Christmas Dinner Advent Appeal

Advent appeal.

This campaign is now closed, but our HUGE thanks to everyone who donated, you helped us to raise £3270.00 towards keeping the dogs and cats fed this winter. Every penny will be spent looking after the street animals, and we are so grateful for the generosity of our supporters. Thank You!!

If you still want to donate to the work KAPSA do for the street animals, please visit our Donation Page here on the website.

Every winter, KAPSA help the street animals by funding a winter feeding program. Volunteers across the town take responsibility for feeding the local street animals daily and keeping an eye on their health and well being. We distribute the food weekly to our volunteers and they ensure as many animals as possible on ‘their patch’ benefit. However, this amount of food is costly and represents a significant percentage of our annual budget. Everything we do is funded by donations, so following the huge success of this appeal over the last couple of years, we are asking for your help again. Every day of Advent, a new Christmas themed photo of our street dogs and cats will be posted in our facebook group, so if you are not a member, please do join us there. We are asking you to donate £5 for a ‘Christmas Dinner’ for a dog or cat, to help see each of them through the winter months. Every penny goes to helping the animals, so please help us to help them this Christmas. You can donate as many dinners as you wish by simply filling in the form below, choosing an amount or adding your own, and clicking donate. Also, if you are UK Tax Payer, it would help us even more if you could choose the Gift Aid option. Thank you, from everyone at KAPSA and from every dog and cat who will not go hungry this winter.

148 Comments to Christmas Dinner Advent Appeal

  1. Michelle Wilson-Perry says:

    Well done KAPSA, you are all amazing. I smile, laugh and cry at your posts.

  2. kathleen hogan says:

    I wish I could do more

    Thank you to all the wonderful people who take time every day to make sure the street animals of Kalkan and the surrounding area are safe, healthy and fed.

    Happy Christmas to one and all

  3. Lorraine Papworth says:

    Great job you do. Christmas Dinner x 2

  4. Allison Martin says:

    For all the cats and dogs to have a Merry Christmas. X

  5. Laraine Haik says:

    I love the street animals

  6. Caroline Hunt says:

    Instead of sending Christmas cards I’ve paid for four Christmas dinners. Well done KAPSA for all you do x

  7. carol grant says:

    Keep up the good work all you good people of KAPSA. Wishing you all a happy Christmas and the street animals full stomachs!

  8. Kellly Dibble says:

    I come to kalkan a lot and think you do an amazing job and would be happy to know I have helped give 4 dogs a Xmas dinner

  9. Denise Heal says:

    To all the lovely Kalkan animals we adopted during our visits.

  10. Sarah Howe says:

    Money towards the winter feeding program. Well done everybody and thank you ?

  11. Gaynor Young says:

    Thank you for all your hard work looking after these beautiful animals

  12. Nadja O'Keeffe says:

    Thank you to everyone that looks after these fury babies. Wish I could do more – Feeding 10 fury babies for Christmas – and I’ll donate more when I can. Christmas Love and hugs to you all! xoxoxo

  13. Janet Lynch says:

    4 Christmas dinners

  14. Susan Mikolajewski says:

    Keep up the good work – you’re amazing love & best wishes Sue Mikolajewski xx

  15. Lorna Stephens says:

    A worthwhile cause. Love seeing the animals each year when I visit. God bless you for looking after them all.

  16. Patricia Lake says:

    Happy Christmas to the street animals

  17. Catherine Hyde says:

    Thank you KAPSA for all that you do X

  18. Diane Johnson says:

    It would be great if they all had homes but at least with this wonderful Advent Appeal we can all make sure they have a Christmas dinner. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who go out every day to ensure they are fed xx

  19. Dawn Harwood says:

    Thank you for the brilliant job you do for these lovely animals

  20. John Oakden says:

    Fabulous charity for these animals,you all work tirelessly to help as many as you can
    Thankyou xxx

  21. Carol Hill says:

    I have a holiday home in kisla over the years we have encountered many gorgeous dogs in Kalkan. Although I cannot have a dog full time in hope my donation will help the Kapsa cause.

  22. Jayne Roberts says:

    Just love the Kalkan street dogs & KAPSA do a wonderful job.

  23. Jayne Roberts says:

    Done! Happy Christmas KAPSA & the Kalkan street animals.

  24. Nick Rodemark says:

    Thank you for looking after them all

  25. Christine Round says:

    Thanks for using my photo of this special dog! xxx

  26. Helen Beal says:

    You do amazing work xx

  27. Angela Tomlinson says:

    Thank you to all the wonderful KAPSA volunteers for looking after the dogs & cats of Kalkan so well. Wishing all the animals and their human friends a very happy Christmas, with love from Angela & Wendy xx

  28. Linda Smith says:

    Thank you for all you do for these street animals

  29. Michelle Wearing says:

    It’s so lovely to know that the street dogs are taken care of all year round. You do fantastic work. One of the many many things we love about kalkan!!

  30. Louise Rigg says:

    A fantastic job u all do xxx


    KAPSA Is a fantastic organisation who do amazing work all year round looking after all the beautiful Kalkan street dogs and cats. They are all total angels❤️

  32. Fionnuala Wylie says:

    You all do such a wonderful job!! Well done

  33. WENDY JAMES says:

    ❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?. 5 x Christmas dinners for the lovely Kalkan doggies ❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️???❤️?❤️

  34. Hannah Wareham says:

    Thank you for all you do

  35. Nicola Hart says:

    Happy Christmas, lovely street animals of Kalkan

  36. Amanda Freeney says:

    For the fabulous work you do – thank you for caring.

  37. Lisa Thompson says:

    You do an amazing job xx
    Love the kalkan dogs and cats
    Have donated two dinners xxx

  38. Mick Roberts says:

    Hope this helps towards you winter feeding program love Mick and Dot

  39. Michaela Spring says:

    You all do a wonderful job and I hope this will go a little way to feeding the lovely dogs and cats of Kalkan.
    Look forward to seeing them in 2019.
    Merry Christmas

  40. Fiona Lilley says:

    Those 3 cats deserve some turkey so here’s 3 x £5=15 for them.
    Well done all you volunteers, thank you and Merry Christmas.

  41. Julie Chadwick says:

    Love the work you people are doing
    For the animals of Kalkan and the strays that turn up too

  42. Liz Willis says:

    I’m in awe of the wonderful work KAPSA does.

  43. Felicity Boothman says:

    Greatly admire what you’re doing to take care of the Kalkan animals.

  44. Tim Burchell says:

    You do great work in a great place!!

  45. Justine Sturtivant says:

    For Rosa- still in Kalkan but coming home soon.

  46. Gill Casely says:

    For two of us to 2 Kalkan furry friends – Xmas dinner for Dottie and a friend. To Sandra and all the team at KAPSA – you do a fantastic job. We hope you all have a wonderful Xmas Gill & Glenn xx

  47. Beverley smith says:

    Ralph who came to live with us from Kalkan is one of the lucky dogs – this will help the ones not so lucky!

  48. David Sandys says:

    I’m donating to help feed all these beautiful dogs who we love to see when we visit Kalkan

  49. Isobel Rathie says:

    So happy the animals have you to look out for them.

  50. Elizabeth Van Vogt says:

    You are the most wonderful charity and Dotty means the world to me xx

  51. Jan Robinson says:

    Love seeing the Kalkan street dogs every year…

  52. Jane Murray says:

    Happy Christmas to all the fabulous volunteers. It was great to meet you all in September, we were guests of Kate

  53. Simon Killingback says:

    We miss all the Kalkan Animals when we aren’t there, but we’ll see you next year! Hooray for Kapsa! Simon and Sophie

  54. Sheena Taylor says:

    Love all the cats and dogs in Kalkan and appreciate all you do for them. Looking forward to seeing them all again next year

  55. Denise Heal says:

    I donated to the dogs, now I’m donating to the cats. Thanks again Kapsa! I only wish I could donate more!

  56. Karen Bartram says:

    Thank you for everything you guys do! Xxx

  57. Sian Davies says:

    Having been to Kalkan many times I’m amazed at how well the street animals are looked after and would like to help

  58. Cass Bruce says:

    You do fantastic work and we love seeing all the animals on our holidays ?

  59. Tania Beaumont says:

    We have a house in Kalkan and whenever we visit we are amazed at how well KAPSA does looking after stray animals. You guys rock!

  60. Julie Band says:

    God bless you all for all your hard work. You are angels xxxx

  61. Faye Farquhar says:

    Although I give monthly to Kapsa I realise winter is more expensive for you plus I have a soft spot for Boris and of course Cesar.x

  62. Jeannie Marsh says:

    My cousins visit Kalkan twice a year and always come back with how great KAPSA is.

  63. Jonathan Trayhurn says:

    Instead of secret Santa at work this year, I have convinced my 3 colleagues to donated to the KAPSA Christmas dinner advent appeal so from Jon, Matt, Dan & Lewis at Bristol Eye Hospital, 6 Christmas Dinners for our furry friends. Keep up the good work KAPSA, and a very merry Christmas to you all?

  64. Jacqueline Bated says:

    I visit Kalkan twice a year and have been doing so for 20 years. I brought out flee powders in June.

  65. Amanda Watts says:

    Because it’s a fantastic job you do caring for the beautiful animals I enjoy seeing on my holidays. Thank you xxx


    Well done all of you for doing so much for these street fur babies x

  67. Anne Matthews says:

    Happy Christmas Kalkan street animals xx

  68. Helen Kerins says:

    Hope all the dogs and cats stay healthy over the winter period, you do an amazing job, thank you xxxx

  69. Moira Rutherford says:

    For Xmas dinner for Boris and Max and two other animals

  70. Mary Richards says:

    In absolute awe of how the street animals are cared for by KAPSA. Please buy 10 dinners for them, sent with much love. X

  71. Katy Pool says:

    Thanks for all you do for Kalkan’s dogs and cats. Special love to Malcolm

  72. Sheila Wright says:

    Thank you to everyone at Kapsa for you hard work.

  73. Sean Flynn says:

    Thank you Kapsa! Keep up the amazing work! Xxx

  74. Melissa Simmons says:

    Doing great work!

  75. Juliana Grundy says:

    The street animals – especially the cats – are one of the things that makes Kalkan so special. Where else can you have a drink outside a bar, with a superb view in front of you, a pretty little white cat curled up contentedly on one side, and a big, friendly bruiser of a tom asking for more Dreamies at your feet? Bliss!

  76. Lisa Hutson says:

    Wishing you all a happy Christmas. Keep up the fantastic work KAPSA. Kalkan wouldn’t be the same without all the well cared for street animals x

  77. Sarah Holliday says:

    Merry Christmas to KAPSA, all the Kalkan street dogs and mogs with love from Mutlu and Sarah x

  78. Amanda Jones says:

    You all do an amazing job all year. Continue the good work. 2 x xmas dinners

  79. Jan Dolby says:

    You do a fantastic job – keep up the good work. We love seeing and giving treats to the dogs when we’re in Kalkan

  80. Anne Ashley says:

    It’s good to know that the welfare of the animals is attended to when the tourist season stops.?

  81. Beverley Hickman says:

    Thank you Kapsa for everything you do for these beautiful animals! I hope they all have a scrummy Christmas dinner and enjoy every mouthful! Missing all the fur babies of Kalkan, see you next year. Merry Christmas to you all and a happy new year xxx

  82. Joan Bishopj says:

    Thank you for all you do.

  83. Laura Hyde says:

    Thank you KAPSA for all the hard work you do for all the lovely animals. Hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas. 🙂

  84. Jill Nott-Bower says:

    Many thanks for looking after the street animals as well as you do. It is always wonderful to visit Kalkan and see all the animals when on holiday.

  85. Melanie Sayers says:

    Merry Christmas to all at KAPSA, thank you for everything you do for the Kalkan cats and dogs. Xx

  86. Francine Rose says:

    My favourite advent calendar celebrating all the wonderful work you do with these lovely dogs and cats.

  87. Maxine Turner says:

    Keep up the good work , you are their lifeline xx

  88. Sara Fisher says:

    You are amazing. Keep up the amazing work

  89. Phillip Scholefield says:

    I adopted a dog from Kalkan in the summer and loved all the other dogs we met hope they have a nice xmas dinner
    4 Christmas dinners

  90. Kerry Lloyd says:

    Looking forward to our annual holiday in Kalkan when, hopefully we will get more cat visitors to our villa.

  91. Beppie Wijsbeek says:

    Keep up the good work KAPSA!
    Love Beppie

  92. Jane Hodgson says:

    Keep up all your hard work.

  93. gavin priestley says:

    Happily donating again to KAPSA for all the work you do

  94. Lorna Glentworth says:

    Holiday in Kalkan and fall in love with the animals. Thank you for all you do xxx

  95. Catherine Carter says:

    Donating on behalf of Peter Rabbit – one of the lucky Kalkan Street animals.

  96. Amanda Watts says:

    Thank you for caring for all the furries

  97. Jonathan Trayhurn says:

    Fantastic job KAPSA keep up the good work. Here are another 4 Dinners donated by work colleagues.

  98. sandra nelson says:

    You all do a brilliant job

  99. Peter Farmer says:

    After seeing latest photo of Cesur how could I resist.

  100. Julie Fraser says:

    This is a fantastic charity!

  101. Sarah Wait says:

    Merry Christmas, with lots of love, the “Wait Family”xx❤️

  102. Alan Rowe says:

    Been to Kalkan several times always been welcomed by the street dogs ,love it!

  103. Julie Stewart says:

    For all the wonderful dogs and cats in Kalkan whom I have met on my trips, always have had a soft spot for the handsome Cesur ❤️

  104. Judy Terrington says:

    Happy Christmas to all of the cats and dogs of Kalkan xx

  105. Penny Atkinson says:

    I was waiting to see Cesur but am pleased to donate for several of the animals. Thank you for all your work – and see you in June!
    Happy Christmas! ???? xxx

  106. Kayley Tee says:

    It warms my heart to know these precious little beings have the good people of KASPA there to look after them. Thank you all for everything you do xxxxx

  107. Tracy Corbett says:

    Merry Christmas and well done x

  108. Pauline Fletcher says:

    I would like to donate this to Timmy and the gang who Moira Rutherford feeds she is a special cat

  109. Duncan Shirkey says:

    We love Kalkan its people and all the freindly animals, merry Christmas to you all! From Duncan and Trish.

  110. Clair Parkinson says:

    With love from Zhiva ??

  111. Beverley Goldhawk says:

    Brilliant work Kapsa thank you for caring xx

  112. Liz Engel says:

    Kalkan is our ‘happy place’and we are so grateful that KAPSA are working to keep all the street animals happy too. Happy Christmas to you all – you’re doing a wonderful

  113. Sandy Annells says:

    KAPSA you do such amazing work, you are truly wonderful people and give so much to these beautiful Cats ? & Dogs ? one of which I am luck to have My Barney (Dost)
    Merry Christmas to you all & a very Happy Healthy Prosperous New Year for KAPSA ????

  114. Sandy Annells says:

    Four dinners for 4 lovely furbies
    Thank you for the wonderful work all you lovely KAPSA volunteers
    The work you do is simply amazing ?
    Merry Christmas to you all and I hope a very prosperous 2019 for KAPSA ??????

  115. Lesley Rhodes-Morrow says:

    Merry Christmas to you all and the lovely dogs of kalkan. You do an amazing job.

  116. Carole Ridge says:

    Kaspa does such great work. I can feed dogs and cats when I am on holiday but even more important in winter when it is cold and food is scarce for them and they get desperate.

  117. Clair Brown says:

    Fantastic charity I have seen first hand how u help these animals merry Christmas ??

  118. Chris Day says:

    Want to help support KAPSA. Have been to Kalkan and impressed by way stray animals are cared for

  119. Anita Scroccaro says:

    This is a donation from my mum Sheila who’s not on Facebook but loves to hear the stories and see the photos of all the Kalkan animals. She was keen to make a contribution to the advent appeal so has asked me to arrange it on her behalf xx

  120. Amanda Freeney says:

    Thank you for your marvellous work, love Henry

  121. Marylou Evans says:

    Happy Christmas to all the animals and the people who look after them xx

  122. Frances Starnes says:

    Just a little something to say thank you for all the wonderful work you do with the dogs of Kalkan

  123. Kayleigh Bell says:

    We love to visit Kalkan and love the street dogs. We often meet them around Kalkan and would like to support their winter feeding

  124. Geraldine Grant says:

    Happy Christmas to all the lovely Kalkan Street dogs. ???

  125. Sharon Hunt says:

    We love the company of the many Kalkan cats and dogs especially on our walks back to our villa at night ! Thank you for taking care of them all you do an amazing job ??

  126. Tina Galloway-Grindlay says:

    Thank you for all that you do for the animals ???

  127. Jane Cartlidge says:

    Love seeing pooches & cats when we come to Kalkan carry on doing a fabulous job

  128. Yvonne White says:

    4 dinners for the street animals

  129. Diane Neeson says:

    You all do a fantastic job 4 festive fur baby dinners merry Christmas and a happy new year xx

  130. Eileen Tierney says:

    Well done to all the wonderful helpers who take care of these fur babies, bless you all xx

  131. Steve Kendall says:

    We call her big ‘un and love the gentle giant. Xx

  132. Janet Royle says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful work you do for the dogs and cats of Kalkan.

  133. Diane neeson says:

    You all do an amazing job, 4 festive fur baby dinners, merry Christmas ? and a happy new year ? xx ? ? ?

  134. Marion Campbell says:

    Out on Dec 27th and looking forward to seeing our four legged friends . Thank you at kappa for all your wonderful work for the street animals.

  135. Lesley Kewin says:

    Thank you for all the hard work you do.

  136. Gail Lampkin says:

    I love Kalkan been 18 times. Love all the street animals. Merry Christmas

  137. Charlotte Potts says:

    Thanks for all you do, I’ll be visiting as usual in June, and will be bringing supplies in for you

  138. Jonathan Trayhurn says:

    A further 4 Christmas dinners bought for our furry friends, from work colleagues and wife. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all involved with KAPSA you do an amazing job. ??

  139. Margaret Pummell says:

    Happy Christmas to all xx

  140. Paula Windebank says:

    We fell in love with the dogs when we visited in the summer. Thank you for all that you do to look after them. Merry Christmas!

  141. linda fuller says:

    Thank you for all you do for these lovely animals. A very Happy Christmas to you all and God Bless you. xx

  142. WENDY James says:

    5 more Christmas dinners for the much loved Kalkan doggies and pusscats ! sent with love and thanks to all the Kapsa’s Angels xxx

  143. Faye Farquhar says:

    These animals ask so little but deserve so much more.??

  144. Amy Hill says:

    I am a regular visitor to a Kalkan and love seeing all the dogs on my trips. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas. X

  145. Enma Gaskell says:

    Love the work you do! Merry Christmas x

  146. Sue Pye says:

    Happy Christmas to all the lovely Kalkan dogs and cats.

  147. Keith Cheeseman says:

    From Sarah and I with thanks to all the volunteers.

  148. Lynn Murphy says:

    Rather late donation , I’m afraid- still, can we call it New Year dinner?
    Great job, keep up the wonderful work.

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