‘Turkish shave’ for the Express Tours Dog!

This lovely Kalkan street dog, which is known as the ‘Express Tours Dog’ due to its favourite location, is now feeling much better since its recent ‘haircut’.  One of Kapsa’s volunteers, Linda, took the dog to the vet for what is becoming an annual shave.

The dog is over 15 years old, but very happy living on her patch on the Kalamar Road.  Her coat is very dense, and definitely needed shaving.  Kapsa do not have dogs shaved for cosmetic purposes – only for medical reasons. She was covered in ticks which were buried deep inside her coat – so was treated with medication when she was later returned back to her home.

People do ask about shaving the thicker coated dogs in summer, but a dogs coat is an ‘insulator’ – yes it helps to keep them warm in winter, but it also helps to keep them cool in summer by not allowing excessive heat through to the skin, creating a cooling layer.

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