Christmas Dinner Advent Appeal 2020

Every winter, KAPSA help the street animals by funding a winter feeding program. Volunteers across the town take responsibility for feeding the local street animals daily and keeping an eye on their health and well being. We distribute the food weekly to our volunteers and they ensure as many animals as possible on ‘their patch’ benefit. However, this amount of food is costly and represents a significant percentage of our annual budget. Everything we do is funded by donations, so following the huge success of this appeal over the last couple of years, we are asking for your help again.

How it Works

Every day of Advent, a new Christmas themed photo of our street dogs and cats will be posted in our facebook group, so if you are not a member, please do join us there. We are asking you to donate £5 for a ‘Christmas Dinner’ for a dog or cat, to help see each of them through the winter months. Every penny goes to helping the animals, so please help us to help them this Christmas. You can donate as many dinners as you wish by simply filling in the form below, choosing an amount or adding your own, and clicking donate. Also, if you are UK Tax Payer, it would help us even more if you could choose the Gift Aid option. Thank you, from everyone at KAPSA and from every dog and cat who will not go hungry this winter.

186 Comments to Christmas Dinner Advent Appeal 2020

  1. Lindsay Hurrell says:

    This donation is for the Christmas Appeal to feed the animals. Thank you for what you do in looking after them.

  2. Michelle Farley says:

    Love this boy couldnt not xx

  3. Stephen Wood says:

    Advent Appeal

  4. Gill Walton says:

    You do an amazing job and I’m only too happy to donate x

  5. Diane Darlington says:

    Advent appeal

  6. susan eichler says:

    advent appeal

  7. Gemma Laming says:

    Wishing all of the volunteers and the wonderful street dogs of Kalkan a very Merry Christmas xx

  8. Val Slater says:

    Love the work you do for animals

  9. Claire Almond says:

    Keep doing the amazing work ?

  10. Sandy Annells says:

    Advent Calendar

  11. Tracey Bagshaw says:

    I lost out on an item in the auction so here’s what I would have spent. Hope tummies get filled – and a tickle for Peter xm

  12. Nick Bradley says:

    Advent appeal

  13. Faye Farquhar says:

    Advent appeal.x

  14. Jean Wood says:

    For Indigo

  15. Alison Benjamin says:

    HAPPY Christmas to all the beautiful street dogs and cats. Lots of love. Xxx

  16. Julie slack says:

    Advent/Christmas Dinners
    Not much but I hope it helps in some way

  17. Marion Allen says:

    Advent Appeal to feed street dogs such as Indigo

  18. Elizabeth Kusionowicz says:

    Like many others, Kalkan is such a special place for us for several reasons. It is absolutely incredible how the street dogs and cats are cared for and while we are also owners of several animals, it gives us great pleasure to support KAPSA. We were exceptionally lucky to have had a holiday in Kalkan this year and can’t wait to come back! You are amazing! xx

  19. Geraldine Grant says:

    Advent appeal.

  20. Ellen Murray says:

    Advent Appeal

  21. Jayne Fawcett says:

    Advent Appeal

  22. Julie Toner says:

    Xmas Advent

  23. Christine Oxley says:

    A Christmas dinner for one of the beautiful street dogs or cats. I’ll donate more next month December payday) instead of buying Christmas cards. Thank you so much x

  24. Sharon Clarke says:

    You do such good work for the dogs of Kalkan and I am happy to make a donation to such a worthy cause.

  25. Mrs. Sarah Young says:

    Wishing all the animals and volunteers a very peaceful and hopeful Christmas and new year. Sarah xxx

  26. Sarah Wait says:

    Advent appeal – a meal day! With our rescued Kleo, we are so grateful and love to help and read the coming posts guilt (and tear!) free…?❤️?❤️XxX

  27. Andrew Booth says:

    Advent appeal from me n joe x

  28. Susan Peerless says:

    We live the work of KAPSA….. hoping to be there next year?????

  29. Ross Parker says:

    Advent appeal

  30. Andrea Taylor says:

    Well done on the great work you do for the animals.

  31. Rosemary Rogers says:

    Advent Christmas dinner appeal

  32. Joy Blazek says:

    Happy to help KAPSA feed the street dogs at Christmas. They deserve a special meal . A big thank you to all volonteers who look after the street animals . Merry Christmas to you all x

  33. Barry Knox says:

    Keep up the good work Kapsa

  34. Karen Brown says:

    Keep up the good work KAPSA. All my love to you all xx

  35. Elizabeth Dodd says:

    We have Villa Joy just up from the Elixir Hotel on Demokrasi . There are a couple of lovely dogs that came to our steps most evenings and seemed to shelter in or around our garage. As we’re not there, I’m donating with them in mind. You all do a great job. I will be in touch when we are next coming out to see what supplies I can bring. In the meantime- have a great Christmas one and all.

  36. Doug Hickman says:

    Advent appeal 5dinners

  37. Debbie Williams says:

    Advent Appeal

  38. Fiona Buttery says:

    Christmas dinner for the cats and dogs of kalkan.

  39. Paul Ferguson says:

    Christmas Dinner for street dogs
    Deborah & Paul

  40. Marylou Myke Evans says:

    Say hi to the cats and dogs!

  41. Sarah Basnett says:

    For lovely Poyraz and a pal x

  42. Angela Hills says:

    Advent Appeal. Christmas dinners.

  43. Sheena Taylor says:

    Love the Kalkan street cats and dogs and am so grateful to all who look after them .

  44. Christopher Pullen says:

    4x lovely big Christmas Dinners for my friends. Merry Christmas Luv from Chris & Helen Pullen. ❤️?????

  45. Amanda Watts says:

    For Poyraz from Buddy xxx

  46. Sarah Richards says:

    Happy Christmas love from Bonnie x (ex Kalkan 2019)

  47. Amanda Robinson says:

    Every penny donated makes a small difference to the life of a beautiful animal xx

  48. claire Paton says:

    Well done for looking after all the dogs and cats in Kalkan , we love our holidays there and always make some furry friends, so sad to leave them behind but comforting to know you are looking out for them, Thankyou

  49. Dawn Harwood says:

    Merry Christmas to these beautiful animals that deserve all the love in the world. A wonderful part of what kalkan is all about

  50. Keith Burton says:

    Well done. The work you do for these animals is absolutely wonderful.

  51. Lynn Murphy says:

    Donation for the advent Appeal. I hope all the boys and girls enjoy their Christmas dinner.
    As ever, thanks to all of you on the front line who make this all possible and look after the animals so well.
    Happy Christmas to you all.

  52. John &Patricia Cooper says:

    Xmas dinner for 2 dogs. Thank you all volunteer’s in Kalkan you do such an amazing job helping all the street animals.

  53. Linda Barnes says:

    Two Christmas dinners

  54. Linda Marks says:

    Christmas dinner appeal

  55. julie Commons says:

    for the street dogs four dinners xx

  56. Kerry Lloyd says:

    please carry on your fantastic work. My donation for 2 cat dinners

  57. Elliot Morley says:

    Don’t forget Islamlar

  58. Hannah ODonnell says:

    Advent Appeal

  59. Dawn Cliens says:

    Thank you to everyone at kapsa for all the fantastic work you do, you make the world a better place

  60. Susan Samuel says:

    Advent appeal

  61. Caroline Clince says:

    Xmas dinner

  62. Juliana Grundy says:

    Advent Appeal ASAP!

  63. Gordon Betteridge says:

    With thanks from Gordon and Moira towards your KAPSA winter feeding programme.

  64. Val Slater says:

    Just love what you do xx


    Thanks for all you do for these furry friends

  66. Liz Willis says:

    Good luck with your winter feeding programme. Will send more in the New Year. Happy Christmas to all you wonderful volunteers ❤️

  67. Rachel Fletcher says:

    Hope this helps with the winter feeding, thank you for everything you do ?

  68. Anne Pack says:

    Really missed being in Kalkan this year and being able to give you a donation direct.

  69. Fiona Lilley says:

    Merry Christmas to all street animals in Kalkan and equally to all helpers, thank you for everything you do.

  70. Faye Farquhar says:

    Advent meal

  71. Lucy Buxton says:

    £10 for 2 meals – towards the Christmas Dinner Advent Appeal 2020 for the street cats and dogs of Kalkan. Thank you for all the fabulous work you do. Merry Christmas! Xx

  72. Elizabeth Milroy says:

    Bless you all for looking after the street animals so well.

  73. Kelly Dickson says:

    You are an amazing group!! I wish i could bring every cat and dog home with me. We’ve adopted our first street cat this year and she will be with us in March.

  74. Philippa Creighton says:

    Advent appeal – happy Christmas to all of the street animals from my mum Patricia Lake and myself. Thank you volunteers for keeping the animals fed

  75. Val Slater says:

    Love what you do

  76. Stephanie McHale says:

    Great work by KAPSA – just a small contribution

  77. Michelle Wilson Perry says:

    You are all amazing, your commitment to the street animals is outstanding. Not made kalkan for a few years due to having an elderly dog (he is 14 this year). I’ve missed the beautiful place and the animals so much. Keep up your amazing work.

  78. Julie Dickinson says:

    Winter feeding

  79. Lynn Heaton says:

    Christmas Dinner Appeal

  80. Fiona Stacey says:

    Our lovely Tinks came from you, you do such a fabulous job.

  81. Stefan Harnell says:

    Dinner for a dog and cat

  82. Cristina Petitti says:

    Hi I have donated for 4 Christmas dinners. Hope this helps the beautiful animals in kalkan.

  83. Dominic Kane says:

    Christmas dinner appeal

  84. Jayne Roberts says:

    Donation for Christmas Dinner Advent Appeal 2020 – enjoy your dinners gorgeous doggies

  85. Sue Mellor says:

    From Kate and me. Thank you for all you do for the animals

  86. Linda Barnes says:

    2 Christmas dinners. Thank you for your hardwork and caring for the animals throughout the year.

  87. Christine Angela Croft says:

    Couldn’t get to Kalkan this year, looking forward to comibg back in June. Very best Christmas wishes to everyone x

  88. Miss Patricia ODonnell says:

    christmas dinner for 2 dogs Advent appeal

  89. Pat Creamer says:

    £5.I missed donating in June as Covid prevented a return to Kalkan

  90. Sue Mellor says:

    From Kate and me. Xxxx

  91. Sue Mellor says:

    Happy Christmas to you all, animals and human. Love from Kate and Me xxx

  92. Kelly Willmott joyce says:

    Christmas dinner donation. Merry Christmas Kapsa and all the lovely Kalkan dogs x

  93. Ruth Young says:

    Christmas dinner

  94. Filiz Charters says:

    Christmas dinner for Kalkan street dogs

  95. Nicola Wilsdon says:

    I am donating for 4 Xmas dinners but please do use the money however you think is best

  96. Alison Ternent says:

    What you do for those animals is amazing and tbh one of the reasons I agreed to Turkey and Kalkan is because of the kindness shown to them!

  97. Irene Issitt says:

    For the lovely dogs & cats of Kalkan –
    Happy Christmas xxx

  98. Denise Thurgood says:

    Merry Christmas pups

  99. Amanda Robinson says:

    For caring x

  100. Yvonne Watts says:

    2 Christmas Dinners

  101. Lynne Campbell says:

    Wish it could be more, thank you for looking after all the street animals

  102. Charlotte Butcher says:

    Advent Xmas dinners – thanks for all you do.

  103. Geraldine Cutting says:

    Christmas dinner for two dogs two cats with love from Geraldine

  104. Geraldine Cutting says:

    Christmas dinner for two dogs and two cats with love from Gerldine

  105. Faye Farquhar says:

    Christmas Dinner,

  106. Phil Cole says:

    The work you do is incredible. We loved the street dogs we meet every time we come to Kalkan and keep up to date with your work. Some of the stories are heart breaking but so wonderful that there are so many happy endings. Please keep up the fantastic work.

  107. Geraldine Cutting says:

    For two cats, two dogs with love

  108. Trudi Hudson says:

    Advent Appeal

  109. Julie Cooper says:

    Christmas Advent Appeal…for Indigo, Orange 721 and all the other lovely dogs

  110. Sheila Wright says:

    Thank you for your kindness to animals

  111. Filiz Charters says:

    Christmas dinner for Kalkan dogs . Enjoy my darling ❤

  112. Anne Ashley says:

    £10 donated for festive treats for furry friends.

  113. Faye Farquhar says:

    For Annie.x

  114. Lisa Hutson says:

    Advent Appeal

  115. Jacqueline Bates says:

    Well done for all your good work.

  116. Abi Lye says:

    Thank you for doing such a great job looking after all the gorgeous street animals.

  117. Faye Farquhar says:

    Advent appeal…..Sheba

  118. Gillian Sawyers says:

    Xmas advent calendar

  119. Evelyn McMahon says:

    Thank you for taking care of these beautiful animals ❤ xx

  120. Tracey Benniston says:

    I’m donating because I have an ex street dog from kalkan and know how importantthe winter feeding program is

  121. Glynis Montague says:

    Advent Appeal

  122. Maggie Hughes says:

    Advent appeal, a week of meals

  123. Margaret Leslie says:

    Advent appeal

  124. Louise Pereira says:

    Thank you for all you do for the animals! Amazing effort by all of you!

  125. Sally Baccanello says:

    Happy Xmas kalkan dogs

  126. Heather Hastings says:

    To feed the Kalkan street animals during this difficult time.

  127. Faye Farquhar says:

    Tekay and Poppet
    Advent dinners

  128. Carole Johnson says:

    Advent appeal. Six Christmas lunches donated for the beautiful street animals. Wishing all the Kapsa volunteers a very Happy Christmas and a huge thank you for caring.

  129. Nick Sinden says:

    Having adapted our handsome Watson from Kalkan, my heart goes out to all those left on the streets. ND&W xx

  130. Eileen Gee says:

    A donation for all the street dogs but dedicated to our Alfie dog, who lives near by Cafe Vita. Eileen Gee & Natalie Patel.

  131. C Day says:

    Advent calendar donation

  132. Julie Robertson says:

    Advent calendar dinner x 6

  133. Faye Farquhar says:

    The Supermodels

  134. kim parker says:

    christmas dinners.

  135. Melanie Sayers says:

    Advent appeal

  136. Bridget Lewis says:

    Christmas Dinners…xxx

  137. Carol Grant says:

    Happy healthy Christmas to dogs and humans. Well done KAPSA ????

  138. Steve and Elaine Kendall says:

    Hope you raise lots of money! Love Max -donated in his name.

  139. Caroline Thomas says:

    Pease you this money in which ever way you feel is best needed. Thank you for all you do

  140. Faye Farquhar says:

    Advent appeal……. Max

  141. Denise Heal says:

    Advent appeal

  142. Sandra Watton says:

    Advent Christmas dinners

  143. Pauline Thomson says:

    Some more money from the sale of handmade face masks.
    I hope this helps.

  144. Sheila Wright says:

    Thank you for helping the animals.

  145. Sue Slights says:

    2 Christmas dinners for the dogs if Kalkan

  146. Faye Farquhar says:

    Advent appeal……Peter

  147. Jean Francis says:

    I’m donating 2 Christmas dinners. Thank you for all you do for the street animals, it’s amazing. xx

  148. Nina Sternberg says:

    Happy Christmas to all dogs of kapsa and everyone that makes this such a good charity xxx

  149. Amanda Freeney says:

    Thanks for all the brilliant work you do, especially now that things are made even more difficult. Merry Christmas to you all and a special pat for Henry at Truffles 🙂

  150. Irene Enzlin says:

    Christmas dinner Advent appeal

  151. Faye Farquhar says:

    Advent appeal…. Bel.x

  152. Michelle Farley says:


  153. Janet Royle says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful work that you do Kapsa xx

  154. Rebecca Elliott says:

    Advent appeal. Merry Christmas to you.

  155. Ashley Bowyer says:

    My daughter Esme fell in love with all the street dogs but especially Max. She is desperate to get back to him and we’re hoping to visit next year.

  156. Kay Lauro says:

    Xmas dinner for 2 dogs ,

  157. Amanda Watts says:

    For Bel and her friends from Amanda and your old friend Buddy xx

  158. Jane Johnson says:

    Just a little something towards the amazing work you do. Hopefully when I can spend more time there I can get involved too. Jane x

  159. Jeanette Bradley says:

    Advent Appeal

  160. Bridget Lewis says:

    Advent Appeal

  161. Graham Amner says:

    Thanks for doing such outstanding work, especially this year with all the restrictions that you’ve had to face. Wishing everyone involved with KAPSA all the best for Christmas & New Year.

  162. Janice Evans says:

    Advent calendar appeal. Well done everybody at Kapsa xx

  163. Faye Farquhar says:

    Advent appeal….Boris ?

  164. WENDY JAMES says:

    ADVENT APPEAL 5x Christmas meals ❤️??

  165. Julie Dean says:

    Love our Kalkan cat and dog pack ♥️

  166. Susan Mikolajewski says:

    Christmas Advent Appeal

  167. Susan Mikolajewski says:

    Christmas Dinner Advent Appeal

  168. Amanda Watts says:

    For Bel and Boris and their friends – with love from Amanda, David, and their old friend Buddy xx

  169. Angela Waissen says:

    Thank you for all of your hard work.

  170. Ann Lee says:

    Advent dinner

  171. Susan Peerless says:

    Advent appeall

  172. Clare Murphy says:

    Advent appeal

  173. Christine Hourieh says:

    2 xmas dinners

  174. Gill Lee says:

    To all my kalkan friends who look after these lovely cats and dogs Sandra Louise and Kate just got paid so this is for you love gillxx

  175. Lee Willsher says:

    Brindle Legs, we fist met you running down that hill when you literally ran into us that was in 2018 when you were first dumped. Followed you ever since xx happy Christmas xxx

  176. Lee Willsher says:

    Ah Brindle legs, we first met you running down the hill in 2018, I believe the first day you were dumped. Followed you ever since, keep safe xx

  177. Christine Oxley says:

    2 dinners – I wish it were more and thank you so much for all you do X

  178. Emma Bunce says:

    Advent Appeal

  179. Jenny Haines says:

    Christmas Dinner for Cesurs friends

  180. Faye Farquhar says:

    Advent appeal….wonderful Cesar. Merry Christmas.??

  181. Lorraine Papworth says:

    Advent Appeal

  182. Faye Hinton says:

    I am donating 6 meals for the Christmas dinner advent appeal for my furry friends in Kalkan
    Have a lovely meal guys. Love and miss you all so much ❤️

  183. Daniel Bentley says:

    Merry Christmas to Olivia, Hassan, Numi and Esra!

  184. Lynda Hutchison says:

    Advent appeal

  185. Deborah Smith says:

    Love from Sisi

  186. Lynn Godson says:

    Thank you fir the amazing work you do

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