Winter Feeding Program Update

19/20 KAPSA FEEDING FINAL UPDATE From President Sandra Osbourne.

November to July! – Our usual and annual, winter feeding programme commenced at the end of October as many restaurants closed, the number of businesses/locals reduced and our visitors disappeared. Sadly the situation stayed the same at the end of the winter, in fact it deteriorated as all restaurants/cafes were forced to close, number of residents reduced and lockdown/curfews hit us very hard, as the virus spread throughout the world. We had to continue….. Since the start of the programme we have purchased a total of 744 bags of cat/dog food. This equates to 11160 kilos. The cost had been 60645 TL. Average cost per bag 81.5TL. We have continued the programme for as long as it was needed and affordable. We continued to encourage people to give leftovers/scraps and fortunately we had butchers and bakers helping a couple of the feeders too. We even had some volunteers vests donated (thank you Yusuf), these were especially helpful during curfews. Thank goodness during June, a few visitors started arriving and businesses opening, the situation is even better now, August has commenced. (To compare the cost with last winter, that was 38610 TL – Average cost per bag 68.3 TL) This year Kapsa has also been donated 177 bags of food by the Kas Belediye, for which we are very grateful. Thank you again to all our supporters,who make this possible, you have been amazing Also huge thanks to our volunteer feeders and to Eva for running our distribution wednesdays, they are not easy jobs, especially on full lockdown days. Thanks to Hasan, from Kalkan vet clinic, who made so many deliveries to our HQs and even lent us a space when Kapsa was homeless for a few weeks.You are all amazing too, great teamwork for the street animals!!!

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