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What can we say, we have never had such an incredible response to an idea, our supporters are amazing!! THANKYOU!

We now have over 40 feeders sponsored and orders for those will be placed and locations for them arranged. Once they are all installed, the cats can get used to them in time for the winter feeding program kicking in and we can figure out if and where more are needed.

However, the feeders have to be kept filled, a job our volunteers across town will be checking on and doing daily, so we have decided to keep this campaign going and we are asking for any donations you can manage, no matter how small, towards keeping feeders full.

Once again we want to say a HUGE thanks to our supporters who are getting behind this scheme, we couldn’t do this work without your donations and the volunteers on the ground working so hard. Please just complete the form below to make your donation. Thankyou.

12 Comments to Fill a Feeder

  1. Oriel Stump says:

    Brilliant initiative – happy to help!

  2. Hannah Nice says:

    Fantastic idea

  3. Pam Wildig says:

    This is sponsorship for three cat feeders and food. What an amazing opportunity to help the Kalkan moggies! I love the idea of the donator’s name being on the feeders somehow – a reason to go back regularly to ‘check they’re still there’!!x

  4. Carol Grant says:

    Good luck with new feeding programme kapsa!

  5. Stacey Curran says:

    So admire the work you do and the time you give.

  6. Evelyn Horne says:

    For a Feeder x3 (or food!). Great idea, thank you! xx

  7. Amanda Watts says:

    Because you do such a fantastic job looking after all the animals that make our trips to Kalkan so special. Donating is the easy part, you do all the work for which I and do many others are so grateful x

  8. Dawn Harwood says:

    Donation for feeders and food

  9. Christina Mansfield says:

    What a BRILLIANT idea ! Eva use the money for biscuits or feeders which ever you think is more useful !! Thank you xx

  10. Lisa Collins says:

    I haven’t visited Kalkan for a few years but continue to keep track of Kapsa and the fantastic work that you all do. I will continue to support you whenever I can.

  11. Maria Curatolo says:

    What a great idea. Thank you for setting up this scheme for the Kalkan cats. Love all the Kalkan animals and really appreciate everything you do for them. You do an amazing job. x

  12. Deb Smith says:

    One reason I return to Kaklan is how kind most people are to the street animals. Id like to help provide food for them, especially in the winter when there are less tourists around.

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