A Street Photography Tale

It’s December in Kalkan, the sun is still shining but many of the restaurants and bars are now closed, the tourists have gone home and the street animals rely much more heavily on locals to provide food and shelter. This is where KAPSA comes in, helping to co-ordinate feeders across town and provide food for the local dogs and cats in each area. The feeders can also keep an eye on the health of the local animals and report any problems, or new-comers who might need attention.
As a photographer, this is a great time for me to come to Kalkan and spend a lot of time photographing the street animals. They are more willing to give me their attention, the weather is still great and I’ve walked off a LOT of Turkish edible hospitality walking up and down town finding willing models. I have been followed round by dogs like the Pied Piper [those gravy bones are very popular], giggled at by cats who seemed to know what I wanted but made me work for their attention and managed not to fall in the harbour walking backwards to get the photo I wanted. I’ve loved every minute of it!! I’ve met the HQ in-patients, and spent an entire afternoon relaxing around the beach, lighthouse and out beyond Indigo with Kiraz for company, just before she went off to her new forever home. I’ve met puppies and kittens and some real old timers, all of them totally wonderful and a delight to point a camera at.


I wanted to share just a few photos to show all the supporters how their money is being spent to keep the animals fit and well over winter. The winter feeding program is so very important to these street animals, your continued support and donations do quite literally keep them alive!

These really are just a taster, we have plans for using more of the photos, so as they say, watch this space!

Meanwhile huge thanks must be given to everyone involved in the winter feeding program, and of course to everyone who has donated to keep it going. I’ve had a wonderful time getting to know the cats and dogs of Kalkan, I have to leave in a few days and will be very sad to say goodbye to 4 legged friends just as much as the 2 legged ones. So, a personal request, please, when you are busy shopping for those last minute stocking fillers, donating a few pounds to KAPSA too will keep a cat or dog fed this festive season. It might not be roast Turkey,  but it will be happy dogs and cats in our favourite bit of Turkey.

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