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Never Give Up!

The ginger cat that has eluded capture for so many months was caught today. We have to thank the wonderful staff at Sultan Patesserie (next to Atta Rest) for all their help. They got to know about the cat when it started to visit their garden and they have slowlyRead More

2017 KAPSA Calendar Now Available to Order

We are delighted to be now taking orders for our very first, 2017 Kapsa calendar! They are A4 size, £9.99 each plus £1.99 p&p and each page has photos of our much loved Kalkan dogs and cats. Kalkan residents can order direct for 40TL. To order, please pay via our paypalRead More

Ates & Sparky

When Ates and Sparky first came under the care of KAPSA, they had dreadful mange and required a lot of ongoing care and treatment. It was so worth it though, seeing them today, both happy and settled in their new lives in the UK after being adopted.


Hector was found in Kalkan in December 2015, unfamiliar to everyone so probably dumped and totally emaciated. He was quickly brought under the care of KAPSA, and very much enjoyed some TLC including a lovely shower and a dry out in the garden.   Hector was taken on by KristyRead More

A Lucky Lady

This is one lucky cat. We had a kapsa meeting today to talk about our dwindling finances, when an email came through to say some tourists had seen a cat “with skinned legs” dragging them across the floor. They couldn’t catch it, but eventually it collapsed in the gutter inRead More


MONKEY – For a couple of weeks nobody from Kapsa has spotted Monkey and we had a report that he had a really sore ear. Linda and I have looked and looked and I know other people have too but he was nowhere to be found but we knew heRead More

Badem’s Diary

Words and Pictures from Sandra via our facebook group. 10th July 2016 Akbel dog – This dog was found in a terrible state in Akbel today and Moira has identified it was the same dog that she spotted in Kalamar yesterday.These pics were taken after it was treated and cleanedRead More


Bertie was found in Akbel, starved and in desperate need of help. He is now a very happy dog, after help to recover from Kapsa, living a great life in France with his English adopters.  


KISMET – This is Kismet, he was found with a wound from being shot in Akbel a couple of years ago. We helped him, as a street dog then and he wanders to Kalkan from time to time but Mesut sees him regularly and reported this week that he is lookingRead More

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