Young Pointer Cindy Needs Medical Help

UPDATE: Since this post was originally made, Cindy has had a lot of health battles, but continues to be a real fighter. We don’t often appeal for donations for an individual dog but feel Cindy is worth it on this occasion. Please read more about her recent battles on our campaign page – Cindy’s Campaign


Cindy was found living in Yesilkoy, just outside Kalkan. Thin and hungry, and being driven off by locals, she was desperately in need of love and attention. Gulfem took her on while everyone tries to find a home for her. She is bright, intelligent and learning to live in a home as well as slowly putting on weight and loves the attention of people. her confidence is building, with people and other dogs. Unfortunately, due to circumstances she has no control over, Gulfem can’t keep her for much longer, so the need for a new home is getting desperate. Cindy has unfortunately tested positive for Leishmania, currently dormant, without any symptoms, which is making rehoming her even more difficult, but not impossible and she really needs your help.
This piece is from Lee and Philippa and explains more about Cindy and what it is like to have a dog with Leish.

Please meet Cindy, she is currently in Kalkan. Gulfem rescued her with the dream of finding her a home. She is doing so well and just in a few weeks has found love and companionship of both the human and animal kind. Yesterday I received a message from the lovely Maria to see if I could help Gulfem as she sadly was told by her landlord that she can not keep all of the dogs she is fostering. This would sadly mean Cindy would have to go to the dog shelter.
You see sadly Cindy has leishmaniasis, she is not showing any signs and may never but its there lying dormant in her little young body.
This does not make her disabled but does make it difficult to rehome. Just to give you some perspective I asked the lovely Philippa to write me a post that I can share with you. Now I walk with Esra and Maggie and she is the healthiest dog ever. Even if a bit spoilt lol.
I have no answers for this but I do find it heartbreaking, can you imagine now having to give her to the dog shelter. I know we can look at ways to fund but at the moment isn’t the reason for my post, it’s to see if we can reach out to all our doggie families to help find her a home. She’s not sick she’s not dying but she is very sweet and loving her life right now.
If any of you have any ideas please pm me.
I have spoken to pointer rescue and sadly at the moment they can not take her.
Please see Phillipas story :

Esra came over from Turkey in November 2015 and the following February we noticed blood coming from small lesions on her face and neck. Luckily our vet was Portuguese and had seen Leish before so suggested the blood test which of course came back as positive for Leish. We were so worried at the time of diagnosis but knew of dogs living on the streets of Turkey who were being treated and thriving. Esra was given a 28 day course of Milterforan where it was suggested we make a food bomb to inject the medication into to minimise the risk of it causing any irritation on the way to the stomach. She sailed through this treatment and the lesions disappeared very quickly. She was then on Allopurinol for about a year with 6 monthly blood tests to check all was going well. After a year her blood tests show she was negative to leishmaniasis. She still has to have annual blood test but these have thankfully continued to come back negative. She is a normal heathy dog leading the same life as Maggie our other non Leish dog from Turkey . It may return one day but I’m sure we will spot any symptoms very quickly. The Living with Leish Facebook group has been supportive and informative. I would recommend anyone to join the group if they have a Leish dog. We are lucky to have the best dogs in the world!!(we all think that don’t we!)
The top pictures are be for she was rescued, the bottom are the happier ones
Thank you all for taking the time to read this!

So if you are looking for a young pointer type, or know someone who is, please please consider giving Cindy a chance at a new life. Get in touch with KAPSA through our contact page for more information.

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