Nancy – A Dumped Dog With Burns on Paws

NANCY – another dumped dog in Kalkan – with severe burns and needing veterinary care for this and other problems.


At 6 am one morning recently while one of the KAPSA volunteers was walking her dogs, she noticed a small female dog in the bushes on some scrubland. She returned shortly afterwards to investigate, bringing food and water.  Aside from being ravenously hungry and thirsty, she found wounds on the dog’s rear paw pads. Volunteers, Hilary and Linda drove to collect the poor dog – we’ve called her Nancy – and took her to the vet clinic for treatment and further tests.

The wounds on her pads were actually burns – for which she will need 10 days antibiotics. There was no indication whether the burns might have been caused by the recent forest fires, or otherwise.  But in addition to this, poor Nancy has tested positive for Anaplasma – for which she will need a month’s medication – and for which she will have to spend time in the Kas dog’s home, where she will also be neutered.

We are all hoping that Nancy makes a full recovery, following which she will be returned to the patch of land in Kalkan where she was originally found. If any of our supporters might be interested in adopting this lovely, gentle girl, please get in touch and we can provide more information on her and how to proceed with an adoption. She is such a sweetie who really doesn’t deserve a life on the streets.

Apologies for the graphic image in the header, but these are the sort of wounds we often have to treat on street animals, without knowing how they got them. It certainly shows how important our supporters are, donating towards the never-ending vets bills. If you would like to donate a few pounds to helping dogs like Nancy, please visit the donation page.



2 Comments to Nancy – A Dumped Dog With Burns on Paws

  1. Kactiva thomas says:

    Hello I wondered how much it would cost to rescue from Turkey thank you for all your doing love light

    • Yvonne says:

      Hi Kactiva
      Please contact Michelle via our Facebook group who can help you with all adoption details and information.
      Thank you very much.
      Website Admin

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