MONKEY – For a couple of weeks nobody from Kapsa has spotted Monkey and we had a report that he had a really sore ear. Linda and I have looked and looked and I know other people have too but he was nowhere to be found but we knew he was around his area as people told us they had seen him,he was being fed as usual and one kind local lady had tried to treat his ear too.So before Linda went to work, we set off very early on a mission to track him down once and for all.With the help of a local family we found him and he happily trotted along to the car. Monkey seems to love a car ride! His ear looked very sore and infected and a nasty smell.
He had to wait for Hasan to return from Kinik but settled down for a snooze under the aircon.He has had a brush plus flea/tic treatment and Hasan found the infection to originate from inside his ear and his scratching had caused all the problems on the outside too.He had treatment today and needs daily ear drops/cream for the coming month,it will be a challenge but working with a local family we hope to do as much as we can for him.Hilary returned him to his patch and I am sure he enjoyed the ride.Monkey is such a gentle old dog and seems as happy as ever.There is another old dog living in that area and they just get on with life,living along side the local families and under the bridge sometimes too…

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MONKEY – Monkeys daily ear treatment continues and this morning I witnessed his breakfast time too.The kind local people are certainly looking after him very well,he was happy to tuck into his home cooked food and scraps! It was all wrapped up and awaiting his arrival.

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