Cesur Says – ‘Stay Safe’ Soap Offer

“I have been having a little think while enjoying life in retirement and I’m really worried about my street friends in the town. I am bothered about food and veterinary bills for them while travel is so restricted and few places are open thanks to the Covid-19 virus.

“I’m also rather concerned about all the lovely KAPSA supporters who have helped me and my many friends with their donations, food treats when they visit Kalkan, and the valuable donations of treatments and such items they bring with them.

“Maria told me that everyone has been advised they should wash their hands a lot, and stay at home as much as possible to stay safe. Thinking about all this, while enjoying my latest yummy dinner, I had a thought. I made some enquiries with John at Caladore, the company who make the KAPSA Soaps.

“We had a bit of a chat and came up with a plan. A very cunning plan indeed, even if I do say so so myself. Hand washing can be a real nuisance, making the skin dry from all those chemicals in soaps. So we would like to offer you all the chance to buy 3 soaps, for the normal price of two! They will be 3 randomly picked scents, a lucky dip, or you can choose 2 of our original soaps, and have just one random soap. So for just £10 you will get 3 natural, essential oil soaps. Much nicer than some some supermarket soaps. The WHOLE of the £10, as with all the soaps, goes towards helping the street dogs and cats. You don’t even have to pay extra for postage, Caladore are very good to us. Extra bonus, each soap has a picture of ME on the label, what more could you want?!
“So my message could not be clearer – Please Stay Safe, Stay Home and Stay Naturally Soapy.”

If you would like to take Cesur up on his offer, you can order your soaps right here on the website and they will be delivered to your UK address. Just click the link and scroll down to the order form at the bottom of the page >>

Soap Offer Ordering – Just Click/Touch Here

Please note, soaps will be sent out in batches once a week, and may take up to 3 weeks to arrive due to delivery services like Royal Mail being extremely busy, so please bear with us and thank you for your patience.

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