Can we Make Blue a Little Less Blue? ADOPTED

This is Blue, and one look at her probably tells you why. She is a lovely girl and really could thrive in a proper home environment. Here she tells her own story.

Hello my name is Blue. I was recently found being chased by about 7 male dogs because I was in season. A really kind lady called Gulfem found me and took me to the animal doctor. The doctor let me have a lovely snooze on the big table, it was so good to get some rest. When I woke up I was told I had been operated on and now the male dogs won’t chase me anymore. That makes me really glad, because they were so annoying and would not leave me alone.

Even better another nice lady called Dona is letting me stay at her house for a little while for some TLC. I am really enjoying these home comforts but soon I will have to go back on the streets. I’m not looking forward to that, though at least the male dogs will leave me alone.
So I was wondering, could you can find a medium sized space for me in your home please? I am about 1.5-2 years old, very affectionate and learning to play with other dogs.
The lady to speak to is yet another lovely one – KAPSA has so many really nice people – her name is Michelle Farley and you can contact her via the KAPSA Facebook Rehoming Group. or by using the Contact Page here on the website.

Thank you.

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