Betty the Pointer Needs a Home – ADOPTED

If ever there was a dog who needed help, it is Patara Betty, she is truly desperate. Betty was found, as her name suggests, wandering around Patara and in an incredibly sorry state. Linda managed to capture her and she was whisked of to the Kalkan Vet Clinic for a check up. You can keep up with news of Betty on our Facebook group, and below are the first few posts from Sandra to fill in some details.
Betty is a pointer type dog who needs a home that is both loving and understanding of her and her breed. She has had a dreadful life, probably given birth to umpteen puppies and is desperate for affection and a home where she can gain confidence and just be a normal dog. Please, if you can help Betty, we really would love to hear from you.

Linda – 17th Aug – “I managed to find this lovely girl this morning in Patara. She is very friendly and it was easy to get her into the car. She had a check up at the clinic and was given a blood test which was fine so she will be neutered today and be treated for fleas and ticks and given a rabies vaccination. ”

Sandra – 17th Aug – “PATARA BETTY – The good news is that she has been neutered and vaccinated this afternoon. All her blood tests were satisfactory and we could see what a lovely, gentle girl she is. Maybe 5 plus, years old and had a number of litters and a hard life. We have spent much of the day networking to try and secure her future. The good news is that Maria and Richard will collect her from the vet clinic in the morning and it will give us a chance to get to know her and find her the home she deserves….
Huge thanks to everyone today, what great teamwork. Special thanks to Lynsey and her family, who helped her so much in Patara (and named her Betty)”

Sandra – 18th Aug – “PATARA BETTY was neutered yesterday and spent the night at the vet clinic. I went this morning with the intention of taking her for a short walk but she was completely exhausted and sleeping mostly. She looked like a dog that hasn’t had a proper nights sleep for a very long time. She was glad of a few reassuring words but wanted no more. Maria collected her this afternoon and she is now sound asleep again. We both agreed she is the most broken dog we have seen, she is just desperate for kindness but so nervous of it. When neutered yesterday, she was found to be in the very early stages of pregnancy again. More pups could have killed her. I wonder how many litters she has already had? Thank you again to everyone who helped her yesterday, both physically and in the background. Special thanks to Kalkan vet clinic, who went beyond the call of duty for her. She is going to have a great time in the Nicholls household and we will continue to search for the home she so richly deserves.”

So there we are, Betty to date. Sandra and Maria have dealt with many ‘broken’ dogs in their time, so that puts into perspective how concerned they are about Betty. However, she is now safe and is learning what a loving home is really all about with Maria and Richard. If you are the person with a Betty shaped hole in your life and are prepared to carry on teaching her what Maria and Richard are starting, you can contact us via the Facebook group or use our contact page here on the website. We also have lots of information about adopting dogs, both generally and adopting abroad to the UK/Europe here on the website, which is worth a read.

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