Buddy the Boat Pup Needs a Safe Harbour – ADOPTED

Buddy first came to KAPSA’s attention when she and her sibling were spotted  in the harbour and getting on and off the boats. It was assumed they belonged to one of the boat owners, but that didn’t appear to be the case. It wasn’t long before Buddy’s sibling suffered a leg injury and had to visit the vets. Unfortunately, her sibling seemed unwell generally and was diagnosed with parvovirus. Parvo is a killer disease, especially in one so young, and she sadly passed away.

Buddy was left on her own, and she seemed to be coping with life as a street dog, especially around the harbour area as tourist numbers increased. She has been vaccinated to ensure she didn’t meet the same fate as her sibling and we hoped she would find someone to fall in love with her and offer her a permanent home.

Sadly for Buddy, that has not happened, and while she currently spends a lot of time around Indigo Beach Club, they will be closing soon for winter and life on the harbour becomes colder and harder.

We would really love to get this young girl into a welcoming home, to find her a ‘safe harbour’ all of her own. She is an affectionate, trusting dog who gets on well with people and other dogs. One of the pictures is of her at the vets when she was vaccinated, together with Luna who was also seeing the vet that day.

Buddy is currently smallish, only being around 4mths old, but she does have huge paws, so may well make a large dog, it is still hard to predict at the moment. We feel any prospective owner should be aware of this though. As mentioned she is vaccinated, has been flea & tic treated, wormed and blood tests all clear and will be spayed as soon as she is old enough in a month or twos time.

So, do you have a (growing) Buddy puppy shaped hole in your life? Can you provide this harbour pup with a life buoy? Please send us a siren call via our Contact Page if you would like more information on adopting Buddy in Turkey or abroad.

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