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UPDATE!! What can we say? HUGE Thanks to each and every one of your who has donated. We hit the target and the NEW HQ is well on it’s way to be functional. We will update you you all on the progress here on the website as well as on the FB group and already some of our volunteers are working on your brick dedications display.

As many of you know, we are about to lose our current headquarters as the landlord has other plans for the entire building.

Following discussions with the Kalkan Muhtar, Deniz, and Mayor of Kas, he has offered us a piece of land between the market and bus station to build our own, purpose built headquarters. While many details are still to be finalised, our plan is to have 2 ‘cabins’, which will house both our shop and an animal care/recuperation area and  a certain amount of winter food storage. There is space to have a small outdoor garden area for recuperating street dogs and to effectively replicate what we already have in far better, more useable, more efficient format. A lovely bright, clean headquarters.

However, all this is going to cost money, quite a lot of money. Our recent campaigns have been hugely successful  and helped us to help many more animals, pay vets bills, keep the winter feeding program going, and so on. This new HQ will take us to a new level and whole new chapter in the story of KAPSA. So we are asking for your help again to get this mammoth project off the ground.

That is why we have created this Buy a Brick campaign. The sooner we can start raising money towards a new HQ and the full equipping of it, the sooner it can become a reality. We are looking to raise £5000 or 40,000 TL. As we progress along this path we will of course provide you with updates about where we are at both here on the website and in our Facebook group. The cabins will not literally be bricks of course, but these campaign ‘bricks’ will be building an even more secure future for KAPSA and the animals of Kalkan and the surrounding villages.

Every person who donates to this appeal will have their name featured on a special piece of wall art, your donation will be immortalised in a drawing of a brick wall for everyone who visits the HQ to see. You can choose to have your own name, or that of a friend, family member or anyone else you would like to have featured on the wall.

If you would like to donate towards this campaign, please just complete the form below, click donate, and follow the onscreen instructions to donate by credit or debit card.

Once again, we can only offer our heartfelt thanks in advance for your continued support. None of our work with street animals would be possible without two essential ingredients – our hard working volunteers and our incredibly generous supporters. THANK YOU!

PROGRESS SO FAR…A paw print will appear each time we get £100 closer to our target.

100 Comments to Buy A Brick, Build the Future

  1. Pam Wildig says:

    Towards the new KAPSA HQ

  2. Sue Whitfield says:

    Good luck with your “Buy a Brick” campaign. You guys are amazing ?

  3. Rosemary Rogers says:

    Hoping this little donation helps towards your new premises and a bright future

  4. Amanda Robinson says:

    Good luck. You do such wonderful work for the gorgeous animals ???

  5. Marylou Evans says:

    Good luck with the campaign love Myke and Marylou xxx

  6. Clive Wilkins says:

    Good luck hope all goes well and lots of people donate

  7. Julie Fraser says:

    What a great cause. I wish you all the luck in the world with this fundraiser!

  8. Christine Round says:

    Donation towards the Buy a brick campaign for new Kapsa HQ

  9. Tina Norris says:

    Buy a brick Good Luck

  10. Faye Farquhar says:

    £30.00 for a brick for HQ. xx

  11. Larry and Linda Townsend says:

    Every little help, hope you will soon reach your target.

  12. Duncan Shirkey says:

    £30. Good luck with the new HQ.

  13. Carolynn Routledge says:

    Good luck x

  14. Maddie Ashe-Smith says:

    I am donating for a brick in Alan’s name.

  15. Paul Arnup says:

    Good luck with your fundraising for this very special cause

  16. Geraldine Grant says:

    Buy a brick for the wall

  17. Michelle Farley says:

    A small donation to help things along to keep doing what you do so well

  18. Sarah Franks says:

    Not a huge amount but such a huge admirer of everything Kapsa and all the volunteers do. Getting my very own Kalkan street dog soon. Wishing all the strays a happy life at the very least.

  19. Sharon Harris says:

    Love the work you do for the animals! Hope to be able to help out much more in the future!

  20. Jill Pearman says:

    Good luck building a bigger and better HQ for our beloved Kalkan furries xx

  21. Mary Scott says:

    Good luck you deserve it , you all work tirelessly . I am donating £50.00

  22. Moira Rutherford says:

    Delighted to donate £50.

  23. Elizabeth Willis says:

    Happy to donate to this worthy cause. Good luck!

  24. Heather Best says:

    Best of luck with the KAPSA project!

  25. Wendy Lilygreen says:

    A brick in the wall.

  26. Diane Darlington says:

    To help the street dogs at KAPSA and thank the volunteers who work so hard.

  27. Anne Montagu says:

    Towards your new shelter. Keep up the great work.

  28. Sheila Wright says:

    A very good idea

  29. julie Commons says:

    good luck to you all xxx

  30. Sean Flynn says:

    New HQ. Best of luck! Kolay gelsin! Xxx

  31. Paul Tindall says:

    Great work guys. Hope you reach your target very soon.

  32. Nick Bradley says:

    Buying a brick for new HQ

  33. Jeanette Bradley says:

    A brick for the new HQ so you can keep up the fantastic work you do

  34. Lynn Murphy says:

    I hope the new HQ will be a home from home for all the animals and the volunteers.
    I am speechless with admiration for all you do – long may you allcontinue.

  35. Yvonne White says:

    Another brick in a very important wall!

  36. Krissi Rieck says:

    A little brick in a wall ❤️KAPSA good luck ?

  37. Amanda Freeney says:

    Thanks for all your hard work

  38. Karina Corden says:

    Amazing charity so close to my heart with amazing people

  39. Donna Munn says:

    Donation towards new HQ

  40. Fiona Brown says:

    Donating for the ‘buy a brick’ campaign, good luck with the project.
    The Brown Family

  41. Linda Marks says:

    Buy a brick

  42. Alison Benjamin says:

    I’m buying a brick for the new KAPSA headquarters. You all do such fantastic work for the beautiful street dogs and cats.

  43. Karen Thomas says:

    Good luck? such a fantastic charity xx

  44. Stuart Thomas says:

    Buy a brick

  45. Julie Snell says:

    We appreciate so much what you do for our Kalkan furry friends ???‍?

  46. Elizabeth Clayton says:

    Buying a brick to help KAPSA’s wonderful work.
    Liz and Rob x

  47. Julie Cooper says:

    For all the fantastic work that Kapsa do, hope it’s not too long before you have a fabulous new HQ x

  48. Michael roberts says:

    Hope this helps to Buy a brick

  49. Maria Parkinson says:

    Buy a brick towards new HQ

  50. Julie Chadwick says:

    Keep up the good work

  51. Kay Spring says:

    Donating towards the Buy a Brick appeal for the future of KAPSA

  52. Jacqui Simmons says:

    KAPSA New HQ

  53. Marion Beresford says:

    For all the street animals and the amazing work KAPSA does x

  54. Paul Smith says:

    Good luck with the new HQ.

  55. Andrew Booth says:

    Well done kapsa,hope this helps a little.

  56. Kelly Hewison says:

    So happy youre doing this! ❤

  57. Sue Palmer says:

    Good Luck with the Appeal!

  58. Simon Killingback says:

    Keep up the great work! We miss everyone in Kalkan, and we are amazed to hear all the hard work going on at the moment!

  59. Rebecca Grace says:

    Good luck with the new KAPSA HQ

  60. Caroline Brown says:

    Good luck! Instead of my name on the wall, please put ‘Ateş Brown’

  61. Jeffrey Commons says:

    to help the animals in kalkan

  62. Gaynor Young says:

    Thank you for all you do

  63. Vivienne Belcher says:

    Good luck with the fund raising, I cant wait to see the new HQ

  64. Juliana Grundy says:

    Excellent news that KAPSA now has somewhere to go after losing the old HQ. Me and Phil are looking forward to coming to see you in September – even though it’s a bit further up that hill than previously!

  65. Dawn Harwood says:

    Really appreciate what you all do for our kalkan fury friends

  66. Eileen Weston says:

    Good luck with your new premises

  67. Ian Freeman says:

    Good luck with reaching your target.

  68. Vanessa Hales says:

    Good luck and huge thanks to all at KAPSA for such a fab idea. This is a 21st birthday present for Miss Lucy Still xx

  69. Doug Hickman says:

    Kapsa buy a brick appeal good luck with the project

  70. Bridget Lewis says:

    Buy a Brick Campaign:
    A small donation to help you towards your goal of £5000….good luck xx

  71. Marion Marshall says:

    Great work.

  72. Philippa Creighton says:

    Buying a brick – hope you reach your target

  73. judith scott says:

    Buy a brick.

  74. Jane Clay says:

    A brick for the new hq

  75. Isobel Rathie says:

    £20 – every wee bit helps.

  76. Abbie Earnshaw says:

    I am donating towards buy a brick for the new Kapsa HQ
    Fantastic group looking after the street animals ?

  77. Stacey Curran says:

    Brick for the new H.Q.

  78. Fiona Pereira says:

    You’re doing great work. The animals in and around Kalkan are so lucky KAPSA is always there for them.

  79. Claire Day says:

    Buying a brick for the new HQ

  80. Fiona Balaban says:

    Brick donation from Pat O’Donnell in Doncaster.

  81. Pauline Thomson says:

    For the lovely KAPSA staff who work so hard to look after the street animals

  82. Faye Farquhar says:

    Another brick in the wall…..

  83. Francine Rose says:

    To help build a new HQ and recovery. You all do such an Amazing job!

  84. Adam Thorpe says:

    Thankyou for continuing your good work. We visited Kalkan last year and fell in love with the dogs. Especially Max. He showed us around the town. Your work is very much appreciated. Keep it up. We will visit again.

  85. Joanne Mealor says:

    Hope the new cabins makes it easier to help the animals x

  86. Jo Farrow says:

    Please use for bricks or for feeding – thank you for all the wonderful work you continue to do

  87. Shirley Walton says:

    So happy to help you all at KASPA; you do a wonderful job in beautiful Kalkan.

  88. Angela Waissen says:

    For the new hq or to help feed the animals at this difficult time.

  89. Sue Everitt says:

    A worthwhile donation for an amazing charity! Hope you get your new HQ up and running soon.

  90. Scot Edwards says:

    Buy a brick for Kapsa HQ

  91. Michelle FARLEY says:

    Just a little to help

  92. Helen Walsh says:

    Donating towards your new hq. Thank you for the amazing work you do. Don’t think we’ll get to Kalkan this year due to world events but booked to be there next year.

  93. Ebru Gungor says:

    Cok hayirli isler yapmaktasaniz. Dilerim ki hic darda kalmayin.

  94. Jonathan Self says:

    What a fantastic cause. Goo luck with all your fundraising.

  95. Edwin Dixon says:

    I think what you guys do for the dogs, cats etc is amazing !!!
    We are regular visitors to Kalkan and just under 3 years ago in August my daughter Faye Dixon adopted a street dog Emine or Emmy as we called her !!
    We had her shipped out to us in the uk and she quickly adapted to her life here and she was the most loveable dog we have ever had !!!!
    Unfortunately two weeks ago we lost her due to some illness which may have been historic !! However she brought us so much joy I would like to donate some money in her memory!!
    Thanks again for what you do you are all amazing ?

  96. Vicki Franklin says:

    I’ve just received a refund from easy jet for my cancelled flights ,so wish to support the amazing work you do in Kalkan.

  97. Linda Barnes says:

    Donation towards bricks

  98. Gordon Betteridge says:

    Please accept this contribution to the building fund for the KAPSA new office. You all do such excellent work caring for the street cats and dogs in Kalkan. I am hopefully going to be in Kalkan September/October so will drop by to see you all.

  99. Sarah Franks says:

    Hope this helps towards new headquarters or feeding programme. Sorry it isn’t more.

  100. Lynn Murphy says:

    I hope the new HQ is up and running before the winter sets in. It will make life so much easier for all of you dedicated Kapsa volunteers as well as the animals.
    Great work continuing, as ever, despite all the problems caused by the virus.

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