Why Adopt

There are many cats and dogs in Kalkan that need good homes. Despite our work in the community to educate people about responsible ownership, many dogs and cats are dumped in Kalkan each year. Every year a significant number of unwanted dogs and cats are left in the town. We are working very hard to rehome a large number of them here in Turkey and when a prospective new owner comes forward, abroad too. Adoption abroad requires a substantial financial input to cover costs such as fostering, medical bills and the travel itself. Plus there is a significant waiting time, while all the required vaccinations, tests and paperwork are completed [hence the need for foster care for this period]. So it is a huge commitment, but one many have made and given a dog they have fallen in love with a loving home of its own. We made this video highlighting just a few of them.

Over the years we have had reported to us boxes of puppies and kittens dumped across Kalkan. Some may be the unwanted offspring of owned dogs in villages nearby; others may just be the young of street dogs that have avoided being neutered.

Since KAPSA was founded in 2008, few street dogs have slipped through the net and actually given birth to puppies in Kalkan but it does happen and most of these were already pregnant when they appeared in the town, likely dumped for that reason. Still we are constantly having to find good homes for new puppies and kittens.

If you can give a dog or cat a home, you can view dogs and cats needing homes on the links below. We will advise on rehoming in both Turkey and abroad, plus there is information here on our website too as a starting point.




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