Adoption of Kalkan Animals Abroad

If you have spent time in Kalkan, the chances are you have met with some of the streets dogs and cats of the town and you may even have fallen just a little in love with one or more of them. What you may not know is how many animals have been adopted abroad from Kalkan, or that quarantine restrictions on arrival in most European countries do not apply as Turkey has a scheme of vaccinations and ‘pet passports’ which are accepted in the UK and Europe. This has made adopting a dog or cat a far more straightforward process and one many people have undertaken since the laws came into force in January 2012.

This video is a compilation of just some of those animals that have found new forever homes outside Turkey in the last 5 years. A celebration of a lot of love and a lot of hard work and determination by so many people. Some of these were born street animals, some were dumped in the town by uncaring or simply ignorant owners, some were babies, others adults, but all found people who just couldn’t leave them behind.

The process, costs and time required to adopt a Kalkan animal is inherently more than adopting from your local rescue centre, but one phrase that crops up again and again from those that have gone through it is that it’s one of the most rewarding and worthwhile things they have ever done. So much so, several have done it more than once and/or helped other people do the same. There is a network of help, support and advice available to those choosing to turn ‘holiday romances’ with dogs and cats into a permanent love affair, from KAPSA volunteers, our Facebook groups, supporters in European countries and starting with all the background information you need on our Adoption Abroad page.

There are always animals requiring homes, animals not suited to the street life, or too young, or simply just deserving of the love a permanent home can offer – if reading this encourages one person to take the plunge, it was worth the effort. As the old saying goes, adopting one animal will not change the world, but for that one animal, the world will change forever. Our Facebook group for animals needing homes is the best place to keep up with the dogs and cats currently actively seeking homes right now.

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