Ayse the Pup – ADOPTED

Ayse is the sweetest little girl who it appears might have been horribly abused somewhere, by someone. She was first seen by Gulfem around her garden several times over a month or so, but was so nervous Gulfem couldn’t get near her. One day, Ayse was so exhausted, in part due to a leg injury, she just lay down and let Gulfem approach her. Her injury seemed to be a very badly infected hole in her leg, hence she had declined over the period as the infection had kicked in.
The vet took some x-rays, cleaned up the wound, and treated her with antibiotics. It will heal, and she is currently on cage rest. However, the x-rays revealed a foreign object inside her leg, near the wound, which may be a bullet or shot pellet of some sort. Its proximity to the wound and this pups bones make it difficult to remove, it may cause more damage and spread the infection, than leaving well alone so the vets want to see if antibiotics will clear the infection first before they risk an operation to remove the object. She will be reviewed again in a week or two.
It was also discovered that part of her tongue has been burned away by acid, possibly by being deliberately given it, or drinking/licking something she shouldn’t while on her own. It has healed and she can eat and drink perfectly well, but she has certainly been through it in her young life.
Poor Ayse must have been in so much pain for quite some time before she gave in and let Gulfem touch her and take her for treatment. She is safe now, on cage rest at HQ and receiving the treatment and food she needs to make a full recovery, as well as the love and attention she deserves. She is so sweet and well behaved and we would love to find her a home to go to when all her treatment is complete. If you can help this adorable girl who has had such a rough start in life, please to get in touch with us via our Contact Page. 



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