2020 KAPSA Calendar Orders

Ordering for 2020 calendars.

76 Comments to 2020 KAPSA Calendar Orders

  1. Sandy Annells says:

    I want support the amazing work, love ,time and compassion that KAPSA give for the Cats & Dogs of Kalkan & surrounding villages. The volunteers give so much working tirelessly to save treat and re home these beautiful fur babies ❤️??

  2. Clare Lockhart says:

    Looking forward to another year looking at the KAPSA crew well done everyone for all you do for these animals x

  3. Judith Scott says:

    To support all the needy animals on the streets.

  4. Sheila Wright says:

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  5. Beverley Joseph says:

    I have visited kalkan twice, I am a great dog lover ( anything furry haha ) And love all the dogs in Kalkan, especially a tall tan and black dog with a yellow/warn out adopt me collar on. I hope he is in the calendar! Thank you x

  6. Philippa Creighton says:

    Please can I have one one the 2020 calendars

  7. Christine Round says:

    One of your lovely calendars please
    I am especially excited to see beautiful Biscuit and gorgeous Henry in there. x

  8. Fiona Jackson says:

    My darling doggie Ayla and my Mum’s dog Candy were Kalkan Street doggies and we were only able to bring them back here with the help of the amazing volunteers at KAPSA ?thank you from the bottom of our hearts ?

  9. Rebecca Lee says:

    Regulars to kalkan, hope the proceeds from sales help your worthy cause.

  10. Jo Lewis says:

    Love watching all you do to support Kalkan’s street animals, you do an amazing job!

  11. Stuart Otter says:

    We love Kalkan, it is our special place as it is with many other people. The work you do with the wonderful animals is fantastic and Kalkan wouldn’t be the same without the work that you guys put in. Thank you!

  12. Gavin Priestley says:

    Happy to donate to help with the amazing work you do

  13. Faye Farquhar says:

    I have been visiting Kalkan for about 15 years and the animals are a big attraction for my husband and myself. I also contribute monthly to KAPSA and the Forest dogs. The calendar gives me a monthly fix when I am not there.

  14. Nicholas Wright says:

    Thank you for your efforts. It warms my heart that there are people who are willing to give their time for the betterment of animals who find themselves without a home.

    Thank you.

  15. Emily Hardie says:

    Visited your headquarters last week and the work you are all doing is honestly amazing. I will be donating to this cause as often as I can!

  16. Peter Dixon says:

    We recently stayed in Kalkan for a week and it really struck us how well looked after and friendly the street animals were. The locals attitude towards them was so refreshing as well and was a big contributing factor to us enjoying our stay so much. Thank you for all your hard work! Two Calendars please!

  17. Hayley Frankham says:

    It is fantastic that you are doing so much to help the local animals.

  18. Jayne Roberts says:

    I’m a Kalkan regular & love the street dogs. KAPSA & all the volunteers do an amazing job – thank you.

  19. Janet Royle says:

    Thank you wonderful KAPSA for your continued hard work for all the lovely street animals. You are doing a fantastic job xx

  20. Diane Neeson says:

    You guys do a great job thankyou

  21. Fiona Lilley says:

    Huge thanks to everyone who looks after all these animals so consistently and humourously.

  22. Victoria Franklin says:

    Fantastic charity, love all you go for the animals if Kalkan.
    A calendars a fab idea to, a reminder of the needs of the animals all year round

  23. Liz Mayo says:

    Keep up the good work

  24. Sandy Annells says:

    KAPSA 2020 Calendar

  25. Andrea Taylor says:

    Well done in all that you do.

  26. Trudi James says:

    Think you do an amazing job and the street dogs are so chilled and friendly ❤❤

  27. Maria Curatolo says:

    Thank you for all the great work you do for the lovely cats and dogs of Kalkan.

  28. gillian ingram says:

    Just returned from our summer holiday in kalkan and loved meeting all the friendly cats and dogs. The hard work you must put in to keep all these animals happy and health is astounding. Hopefully some day I can return but for now the calendar will remind me of the great time I had

  29. Sasha Pitt says:

    We visited Kalkan in April and love and admire all your work with the street animals

  30. Liz Willis says:

    Donating because of the wonderful work you do. Absolutely in awe!!

  31. Karina Corden says:

    Please send me 3 calendars

  32. Janice Evans says:

    Thank you Kapsa for all the wonderful work you do to help the animals in Kalkan.

  33. Alison Ternent says:

    Love that you look after the street dogs and cats ❤️

  34. Michelle Wilson-perry says:

    Amazing charity, amazing work, amazing people. ❤️

  35. Julia Swift says:

    I think you all do an amazing job looking after the dogs and cats in Kalkan Keep up the good work

  36. Sally Hardwidge says:

    Coming to Kalkan for the 7th time next year. We always love seeing the dogs and cats and feeding them left overs ( away from the restaurants of course) KAPSA do such an amazing job. Having a rescue dog myself, it’s so lovely that these animals are being cared for. Keep up the great work. Xx

  37. Joyce Boland says:

    Because Kapsa a small charity do the best work ever! Xx

  38. Amanda Watts says:

    I love the KAPSA calendar – reminds me of Kalkan and the beautiful animals plus it helps KAPSA – win win !

  39. Dean Wyatt says:

    We currently have the handsome Hector (July) in foster care and looking forward to him coming home to Yorkshire at the end of September, so our closest friends are getting this calendar for Christmas!! Thanks for everything you’ve done to help over the last few months. Please could we have 10 x calendars, thank you!

  40. Deb Smith says:


  41. Anne Turner says:

    KAPSA do an amazing job, Thankyou to everyone involved for making the lives of the street animals so much better.

  42. Dominic Kane says:

    You do a brilliant job for these beautiful animals, god bless you

  43. Maxine Turner says:

    Keep up good work the dogs need you

  44. Anita Scroccaro says:

    3 calendars please!

  45. Yvonne Edwards says:

    Have heard a lot about you. You are doing a fantastic job for the ?’s & ?’s.

  46. Gillian Hollings says:

    I went on holiday there in June and just fell in love with the people and animals. Coming back next year.

  47. Cristina Petitti says:

    I recently visited Kalkan and was amazed at how the cats and dogs are looked after. We made friends with many of them. I have made a donation recently and I can not wait to see the calendar.

  48. Susan Lowe says:

    Love the work KAPSA do.

  49. Jane Hughes says:

    Thanks for all you do

  50. Nina Sternberg says:

    Love the dogs and cats of Kalkan , can’t get over how much Love many of them give. Keep up your hard work , can’t wait to receive my calendar I hope I recognise a few of those faces.

  51. Joanne Ecklesby says:

    Love Kalkan and the street cats and dogs. Kapsa do a fantastic job looking after all the lovely animals xx

  52. Katie Griffin says:

    Ive been coming to kalcan for a few years now and think the cats and dogs are so well looked after the charity needs as much support as possible so this can continue. Thank you for all you do you truely are amazing people xx

  53. Sarah Howe says:

    For the lovely Kalkan animals. Looking forward to receiving my calendar and thinking of the animals every day of the year!

  54. Paul Walton says:

    We love Kalkan and its gorgeous street animals.

  55. Christine Hourieh says:

    Thank you for all your hard work taking care of the lovely animals

  56. Julie Armstrong says:

    Such a great cause – thank you Kapsa volunteers for all the kind work you do to support the street animals x

  57. kim parker says:

    I love Kalkan, i love the street dogs and cats, Keep up the good work !!!

  58. Denise Brent says:

    I support all the great work KAPSA do for all the animals in Kalkan .

  59. Fiona Stacey says:

    Just the one calendar please, the rest is a donation.
    You do fabulous work, thank you.

  60. Eileen Gee says:

    We love Kalkan and want to support Kapsa who are a superb charity.

  61. Heather Farrar says:

    Thanks for all your hard work!!

  62. Edwina Pilgrim says:

    Love the work that you do caring for the lovely animals of Kalkan.

  63. Lesley Rhodes-Morrow says:

    You do such an amazing job I want to help. Love the Kalkan street dogs x

  64. sue davies says:

    In awe of everything Kapsa does to help the street animals. Would definitely like to help on our next visit 2020

  65. Elizabeth Spear says:

    I have fallen in love with Kalkan and its animals. Having a calendar will be a permanent reminder of our happy place.

  66. Allison Martin says:

    I love animals ❤️

  67. Tommy Petrie says:

    Great work is done by the volunteers.

  68. Louise Bramwell says:

    We holiday in Kalkan quite regular and have fallen in love with the street dogs and cats.we were amazed at the charity Kaspa who are animal angels to these gorgeous animals . It is so Comforting to know they are so well protected and loved by the Kapsa team x

  69. Kelly Hewison says:

    Kapsa do a fantastic job. X

  70. Dawn Russell says:

    I have been to kalkan twice and I think the charity does a brilliant job. Well done

  71. Karlsen Jones says:

    Whilst on holiday in Kalkan, we observed the good work you do. Inspirational.

  72. Emma Butters says:

    Keep up the good work , what you do is incredible for these animals !

  73. Monique Bouwman says:

    I like to support your lovely work by buying this calander. Keep on going Kapsa!

  74. Thomas Gravill-Church says:

    KAPSA does amazing work, thank you

  75. Jill Martin says:

    Frequent visitor to Kalkan and just a small way to help the great work that you do.

  76. Sonia Buchan says:

    We have visited Kalkan for the last 19yrs. We appreciate all you do for the street animals

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