We Urgently Need to Home Two or Three Dogs – sorted

From Maggie: Urgently need to find homes for at least a couple of these lovely dogs. There are 4 girls (all just coming up to 4 years old – infact 3 of them are sisters) The boy is about a year younger. They have all hung out together since they were dumped in Kalkan as tiny pups. They are all very loving dogs, some a little more shy than others. The problem is there have been a few complaints about them all being together as some people find a group of 5 largeish dogs intimidating. A couple also chase motorbikes and when together can get a bit territorial when other dogs enter their patch. Didem the belediye vet came today as an official complaint had been made about them. If we could find good loving homes for just two of them I am sure the complaints will cease, but if we dont then Didem may have to take some of them to the shelter. I have known all of these dogs since they were tiny pups and the thought of any of them going the shelter breaks my heart. I would gladly take two but have 6 dogs at home already.

Bonnie is the largest of the 5 but sooo docile and loving. She and her siblings grew up on the Carreta road where they had been dumped at about 6 weeks of age. One of her brothers died, another was homed abroad and the other diasappeared. Bonnie lost part of her tongue a few years ago due to the horrible procession pine caterpillars.

Red Boy – probably the worse for chasing bikes.

Precious is a darling and sister to Rosie and Rottie. 7 of them were dumped in a box in Kalkan in early 2012. There 4 boys and all found homes but sadly the girls didn’t.
Precious too has been unlucky, she also lost part of her tongue to catapillars and is currently being treating for an infection in her hind leg caused by shot pellets embedded in the joint. She is so quiet and retiring and very loving.

Rottie, AKA Blackie (sister to Rosie and Precious) possibly the most adventurous of the group and very affectionate indeed

Rosie AKA Chaos when she was young, is now probably one of the more shy ones in the group, but still very loving


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