Black Friday Auction

Payments for Black Friday Weekend Auction

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49 Comments to Black Friday Auction

  1. Michelle Farley says:

    Thomas Sabo Ameythist earnings
    Christina mansfield

  2. Angela Smith says:

    Two items Margaret Leslie

  3. Charlotte Neaves says:

    Chloé Eau de Parfum – Margaret Leslie
    £3 postage

  4. Angela Smith says:

    5 pounds notebook dog

  5. Ian Llewellyn says:

    Cat notebook (2)
    Tina Norris

  6. Abbigail Vides says:

    – silver open circle pendant
    – blue chalcedony and biwa pearl pendant

    Seller : Tina Norris

  7. Caroline Mcclorey says:

    Bracelet Black Friday auction

  8. Caroline Smith says:

    Payment for 1 x KAPSA calendar. From Christina Mansfield in Tarrant Gunville

  9. Caroline Smith says:

    KAPSA calendar x 1. Christina Mansfield in Tarrant Gunville.

  10. Julieanne Garrod says:

    Thomas Sabo pearl bracelet
    Christina Mansfield

  11. Caroline Mcclorey says:

    Sterling silver Pali queen a journey enamel charm bracelet

  12. Julieanne Garrod says:

    Thomas Sabo Stoned bracelet
    Christina Mansfield

  13. Julieanne’ Garrod says:

    Thomas Sabo stones bracelet
    Christina Mansfield

  14. Diane Neeson says:

    £5 for notebook for dog looking out to sea

  15. Philippa Creighton says:

    Tina Norris pink quartz. Added £10 for postage and rest for KAPSA

  16. Christina Mansfield says:

    The £105 is for Aubergines Dinner for 2 £80, Tina’s items Large glass Cat £6, Halloween Treats £5, Margarets items Julien Macdonald Bag £2, Leather Kindle £3 , Dog tooth brush £2 , No7 BB Cream £2. I have also added £3 for Tina and £3 for Margaret for postage.

  17. Donna Munn says:

    Bought from Tina Norris
    £20 for 2 bracelets (donated by Yardan) + £2 postage as requested
    Total sent £22

  18. Stephanie Smith says:

    I am buying a KAPSA calendar from Christina Mansfield. My winning bid was £15 – no postage as I am planning to pick it up in Kalkan at the beginning of January. Christina suggested pick up from KAPSA HQ, which is very near our villa.

  19. Kerene Hawley says:

    Tina Norris pearl choker and postage

  20. Julieanne Garrod says:

    Payments for:

    BlueGold statement necklace, Yvonne. £30
    Crystal Flapper Necklace, Christina £29
    Amethyst Past Ring, Christina £9
    Thomas Sabo stone bracelet, Christina £27

  21. Ruth Young says:

    KAPSA auction – purple socks

  22. Kenneth Sloan says:

    Dog lead & collar. 2.50 postage. Sold by Yvonne White

  23. Christine Round says:

    Pearl and crystal silver drop earrings sold by Christina Mansfield. Happy to collect in Kalkan at New Year.

  24. Christine Round says:

    White Hamleys teddy sold by Margaret Leslie and chewed by Houdini. £16 for teddy and £2 towards postage.

  25. Yvonne White says:

    Scarf & Mitts, Tina, £8 + £1 postage
    Big Silver Necklace, Tina, £5 + £1.50 Postage
    Angela, greetings card, £2

  26. Caroline Hunt says:

    £12 fence style silver metal bracelet Tina Norris
    £4 Dashie and Tortie TY beanie babies Tina Norris

  27. Rachel Jenkinson says:

    Kapsa t-shirt, thanks to Christine Round

  28. Alison Mackinnon says:

    An original amethyst cut crystal Swarovski crystal ring.

  29. Rebecca Matthews says:

    Paying for playmobil pirate set, listed by Tina norris. £2.80 postage price.

  30. Diane Neeson says:

    £9 for silver bracelet

  31. Yvonne Prager says:

    More than happy to support this fantastic cause! We’ve been coming to Kalkan for nearly 30 years and can see the benefits of the great work that you do.

  32. cristina thatcher says:


  33. Gail Squires says:

    1 – Cesar Portrait
    2 – Christine Mansfield
    3 – £2.95
    4 – Gift Aid ticked

  34. Anita Howard says:

    Donation for 3 auction items

  35. Clare Lockhart says:

    Black Friday Auction postage for Tina Morris £2.80 Snowman and £1.50 for Cosy wrap Margaret Leslie upto £5.00 for postage of Reindeer toy

  36. cristina Thatcher says:


  37. Nathan Swanwick says:

    Payment for:

    Solid silver vintage bangle – £31
    Vintage crystal and enamel scent bottle – £10
    Amber droplet necklace – £14
    White gold, Amethyst and Diamond ring – £105

  38. Sallie Clough says:

    Always happy to help

  39. Sarah Hancock says:

    Please forward to Christina Mansfield
    Black Ladies Ankle Boots
    Seller: Tina Norris
    £2 postage included

  40. Lynn Chalmers says:

    1 – Item or Items you are paying for – Wow necklace.
    2 – Name of the person who ran the item auction, the seller – Tina Norris

    4 – Amount of payment which is for postage – £2 – to above address for next week if possible as I will be in UK til 8th Dec. If seller thinks it is too delicate to post then I will wait until April. Thanks

  41. Simon Pioli says:

    Tina Norris
    Power bank £15.00
    Postage £1.00

  42. Simon Pioli says:

    Christina Mansfield
    Tea bags

  43. Anne Matthews says:

    Paying for cat painting listed by Christina m. £2.95 postage added

  44. Yvonne Prager says:

    Silver bracelet sold by Diane Neeson

  45. Julia Brown says:

    Auction – necklace

  46. Julia Brown says:

    Auction – mans watch

  47. Christina Mansfield says:


  48. Mandy Cave says:

    Ladies Designer wrist watch posted by Christina Mansfield

  49. Simon Pioli says:

    Paying for on behalf of Ugur Yapici

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