Christmas Dinner Advent Appeal 2019

Every winter, KAPSA help the street animals by funding a winter feeding program. Volunteers across the town take responsibility for feeding the local street animals daily and keeping an eye on their health and well being. We distribute the food weekly to our volunteers and they ensure as many animals as possible on ‘their patch’ benefit. However, this amount of food is costly and represents a significant percentage of our annual budget. Everything we do is funded by donations, so following the huge success of this appeal over the last couple of years, we are asking for your help again.

How it Works

Every day of Advent, a new Christmas themed photo of our street dogs and cats will be posted in our facebook group, so if you are not a member, please do join us there. We are asking you to donate £5 for a ‘Christmas Dinner’ for a dog or cat, to help see each of them through the winter months. Every penny goes to helping the animals, so please help us to help them this Christmas. You can donate as many dinners as you wish by simply filling in the form below, choosing an amount or adding your own, and clicking donate. Also, if you are UK Tax Payer, it would help us even more if you could choose the Gift Aid option. Thank you, from everyone at KAPSA and from every dog and cat who will not go hungry this winter.

161 Comments to Christmas Dinner Advent Appeal 2019

  1. Susan Mikolajewski says:

    With love & best wishes from
    Sue Mik xx
    2019 Advent appeal

  2. John Callaghan says:

    Merry Xmas to all of Kalkan Street Animals. Lots of love from John & Rett

  3. Tracey Bagshaw says:

    Always love the street dogs. Hope this helps fill a few tummies.

  4. Amanda Watts says:

    With love from Buddy and Amanda x

  5. Emma Bunce says:

    With love to all the beautiful street animals in Kalkan xx

  6. Cheryl Kilgannon says:

    Happy Christmas to you all and well done for all you do for the animals x

  7. Liz Enness says:

    I love what Kapsa do for all the street animals

  8. Andrea Taylor says:

    We holiday in Kalkan every year and are so impressed with the way the street animals are looked after and just wanted to help a bit.

  9. kim parker says:

    advert appeal Christmas Kim and john Parker.x

  10. Stacey Curran says:

    Advent Appeal

  11. Carole Johnson says:

    Advent appeal.
    Four Christmas dinners donated to help the beautiful Kalkan street animals. We were fortunate enough to meet and feed the gorgeous Dottie and many other dogs and cats this summer so on behalf of them all thank you all for the wonderful work you do.?? Merry Christmas, Carole and Andrew.

  12. Gavin Priestley says:

    A pleasure to donate to this amazing cause and we admire the work that KAPSA and all its volunteers do. Hope you have a break and wonderful holiday x

  13. Angela Tomlinson says:

    Thank you to all the wonderful Kapsa volunteers for the great work you do. Wishing you all, and of course Kalkan’s lovely street dogs and cats, a very happy festive season. With love, Angela & Wendy xx

  14. Francine Rose says:

    My favourite advent calendar.
    Well done to everyone and all the lovely dogs and cats

  15. Helen Thompson says:

    You all do an amazing job looking after the gorgeous street animals x

  16. Alasdair Shaikh says:

    KAPSA means so much to my family and I for all the wonderful work you have done. We loved our Kalkan Kapsa family at the house, and my two special girls that KAPSA helped bring to the UK. They mean the World to us – I just wish we could take them all!!!

    Thank you for all that you do and my best wishes for the future.

  17. Narinda Medforth says:

    I met Indigo while I was in Kalkan in September. He is a sweet natured boy and stole my heart ? wishing all the street animals and their amazing volunteers a very merry Christmas xxx

  18. clive Wilkins says:

    Thanks for all your hard work for the animals

  19. clive Wilkins says:

    Thanks for all you hard work and caring for the animals

  20. Jayne Roberts says:

    Love the Kalkan street animals & just want to thank all the amazing KAPSA volunteers. Happy Christmas to you all – furry friends included Jayne x

  21. Lynn Murphy says:

    Happy Christmas to all the street boys and girls and the wonderful Kapsa volunteers.
    Lots of love

  22. Julie Forder says:

    Happy to make a donation to support the great work Kapsa do for the wonderful street animals of kalkan especially in winter when food is most needed

  23. Evelyn McMahon says:

    Your doing a great job

  24. Julie Chadwick says:

    Enjoy your meal Peggy
    See you next year xx

  25. Caitlin Duncan says:

    Loved Peggy when we visited!

    Lots of love Xx

  26. Nick Bradley says:

    You do such a great job looking after these lovely animals. Can’t wait to see them again next year

  27. Moira Wells says:

    I’m a recent KAPSA member and really appreciate the hard work the organisation does to help and care for these gorgeous animals. I look forward to seeing some of them in May when I’m back in Kalkan.

  28. Janet Royle says:

    Well done Kapsa for yet another year of hard work caring for all our lovely furry friends in Kalkan. Thank you so much for all you do for them xx

  29. Kay Spring says:

    Donation for 4 Christmas dinners for the lovely street animals of Kalkan. May they be healthy and happy at Christmas and always.

  30. Sarah Franks says:

    Love the street animals and lucky enough to be able to be adopting one but wish I could have them all. Happy Christmas, especially to all the amazing volunteers.

  31. Jan Dolby says:

    Keep up the fantastic work that you do. Love seeing the street animals when we come and giving them treats

  32. Lisa Hutson says:

    Wishing all the lovely street dogs & cats a happy Christmas. And to all the wonderful volunteers too.

  33. Pauline Thomson says:

    For all of the lovely Kalkan dogs.
    Thank you to the volunteers and all of the great work you do.

  34. Kathy Baptist says:

    Love the dogs in Kalkan. Wish I could be there to feed them.
    Advent Appeal

  35. Emmak Jenkins says:

    Visited kalkan back in October. Amazing work you’re doing.

  36. Susan Lowe says:

    The street animals are looked after so well during the summer season by restaurants and visitors for food, but come to the winter, most places closed and hardly any visitors. They need help.

  37. Karen Thomas says:

    Xmas lunch for Ralph Xx

  38. Sandra Clarke says:

    Great work. Happy Christmas to all.

  39. Julia Eccles says:

    Thank you to everyone at Kapsa for such wonderful work with all the cats and dogs that makes Kalkan so special!!

  40. Fiona Lilley says:

    Merry Christmas to all the street animals in Kalkan and a huge thank you to the volunteers who look after them so well. See you in April.

  41. Julie Snell says:

    Merry Christmas to all our Kalkan furry friends ???Pete & Julie Snell

  42. Maxine Turner says:

    Well done helping these animals

  43. Jane Clay says:

    Donated for two dinners tuck in little one x

  44. Rachel Fletcher says:

    Christmas Dinners ??

  45. Susan Scarre says:

    Think what Kapsa do is wonderful and I love the dogs of Kalkan!

  46. Aileen Duncan says:

    Have a Merry Christmas love from Aileen Xx

  47. Jeannie Marsh says:

    Bless you for all your love & care for these beautiful souls ??

  48. Danielle Watts says:

    Merry Xmas Pups 🙂
    Can’t wait to see you all again next year!
    Love and licks..

  49. Mandy Cave says:

    Enjoy you dinner beautiful pups. Mandy.x

  50. Julie Fraser says:

    Fantastic charity!

  51. Kelly Willmott Joyce says:

    Merry Christmas Kapsa and all the wonderful street dogs xx

  52. Tracy Kimitri says:

    Please consider adoption before buying a pet… My darling Kalkan boys Kal & Teddy are the best decision I made… ?

  53. Irene Issitt says:

    I love the Kalkan street animals & the love & kindness of the KAPSA volunteers is truly amazing – thank you so much , Irene x

  54. Elaine Clarke says:

    Thank you for all that you do for the animals x

  55. Amanda Watts says:

    Love from Amanda and Buddy xxx

  56. Julie Band says:

    Fantastic work for fantastic dogs xx

  57. WENDY JAMES says:


  58. Caron Rodemark says:

    Thank you for all that you do!

  59. Danielle Brackel says:

    You all do such great job

  60. Kayleigh Bell says:

    Kalkan is such a special place to us and the street dogs are a big part of what makes Kalkan so special so please accept our donation to give the dogs a lovely Christmas, love from the Bells xxx

  61. Diane Darlington says:

    Just such wonderful people who care for these animals, they are lucky to have you

  62. Cindy Tuppen says:

    Tou do such a greT job . Hope this helps a little

  63. Julie Thomson (nee Slack) says:

    Christmas dinner appeal fir boris

  64. Alison Ternent says:

    KAPSA – u do an amazing job ❤️ I just wish strays everywhere had the same help ❤️

  65. John Cooper says:

    Hope you receive lots of donations to help feed the animals this Christmas. Well done to all the wonderful helpers at KAPSA and happy Xmas to you all.

  66. Tom Griffith says:

    Thank you for all you do for the animals. Just a little more to help feed the animals during the winter. Happy Christmas.

  67. Kim Loveridge says:

    What a great job you all do!

  68. Jenny Haines says:

    The street dogs of Kalkan are full of characters and KASPA do an amazing job. Well done all with everything you do ?

  69. Allison Martin says:

    For the love of all animals. ❤️

  70. Nina Sternberg says:

    I would gladly donate , a fabulous charity you do amazing work. I’m pleased so many look out for those lovely dogs and cats . Visited Kalkan many of times and very much looking forward to coming back next year, we have plenty of love to give to kalkan street animals. Happy festive season to all involved

  71. Grahan Amner says:

    Thanks for all that you do throughout the year & keeping the animals safe & fed.
    All the best from all of us

  72. Sjeila Wright says:

    Thank you for everything you do.

  73. Jacqueline Bates says:

    I holiday in Kalkan twice a year and always make sure I treat the dogs. KASPA do a great job.

  74. Sheila Robins says:

    I have been to Kalkan and seen the street dogs, I was happy to hear that kind people looked after them. I am glad to donate.

  75. Alison Benjamin says:

    We’ve been coming to beautiful Kalkan for 10 years. KAPSA do an amazing job keeping all the lovely street dogs and cats safe all year but it’s particularly important when all us tourist go home to keep them fed and well looked after. Huge thank you to everyone involved. Xxx

  76. Rosemary Rogers says:

    So impressed by work of KAPSA and seeing animals looked after.

  77. Kirstie Baldwin says:

    Such a good thing you guys do Some of the stories I read breaks my heart but then you read the good ones and makes me smile well done to KAPSA

  78. Paula Savage says:

    Visiting Kalkan for the last 4years and a massive animal lover you do such an amazing job well done and long may you continue

  79. Tommy Petrie says:

    Keep up The Great Work.

  80. Marylou and Myke Evans says:

    Happy Christmas to All the animals ???

  81. Jean Francis says:

    Thank you for the wonderful work and care you give to all the gorgeous street animals.
    Merry Christmas. x x

  82. Liz Wilson says:

    We visit Kalkan every year we love the animals a big well done for all you do

  83. Kevin Turner says:

    We’ve been to Kalkan twice now and absolutely love it! Having our own dog makes us appreciate the care given by KAPSA and this is our little contribution.

  84. Michelle Wilson-Perry says:

    You are all amazing, the care you provide for the animals in Kalkan is the best. Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Here’s to 2020

  85. Philippa Creighton says:

    Donating on behalf of my mother Patricia Lake who wants to help with the feeding of the street animals

  86. Peter Bolton says:

    Keep up the great work.
    Merry Christmas Pete & Marie xx

  87. Justine Vevers says:

    4 Christmas meals donated. You all do a fantastic job, Happy Christmas x

  88. Amanda Watts says:

    For Mr Dog with love from Ananda & Buddy xxx

  89. Kerrie Brettle says:

    Love what you guys do…thankyou.

  90. Hayley Frankham says:

    Fabulous work by KAPSA volunteers. Keep up the good work.

  91. Penny Taylor says:

    Good luck. Happy Christmas to all the beautiful animals in Kalkan x

  92. Dawn Cliens says:

    Happy to help kapsa who do such fantastic work for all the animals

  93. Duncan Shirkey says:

    Merry Christmas to all the Kalkan street animals and the carers and helpers. Best wishes from Duncan and Trish.

  94. Helen Delves says:

    Thanks for all you do for the Kalkan street animals

  95. Denise Thurgood says:

    Enjoy your Christmas dinners you lovely doggies. ????

  96. Duncan Shirkey says:

    Best wishes from Trish, keep up the good work!

  97. Christine Croft says:

    Merry Christmas and thank you to everyone at KAPSA for their wonderful work x

  98. Edwina Pilgrim says:

    Love seeing all the cats and dogs looking so healthy when we come to Kalkan. Well done KAPSA

  99. Christopher Pullen says:

    We holiday here every year and love the company of the animals. Keep safe and enjoy your Christmas dinners. Love from Chris & Helen.

  100. Lorna McStay says:

    Fell in love with all the dogs last Summer when we visited.

  101. Gordon Betteridge says:

    To all the KAPSA volunteers. You do a wonderful job.
    Have a Joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

    Gordon & Moira

  102. Melanie Sayers says:

    Merry Christmas to all the Kalkan street animals and to all the amazing KAPSA volunteers who do such a fantastic job of looking after them.

  103. Simon Killingback says:

    Keep up the wonderful work KAPSA! Hope you are all well, give all the lovely animals a hug from us- see you later this year!

  104. Ellen Murray says:

    I have visited Kalkan for many years on holiday and Kapsa do a fantastic job. It’s great to see the street animals looked after.

  105. Karen Trayhurn says:

    Enjoy your Christmas dinner Spotty and friend, we love you all. Karen, Jon and Emma xx

  106. Sarah Young says:

    Thank you so much for all that you do for the beautiful street dogs and cats in Kalkan. Wishing the animals and KAPSA team a very happy Christmas and new year. Sarah and family x

  107. ALAN CUBBAGE says:

    Jill and I visited Kalkan in 2013 and a street dog we called Maggie adopted us! Maggie has been a delight to have and we love her dearly. This charity does a wonderful job by offering hope and opprotunity to animals who only want to be loved.

  108. Vanessa Coleman says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone involved with KAPSA. You all do such a wonderful job. Thank you.

  109. Amanda Watts says:

    Love from Amanda & Buddy xxx

  110. Mary Richards says:

    10 Christmas dinners donated as a huge thank you for your outstanding work with the street animals in Kalkan. Am in awe of all you achieve. A special thank you to the vets as well. Truly remarkable.
    Mary & Geoff

  111. Oriel Stump says:

    Hope this helps a little x

  112. Julie Hatton says:

    Sandra and her team do amazing work tirelessly all through the year x

  113. Helen Milnes says:

    Donation made by Poppy Accounting Ltd on behalf of Fiona Balaban

  114. Jane Clay says:

    For the lovely Mr Brindle legs

  115. Lee Willsher says:

    I think I was one of the first to meet Brindle legs , i remember him running down the hill looking as if he had just been dumped. He followed us to our hotel. The good news was by the time we left he had made a name for himself and friends . A lovely dog as so many are x

  116. Lesley Rhodes-Morrow says:

    You all do such an amazing job.

  117. Ann Cleaves says:

    Well done KASPA for all the excellent work you do, Merry Xmas.

  118. Pam Wildig says:

    Lots of love to all the KAPSA volunteers who give up so much of their time to help the Kalkan dogs and cats.xx

  119. Tracy Howells says:

    Thank you for looking after the dogs and cats, not just at Christmas, but all year round.

  120. Linda Marks says:

    Thank you for all your good work in looking after the street animals in Kalkan. I will visit you next year when I’m back.
    Merry Christmas to you all

  121. Jackie Smith says:

    Happy Christmas all you street animals. Thank you KASPA, you do a great job xx

  122. lloyd sternberg says:

    Kalkan is like a second home and as huge animal lovers, we can only thank you for the wonderful job you do looking after our friends, we adore so much and end up eating half our food They bring so much character to the town and are so well behaved. See you next year and hope you will accept some food donations. Lloyd, Nina and family

  123. Julie Dean says:

    We love the street cats and dogs and always feed and support our own local pack when we are in Kalkan. I’m donating in lieu of work Christmas cards and gifts.

  124. Claire Almond says:

    Supporting the amazing work that KAPSA is doing – I know how hard you work and hopefully this donation goes some way to making a street dog or cat’s day happier

  125. Sue Pye says:

    Xmas dinners for Annie

  126. Joan Bishop says:

    They all deserve a Christmas Dinner bless them………….Keep doing the amazing work you do, and wishing everyone there a Happy Christmas and a very successful continuing New Year………XX

  127. Julie Cooper says:

    A huge thank you to the heroic work all of you volunteers do. I have a huge love for the street animals of Kalkan. I tried to adopt a puppy last year but he sadly died en route. I will try again once sadness passes. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and Peace n Love to all of our four legged friends. XJulie Cooper

  128. Sarah Richards says:

    love from Bonnie x

  129. Sarah Richards says:

    with love from Bonnie ( ex Kalkan ) xx

  130. Anne Matthews says:

    Buying max and three of his doggy pals a Xmas dinner, thanks to Kapsa for taking such good care of the street cats and dogs

  131. Sheena Taylor says:

    Wishing everyone at Kapsa a very happy Christmas. Thank you for looking after all the beautiful cats and dogs x

  132. Faith Oneill says:

  133. Amanda Watts says:

    We love Max

  134. Anne Ashley says:

    Christmas is a time for giving.

  135. Isobel Rathie says:

    Happy to help.

  136. Karen Brown says:

    KAPSA volunteers are amazing people & do a fantastic job xx

  137. Carol Cole says:

    Fall in love with the dogs on each visit. Well done to everyone who makes life worthwhile for them xx

  138. Bridget Lewis says:

    Merry Christmas to all the beautiful street dogs and cats. Hope this small donation helps to provide something nice for one of those lovely doggies xx

  139. Victoria Swain says:

    Keep up the great work my christmas present for 2019

  140. Elizabeth Clayton says:

    The street dogs are part of what makes Kalkan such a good place to holiday. Well done KAPSA for always looking out for them. Happy Christmas x

  141. Denise Brent says:

    Kalkan is my second and happy place.The animals mean the world to me.

  142. Sarah Hancock says:

    Thank you to the vets, the volunteers and the many supporters. Lovely to see the street animals respected and cared for!

  143. Clair Brown says:

    Fantastic charity run by the most dedicated people for all the gorgeous street animals ❤️

  144. Karina Corden says:

    Such a wonderful organisation

  145. Tracy Howells says:

    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to these lovy street furbabies..Merry Christmas to you all..

  146. Tracy Howells says:

    Thank you for you hard work
    . Merry Christmas.

  147. Paul Modley says:

    As a regular visitor to Kalkan I can see that you are doing brilliant work with the street animals. Always think of them at this time of year as winter weather sets in.

  148. Annette Banks says:

    My son and his partner adopted little `belle recently she is an angel

  149. Eileen Tierney says:

    Merry Christmas with love from M & E xx

  150. Maxine Turner says:

    Dinner for dog

  151. Carol Grant says:

    Glad to help KAPSA with all their good work

  152. Patricia Tackaberry says:

    Merry Christmas to all the fur babies and to KAPSA.

  153. Lynn Heaton says:

    Thank you for the wonderful job you do for the Kalkan and surrounding areas street animals.

  154. Sheena Taylor says:

    Wishing you all a very happy Christmas. Thanks to all at Kapsa for doing a wonderful job looking after all the street cats and dogs Xx

  155. Claire Sheerin says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all dogs, cats and volunteers.

  156. Gaynor Young says:

    Love Kalkan and want to support Kapsa

  157. Bernadette Rigdon says:

    Merry Christmas to you all.
    Your all amazing xx

  158. Jayne Sandys says:

    Happy Christmas to all the street doggies, cats and volunteers ????

  159. WENDY JAMES says:


  160. Janet Lynch says:

    With love from the UK. Happy Christmas & New Year. ? ? ? ?? Be back soon. JANET xx ?

  161. Rebecca Elliott says:

    Thank you for all you do. It’s wonderful to know that there are some lovely souls looking after and protecting the street animals in Kalkan. It’s one of the reasons we love the place. Merry Christmas to you all.

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