Volunteers’ Week – A BIG Thank You!

June 1st to June 7th is Volunteers’ Week in the UK. As a charity based in both Turkey and the UK, we thought this a perfect time to say a HUGE thank you to all our volunteers.
KAPSA is run solely by volunteers, we do not have a payroll, so the animals benefit as much as possible from every penny raised. Our volunteers cover a vast array of jobs, duties and skills including but not limited to:

  • Emergency call outs to a reported distressed/abandoned animal, often returning several times before being successful
  • Taking street animals to the vets – usually animals who are not too willing to go!
  • Finding specific street animals to administer daily medications
  • Feeding local animals, especially during winter
  • Visiting HQ to tend to recuperating animals there several times a day
  • Applying flea & tic treatments to street animals on an ongoing basis
  • Foster care of animals recovering from surgery or treatment
  • Running the HQ shop [when open] & organising the click & collect program
  • Organising food distribution for Winter Feeding program
  • Organising fund raising events, both in Kalkan and online.
  • Capturing/trapping street animals for neutering as part of the TNR program
  • Assisting at Belediye village neutering days
  • Designing & being part of educational visits to schools in the area
  • Talking to local communities about the benefits of animal welfare, neutering, and so on
  • Co-ordinating & supporting street dog adoptions abroad
  • Admin & contribution to our social media channels
  • Admin of this website
  • General administration duties as required by charity commissions in the UK & Turkey

The list goes on, and every single act, no matter how big or small, is essential to the overall functioning of KAPSA and the benefits are seen daily in the welfare of Kalkan street animals.

So, please join us this week in saying a massive thank you to every single one of our volunteers who have gifted their time to help an animal in need. Volunteers are simply priceless!


“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” — Oscar Wilde


One Comment to Volunteers’ Week – A BIG Thank You!

  1. Dot roberts says:

    Thank you to all at kapsa, you do a sterling job all of you. true angels. Dot n Mick xxx

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