Update on Winter Feeding Program

Once the visitors leave, most restaurants close and even the amount of locals reduce, it leaves hungry street animals in Kalkan. Over recent years Kalkan has grown and tourism expanded, meaning that our feeding programme has grown too. We now cover the area from Akbel to Kordere and the whole of Kalkan too. We also help animals in need in the villages, say there is a mum and pups or in this cold weather, someone feeding a large number of cats. We currently support 86 volunteer feeders who are out in all weathers, helping the animals. We have bought 278 bags (15 kilo each) to date, at a cost of 17310 TL. We purchase from Kalkan vet clinic and Kalkan pet shop, they both give us discounts and we like to support local businesses, as they support Kapsa. The feeding programme runs alongside the neutering programme, both are very important for the animals and the community. Many locals feed the animals scraps or share their own animals food, with a stray or two. We also have some plastic cat feeders in position that are topped up every few days. Dont be shocked to see animals eating bread either, some actually like it and welcome the leftovers donated by the bakeries. The butchers donate leftovers too. So it really is a community thing! Huge thanks to all our supporters and volunteers who make all this possible – teamwork at its best!!!

by Sandra Osbourne

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