A Special Dog Needs a Very Special Home – sorted

Back in May, some KAPSA volunteers went up to the village of Çavdir to look for a particular dog. He had suffered a horrific injury to his leg and a young teacher had contacted us asking for help. Volunteers and the teacher spent some time walking round the village looking for him and eventually he appeared from his hiding place, a narrow storm drain under the road. The leg injury was so bad, obviously broken bones could be seen sticking out of his foot, the whole leg very swollen. He was not used to people and while happy to accept some food treats, he was plainly very scared and must have been in agony! After some effort and struggle, he was successfully leashed and loaded into a car for the journey to the vets in Kalkan. He received emergency treatment but his body was full of infection, any operation would have been unsafe to do at that point.

For a couple of weeks he was kept on cage rest and recovered enough to face the amputation of his leg, which sadly our vet had already established couldnt be saved. He continued on cage rest after the operation, slowly learning to enjoy being stroked and allowing a hand near him for feeding etc. After several weeks recovery, he was moved to the small enclosed garden area of the HQ. His trust grew and grew, he learnt to accept a collar and he is now the most affectionate dog you could wish to meet. He loves people and other dogs too, though he still is not so sure of cats! He is learning to walk on 3 legs and because of the time he spent on cage rest, it will take him a little while to get all his legs coordinated and working well, but he gets better at it every day.

We decided to call him Uç [the Turkish word for ‘three’, pronounced ‘uch’] and each day we see an improvement in his health and happiness. He gets no peace when on a walk with our other dog inpatient, who adores him and wants to hang off his legs and body. He had a very nasty accident but his recovery has amazed us all and will continue. He is now living in the garden area with the gate open so he can come and go when he feels like it – all part of his rehabilitation. The teacher tried to find him a safe place in Çavdir but couldn’t. Today we put an ADOPT ME collar on him, he seemed to know he had something special, looking very proud of his bright yellow attire! He is on a special diet to ensure he doesn’t put on too much weight as that would put a lot of strain on his remaining 3 legs. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t get the odd treat though, earlier today a lady crossed from Sultan Patisserie just to give him a little something, which he was very happy with. 

Although he has been a street dog, we would love to now find him a permanent home where he can continue his recovery and learning, his weight can be kept in check and most importantly, he will receive the love and care he so deserves after going through so much trauma. Please get in touch via our Contact Page if you think you are that special someone for Uç and would like more information on the process and his progress. Alternatively you can follow his story on our Facebook Group, Friends of KAPSA

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