is TNR

Kapsa run a trap, neuter and return programme in and around Kalkan. The World Health Organisation, Dogs Trust, RSPCA and many other respected organisations throughout the world consider TNR to be the most effective and humane way to control the stray animal population.

Turkey, like many countries across the world has a street dog and cat population throughout the country. KAPSA has been hugely successful in bringing the numbers of those down in Kalkan dramatically, to a more manageable level. This is because of the TNR program and education.
How this works is two fold, the obvious advantage being fewer unwanted kittens and puppies are born, naturally reducing the population numbers.

However, research in various countries has shown a less obvious benefit to returning the neutered adult animals to their street environment. A healthy local population prevents other animals moving in and exacerbating the problem. Cats and dogs are naturally territorial, and it’s this factor that keeps the population stable and stops other animals moving into the area. If you have ever wondered why you always see certain dogs only in particular areas, this is the reason. Dogs and cats have their established ‘patch’. Some dogs and cats have larger areas, some smaller.


We have neutered 1000’s of cat and dogs since 2008 and we are now neutering 400- 500 animals a year, all paid for by donations and fundraising. We will neuter a street animal from Kalkan or any of the surrounding villages to ensure less unwanted animals are born. Dumping of unwanted animals or litters has been a big problem in the past and still happens today.

When a dog is neutered it is tagged, has mixed vaccinations, inc rabies, treated for parasites and registered. Cats are also neutered and health checked and have the tip of one ear clipped for easy identification. The vets use keyhole surgery for a shorter recovery time. Over the years sometimes an animal looses a tag or it has to be removed because of infection. If you see an untagged dog it may have been neutered in the past. We have to use a bit of local knowledge and our registration forms to check and identify. If you see a cat without the clipped ear, please do let one of our local volunteers know.

If you are staying in Kalkan or live here please let us know if you see an unneutered animal. Each operation makes a big difference to the life of that animal!

Your support has been essential in continuing the TNR program. If you wish to make a donation to help this work, please visit our Donation Page.

Traps in action

Traps in action

Traps in action

Traps in action

A canine ar tag

A canine ear tag

A cat with ear tip clipped




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