2023 Christmas Dinner Advent Appeal

Every winter, KAPSA help the street animals by funding a winter feeding program. Volunteers across the town take responsibility for feeding the local street animals daily and keeping an eye on their health and well being. We distribute the food weekly to our volunteers and they ensure as many animals as possible on ‘their patch’ benefit. However, this amount of food is costly and represents a significant percentage of our annual budget. 2023 has once again seen huge inflation & a cost of living crisis both in the UK and Turkey. Food & energy costs have spiralled for everyone, so every penny helps us feed a little bit more! Everything we do is funded by donations, so following the huge success of this appeal over the last couple of years, we are asking for your help again. We know its much harder this year and are extremely grateful for anything you can spare to help us keep the dogs & cats going.

How it Works

Each day of Advent, a new Christmas themed photo of our street dogs and cats will be posted in the KAPSA Facebook Group, so if you are not a member, please do join us there. We are asking you to donate £5 for a ‘Christmas Dinner’ for a dog or cat, to help see each of them through the winter months. Every penny goes to helping the animals, so please help us to help them this Christmas. You can donate as many dinners as you wish by simply filling in the form below, choosing an amount or adding your own, and clicking donate. Also, if you are UK Tax Payer, it would help us even more if you could choose the Gift Aid option. Thank you, from everyone at KAPSA and from every dog and cat who will not go hungry this winter.


59 Comments to 2023 Christmas Dinner Advent Appeal

  1. Elizabeth Phillips says:

    Donating £20 to the Advent appeal

  2. Allison Holton says:

    Advent Appeal

  3. Lesley Southern says:

    Merry Christmas KAPSA ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do for our wonderful street animals ! 🐾🐶


    Just a small donation to the Advent Appeal for Christmas dinners

  5. Ann Healey says:

    For several years now we’ve enjoyed an annual holiday in Kalkan but it’s the street animals that keep me going back in particular the cats some of them so friendly & trusting I find it very hard to say goodbye when we leave.

  6. Jackie Mckinley says:

    To help feed the street dogs in Kalkan.

  7. Karen Gurney says:

    Advent appeal

  8. Sheila Wright says:

    Thank you to every one involved with the winter feeding.

  9. Edward Lilley says:

    Merry Christmas to all the volunteers and animals in Kalkan…

  10. Susan Pollock says:

    1 advent dinner

  11. Geoff Watson says:

    Look after the cats and dogs for us please!!
    Happy Christmas

  12. Kerrie Brettle says:

    Sending pennies for my boy Kudu xxx

  13. Duncan Shirkey says:

    Keep up the good work.
    Duncan and Trish X.

  14. Gail Nelson says:

    Winter Feeding Advent Appeal – Day 8. Donated £25.00 for the lovely Peter and 4 others.

  15. Juliana Grundy says:

    Advent Appeal (Osman!)

  16. Naomi Heysett says:

    Happy Christmas to the animals, donated for Lynne Heysett Xx

  17. Hillie Postma says:

    Merry Christmas to all the dogs, cats and volunteers.

  18. Leanne Wilcox says:

    You do a wonderful job looking after the animals in Kalkan.

  19. Jeanette Munro says:

    Christmas Dinner Appeal

  20. Carol Grant says:

    Happy Christmas to all at KAPSA. Thankful for your hard work with the street animals 🥰

  21. Tracey Bagshaw says:

    I hope this buys a few Christmas dinners! Can Peter have an extra sausage 😉

  22. Sue Davies says:

    £15.00 to help the street animals have a festive Christmas. Thank you for all you do. Hope to see you next year 😘

  23. Michele Pearl says:

    So pleased we can help the amazing dogs and cats of Kalkan they are all so beautiful xxx
    Merry Christmas to you all x

  24. Linda Marks says:

    Xmas dinner


    Donating £20 to the advent appeal. Brilliant work for all those fur babies

  26. Jodie Kilgallon says:

    In memory of our lovely one eyed supercat Bradley xXx

  27. Diane Johnson says:

    Dinners for the street dogs especially the poor girl found by Christina with the neck injury caused by a tight collar

  28. Elizabeth Clayton says:

    Advent appeal. Thank you for all you do.

  29. Louise Embleton says:

    Hope this helps!
    Thanks for everything you do
    Lou xxx

  30. Ed Dixon says:

    Brought a street dog to the uk , several years ago .
    She was such a beautiful dog however no longer with us .
    Glad I can help to feed these lovely dogs .

  31. Ellen Dixon says:

    Advent Dinner

  32. Karen Thomas says:

    2 x Christmas dinners

  33. Victoria Franklin says:

    We love the dogs and cats in Kalkan, Thankyou for all you do to help them lead healthy lives.
    Vicki and Manouch

  34. Douglas Munro says:

    We visited Kalkan in October of this year and saw how well looked after the dogs and cats were. You do great work!

  35. Roy Moore says:

    Donating £50.00 for 10 Christmas dinners.Thanks to the volunteers for all your hard work caring for all the dogs and cats in Kalkan. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Roy & Angela Moore

  36. Elaine Kendall says:

    Donated on behalf of good old Max. He seems to find wherever we are in Kalkan. Hope the winter is kind to all the cats and dogs in kalkan.

  37. Caron Rodemark says:

    Thank you for all that you do.

  38. Trevor Nock says:

    Donation to the Advent Appeal in lieu of accommodation earlier this year, with many grateful thanks and Fond Memories. Lesley & Trevor

  39. Sally Hall says:

    A little something for advent dinners xx

  40. Keith Jenkinson says:

    Advent Appeal but Rachel and I have seen at first hand all the brilliant work you do over the whole year 👏🏻

  41. Lucy Buxton says:

    2 x dinners for Boris and friends. Thanks for the amazing work you do ❤️

  42. marylou evans says:

    Happy Christmas to all the animals and volunteers xxx

  43. Francine Rose says:

    Thank you to all the volunteers for your kindness to the lovely cats and dogs. xx

  44. Julie Robertson says:

    Thank you for looking after the street animals x Here’s four advent meals to help out x

  45. Liz Rawlins says:

    Please keep up your good work looking after those lovely animals. Merry Christmas.

  46. Maxine Turner says:

    A dinner for a lovely dog

  47. Mary Richards says:

    Advent Appeal,
    Many thanks for all the tireless and sometimes distressing work you undertake.
    Please feed some of the street animals with my donation.
    Thank you and Happy Christmas

  48. Christopher Pullen says:

    Happy Christmas Doggies!!!

  49. Christina Dooley says:

    Happy Christmas to all the volunteers and especially the gorgeous dogs of kalkan.

  50. Louisa Woodward says:

    Advent Appeal – thankyou so much for all you do to help x

  51. Sarah Richards says:

    With love from ex Street dog Bonnie x

  52. Wendy James says:

    Advent appeal

  53. Jacqueline Ruthless says:

    Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for your continued care to the animals

  54. Pauline Evans says:

    Thanks for all you do

  55. Catherine Hyde says:

    Betty & Beryl are sending 4 dinners to their Kalkan friends 🎄❤️🐾

  56. Andrew & Carole Johnson says:

    Six Advent dinners. Thank you for everything you do and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas

  57. Kelly Willmott Joyce says:

    Thank you for all you do year round, it’s so appreciated by animal lovers associated with Kalkan xx

  58. Tracy Kimitri says:

    Merry Xmas & Thank you for all you do… ❤️

  59. Janet Royle says:

    Thanks for everything you do KAPSA

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