Big Softie Needs a Home – NOW ADOPTED

Hello… my name is Balli!
I was lost/ dumped in Bezirgan last week. I ran around desperately trying to find my owner, food, water and a safe place to shelter. Finally I found a house with an open gate so I went in to the garden. 2 people there gave me food, water and lots of cuddles!
They took me to Hasan the vet, he gave me an operation and took away the 12, yes 12 babies that were still tiny growing inside me! Today I came back to the Bezirgan house, but I really don’t feel so good! I’m woozy, sleepy, sore and confused!! ?
I really need your help!

The 2 people who fed me and gave me shelter only have a few more days here before they have to go…. Inut i don’t have anywhere else to go !! Please can you give me a home?
I’m very very gentle, good natured, good with cats and dogs…. I’m no bother at all! All I need is a family who will love and care for me…. and I will repay them with all the love and fun that I have… I’m a very good girl and you will find me the easiest dog in Turkey to look after….I’m socialised, house trained and everything…. just homeless!!!!
Balli… the homeless Bezirgan girl!!!

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