Ditch the Itch


Oh yes, those nasty, crawly, itchy beasties which cause our cats and dogs no end of trouble.
Fleas, ticks & mange are the biggest external culprits for both pets and street animals, although there are others too. At home, it normally means popping by the vet and picking up some treatments to destroy the parasite at one or several of it’s life cycle stages and stop the problems.
However, a street dog or cat cannot do that, and year on year we have seen the numbers of parasites increase, particularly the ticks. Worse, the parasites themselves become more immune to certain treatments, the cheaper options in particular.
As many of you will know, we have asked visitors to Kalkan to bring flea & tick treatments with them from the UK/Europe whenever they can in previous years. However, that is currently just not an option with so few overseas tourists around.
So, we desperately need your help now! It is the height of flea and tick season and the numbers have rocketed. We are also seeing far more cases of mange, which requires veterinary treatment. We need to buy as many good quality treatments as we can, but it is putting a huge strain on our already limited finances. Therefore, we are asking our supporters to help us

Ditch the Itch!

Please, can you donate whatever you can spare so we can purchase as many treatments as possible here in Turkey.
Parasites don’t only cause itching problems, they can be far more serious. They carry a number of diseases such as ehrlichiosis, as well as causing the animal to scratch so badly they create open sores, allowing secondary bacterial infections to set in and often fur loss is common too.

Some of the photos below are pretty unpleasant, we make no apologies for that. You can click on them to view a little bigger. They show what horrible things ticks are and the damage done by parasites. Please take a look, and share this with your family and friends. Our volunteers are working tirelessly to help these animals, but they need to the medications to do the job of keeping our street animals healthy and parasite free. Every penny you donate is a blessing and will go towards the costs of good, effective treatments and vet care for those in more desperate circumstances.

All you need to do is complete the form below, click ‘donate’ and then follow the onscreen instructions to make a donation payment. If you are a UK tax payer, please consider adding Gift Aid to your donation by ticking the box. This grants KAPSA a further 25 pence for every pound you donate from HMRC, money that helps us help more dogs & cats every year.

Thank you.

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I am a UK taxpayer and understand that if I pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax in the current tax year than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all my donations it is my responsibility to pay any difference.

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27 Comments to Ditch the Itch

  1. Graham Amner says:

    Thanks for all the great work that you do

  2. Jane Searle says:

    ditch the itch

  3. Amanda Robinson says:

    Thank you for everything you do for the beautiful animals. I hope this small contribution can help with treating the animals ❤

  4. Clare Lockhart says:

    Donating to ditch the itch I hope this small donation will bring a little relief to the beautiful street animals. Biggest Thank you to all the. Volunteer’s x

  5. Lynn Murphy says:

    To help with the purchase of treatments that we are not able to bring out to Kalkan this year.
    Thinking of you all and thankful for all you do especially in these difficult times.

  6. Paul Goetz says:

    Donating for tick treatment

  7. Elizabeth Clayton says:

    Donation for anything that will help you to care for the wonderful street dogs of Kalkan. Thanks for all you do

  8. Karen Thomas says:

    Donation for Ditch the itch ….thank you all so much for everything you do. What would they do without you xxx

  9. Julie Burns says:

    To help with parasite treatment

  10. Anne Baxter says:

    I hope this helps xx

  11. Francine Rose says:

    Ditch the Itch!
    Excellent idea to raise awareness
    Wonderful charity

  12. Lesley McGibbon says:

    £50 towards the treatment of ticks and fleas for the street dogs and cats. Hope this helps

  13. Linda Marks says:

    For tic and flea treatment

  14. Sarah Bunn says:

    Flea and tick treatments for the animals

  15. Diane Johnson says:

    Ditch the Itch, thanks for all you do.

  16. Pauline Thomson says:

    Sad to miss all the lovely street dogs this year

  17. lisa fox says:

    Please carry on looking after the lovely fur babies of Kalkan.Sorry I can’t bring any meds with me this year due to covid.
    I hope my donation helps a bit

  18. Margaret Leslie says:

    £115 donation from Jane Croughan owner of Bustcos Unleashed and mummy to Cosmo xx

  19. Kerem Aysan says:

    Allahu Akbar. Please look after the animals of turkey ❤️?.

  20. Naomi Jones says:

    Thank you for looking after these beauties. I feel in love today with a ragged dog in the mountains by Belmuar Restaurant. I’m glad to see the dogs well looked after. I will donate to your other cause also.

  21. Jonathan Kershaw says:

    Donating for Jez Dyer’s 60th Birthday 😊

  22. Nicola Chapman says:

    Thanks for your help in spaying and worming the gorgeous kitty at our villa in August. At least we know she’s going to have a better healthier life now that she’s not going to be having lots of kittens.

  23. M Dogruyol says:

    Thank you for all you do.

  24. Rachel Pearson says:

    Thank you for all you are doing and for helping us when we brought’Spot’ the kitten to you on 30.09.2022

  25. Alison Benjamin says:

    Just a small donation to help with all the wonderful work you do for Kalkan’s beautiful street dogs and cats. Every little helps I’m sure xxx

  26. Natashya Sharp says:

    Hi – merry Christmas to you all there at KAPSA. Thank you all for the amazing work you continue to do – you’re simply amazing !!

  27. Rebecca White says:

    Thank you so much for the quick response time just from our Facebook post, you fill my heart up with so much happiness knowing these dogs are looked after 💜

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